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Financial Expert Peter Briger

Peter Briger has a well-known reputation as well as character. He is a knowledgeable guy when it comes to investment and finance fields. Peter has achieved a lot in professionalism and leadership. For 15 years, he has worked with Goldman, Sachs, and Co. as a partner. While working with Goldman Sachs, he had the opportunity of attending different committees including the Global Control & Compliance Committee, Japan Executive Committee, and Asian Management Committee. In addition to this, Peter has held other roles in management such as Asian Real Estate Private Equity co-head, co-head Special Opportunities Fund LLC, Asian Distressed Debt co-head, and Whole Loan Sales & trading business co-head.

Peter Briger helped in establishing Fortress Investment Group, which was created in 1998 and he is the manager of the company’s private equity firms. Besides working with Fortress Investment Group, Peter was working with Princeton University Investment Company as a member of its board of directors. Moreover, his support for Central Park Conservancy is noticeable including working with other similar organization. Peter is a trained as well as qualified professional having graduated from Princeton University with a degree in Arts. He went ahead to achieve his master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business.

Additionally, he has excellent networks and connections with so many professionals as well as institutions, something that makes him learn a lot as he improves his experience in the financial field. Furthermore, while in the industry, Peter ensures that his customers receive the best services as he also makes sure that they maintain good relationships. Apart from his successful financial career, Peter Briger has a fantastic philanthropic side. He supports so many organizations including charities in the cause of his career. He has taken part in the renowned Silicon Valley Council’s leadership, which controls funds that children globally receive. Peter is also a member of the foreign matter council, an organization that is focused on encouraging and improving individuals’ ability to understand foreign protocols as well as foreign issues.

Peter has his favorite areas where he focuses his support on such as children, the education sector, as well as eradicating poverty among people in communities. He is concerned with ensuring the less privileged receive quality services and making sure that children in these communities can have better facilities. Peter Briger supports such nonprofit organizations and companies that work toward ensuring that the most risk groups in the society receive proper care.

HCR Wealth Advisors for Unique Financial Services

It is important for financial advisory companies to focus on their clients. Understanding their needs allows for better service. HCR Wealth Advisors is a company that has been focusing on this aspect of business for a number of years now. Their motto focuses on putting the clients first, and everything else becomes secondary. This business model changes the game a bit for HCR Wealth Advisors. For example, they do not need to make a profit from the sales of different financial products. Instead, a fee is earned from assisting clients meet their goals. This amount is determined based on the total amount of assets that are managed. These fees are outlined very clearly in every agreement that is presented between HCR Wealth Advisors and prospective clients.



An effective financial plan encompasses a number of different ideas. HCR Wealth Advisors has come up with seven different steps that it uses to help clients. This includes:

  • Outlining current financial status, thus creating a list of goals.
  • Finding out what a client needs in an immediate situation, and what the client will need many years into the future.
  • Discussing investment opportunities, and what investment opportunities might work best for the current situation at hand.
  • Providing around the clock access to information. This helps a client feel like their information is transparent and available to them at any time.
  • Periodic assessments to see if anything has changed, and will the plan need to be changed in the future?
  • Monitoring growth moving forward. Changes may need to be made, but sometimes it is just useful to keep an eye on everything.
  • Being open to major life changes and being able to accommodate them moving forward.


HCR Wealth Advisors utilize a team of advisors to serve clients. Having a team allows the firm to respond to clients and to apply the team’s experience to look at a client’s financial situation from a much broader perspective. The process involves looking into a client’s needs, what their current financial situation is, the goals, etc. This creates a unique situation and relationship.


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José Auriemo Neto Career at JHSF

José Auriemo Neto is a prominent business leader in Brazil. During his career, he has worked for various companies in different industries. He is currently an executive at JHSF. JHSF produces multiple products and services for clients. The company is expanding, and José Auriemo Neto is excited about the future.


José Auriemo Neto has lived in Brazil his entire life. When he was young, the economy of Brazil was much different than it is today. Brazil has one of the largest economies in the world. When José Auriemo Neto was a child, the economy was based around a few agricultural products. To know more about him click here.

Companies from all over the world are moving to Brazil. As a result, real estate prices are increasing in major cities. José Auriemo Neto invests in real estate as a way to earn additional income. Although he does not need extra money, he wants to build wealth to impact the world.

Giving to Others

José Auriemo Neto uses his wealth to impact the community positively. He spends both time and money developing programs for children who grew up in poverty. José Auriemo Neto firmly believes that it is his responsibility to make the world a better place. His commitment to helping others is why so many people in Brazil enjoy working with him.

Future Goals

Although he is wildly successful, José Auriemo Neto still has various goals for the future. He wants to expand JHSF in the coming years. He also wants to donate more time and money to various charities.

Tony Petrello’s education

Tony Petrello is the CEO of Nabors Industries, an oil and gas drilling firm located in Texas. This is a firm that now supplies the best drilling technology in the world. Its operations have been growing all over the world. Currently, its operations are in 25 countries while its drilling rigs are in more countries. The role of Tony Petrello in the management of this firm is one of the greatest contributions that can be made in a firm. He has made a very big impact in the growth of the company since he joined. He has been behind some of the innovations which the company has made especially in regards to pushing its expansion goals.

For people who know Tony Petrello at a young age, they are surprised by the transformation his life has taken. From being born in a humble family to being ranked as a top CEO in the United States, it is an achievement many are proud of, and others cannot even fathom. He has gone against the expectations of the people and has succeeded greatly. He is now an inspiration to people who just like him seem like they can never get to such positions. As long as there is commitment and dedication, it is clear that nothing is impossible. Tony Petrello Welcomes Tommy Tune Home To Houston.

Tony Petrello was born in Newark, New Jersey. He attended public schools in the area despite being one of the brilliant kids. His parent could not manage to offer him an education at a private school, and that is how he ended up in a public school at a young age, he demonstrated great character as well as being very good in mathematics. He could challenge everyone with math problems which they could not understand. What they did not know then is that Petrello was a math genius.

Tony Petrello was awarded a scholarship by the Yale University where he pursued a degree in mathematics. He was on top mentored by Serge Lang, one of the professors of mathematics at the institution. Together with Lange, they proofed a number of mathematical theories. They even became close friends such that after the dearth Serge Lang, Tony launched a foundation in the university for his remembrance. Petrello went on to pursue a masters in mathematics before he left the university to pursue something different. He went to law school where he started the journey to becoming a lawyer. He worked in the legal industry for a few years before joining Nabors Industries.

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Jed McCaleb’s Creations in Helping Spread Technology’s Active Role in Society, Such as AI

Jed McCaleb is the co-founder of Stellar. McCaleb is the CTO of Stellar and has a background in technology related to helping the human existence. Jed McCaleb has created eDonkey in the past– which is known as one of the biggest file-sharing networks in the public. He has been a part of the first ever Bitcoin exchange which occurred in the year 2011. Previously, he has been part of the Stellar Development Foundation which happened in 2014 and he has become an advisor to MIRI. MIRI is associated with studying AI otherwise known as artificial intelligence for the positive impact of humankind. McCaleb has a LinkedIn account, Twitter, and a GitHub, as well as a personal professional website known as where you can learn more about his achievements and history. If you are following him on social media, then you will know more about his associations. He would like to make his goals work in regions of the world, where technologies begin to coincide with society. If technology can be in the line of every day rules in reality, then AI systems can continue to pursue and help the world. McCaleb has spoken a lot about his endeavors in the press and media where he believes that the world can be advanced by these programs. He has spent numerous hours with people who are inventing new ways to live by machinery and technology. The way in which the world moves forward is through ideas such as McCaleb’s. He has delivered many speeches on this topic in public forums, and delivered them among other intelligent individuals who are studying the same subjects. McCaleb suggest making strong marketing friends and bonds so that you can excel and pursue your goals and wishes in the future with companies and online.

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How Joel Friant Created A Remarkable Habanero Pepper Spice

In order to succeed in the world of business as an entrepreneur, you need to have a good eye for opportunity when it presents itself. You also need to keep your decisions calculated so that you achieve great returns on your investments. Among the best ways of achieving success is delivering on providing customers with the highest quality products in your industry. This is how Joel Friant found success in the spice industry. He launched the Habanero Shaker which has the best ingredients among any of his competitor’s pepper spices.

It was in the mid-1990s that Joel Friant started his professional career. He had developed an idea for a Thai restaurant that would serve food quickly like a fast food restaurant. This was a niche restaurant and his idea proved successful, earning him the moniker “The Thai Guy”. It was during that time that he started experimenting with different brands of Habanero Shakers but none of them were up to snuff because they had ingredients other than pepper in them.

Joel Friant traveled the world to find the best habanero peppers in the world, which happens to be his own personal favorite type of spicy pepper, such as Jamaica. He developed the Habanero Shaker which contained that type of pepper and absolutely nothing else. He released a spice like no other on the market and successfully sold it in a couple of big grocery store chains.

After a few years, Joel Friant got busy enough in the real estate industry that he had to let go of his Habanero Shaker business. However, like just about everyone else, he got burned by the real estate crash of 2008. Never one to let that discourage him he decided he would sell a product on the internet. He took a few classes and learned all there was to know about selling products on Amazon.

The result was he released the Original Habanero Shaker to a new crowd of fans on Amazon’s site. It consists of flaked habanero peppers that deliver the perfect amount of heat and taste. He only sources from the best habanero farms in the world in order to keep the quality at the highest level.

Why Shiraz Boghani Wins Awards For Splendid Hospitality

Splendid Restaurant Group is splendid indeed, running under the management of Shiraz Boghani. Although Boghani isn’t the only founder, the company has a well-rounded team of experts, investors, and individuals with vast experience in making others happy.

As a passionate entrepreneur, Boghani is often praised for his leading role in working with hotels. Awarded in 2016 with the “Hotelier of the Year Award“, Boghani is still going strong with his group, continuing to work with limited branded hotels around the world.

What is the secret behind the forever ambitious hotel group owner? Shiraz Boghani is passionate about his work in hospitality, and he is focused on continuous growth. His strategy is clear as he directs his leaders in this endeavor to serve others and to always exceed guest expectations. His long-term vision is for expanding the number of hotels he has under his group, and also for working with several enterprises to add to the chain of hotels throughout Europe.


Boghani and his group, Splendid Now, currently have 20 hotels in their lineup for success. They cater to those who are traveling frequently and doing business in Europe on a continuous basis. As an accountant, Boghani knows finance and what is necessary in order for the group to continue to run successfully.

Shiraz Boghani is also on the board of Sussex Healthcare, a group that is focused on care and therapy for aged adults. He has successfully expanded that healthcare group with more than 24 locations, and employing more than 1,100 staff members. Splendid Hospitality Group is dedicated to achieving all of their goals as well as making every guests stay the best experience possible.

It is through their focus to work together as a team for peak performance and having the best talent in their group. Their growth is all rooted in the strategy that Shiraz Boghani puts together for the entire company and all employees, while offering the very best employment experience possible for those who desire to work in hospitality.

With key members of their support team, and their leadership with Shiraz Boghani as the Chairman and the experience of Nadeem Boghani and others, Splendid Hospitality is set to win more awards in the future.

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Podcast Marketing Effective in Improving Brand Awareness as Shown in Research Results by Norman Pattiz’s PodcastOne and Edison Research Strategy

Norman Pattiz, PodcastOne’s head, believes that podcast marketing enhances brands awareness in the market before embarking on more common ways of advertising. His sentiments proved true after a survey to determine their efficiency was conducted by Edison Research Strategy on behalf of PodcastOne showed positive reception by audiences.


Brands Involved


The survey was conducted on five national brands drawn from both products and services categories whose podcast marketing was launched before doing a marketing campaign. The marketing campaigns were later rolled out, and the survey was repeated 4-6 weeks later. The method applied was uniform for all podcasts selected. The list consisted of already-known brands that were looking at conducting new campaigns. Other brands were looking at creating awareness since they were not well established in the market. The specimens included a grocery product, a financial services product, a lawn and garden product, a car after sale product, and a restaurant.


The Results


The results that were announced by Tom Webster of Edison Research showed that the response of the people to individual products after the research went up by a notable margin. The financial services product registered a 47 percent increase while the car after sale service showed an improvement by 37 percent. The grass and garden product went up 24 percent.


The research conducted before the advertisements rolled out showed that seven percent referred to the grocery product. The figure rose up by 53 percent after the Ad run. The car after sale product had 18 percent before the Ad run while about 67 percent viewed it positively post-research. About 16 percent of respondents preferred the garden and lawn product before research. The figure went up by six percent after the research.

The promotion of the car after sale product received an increased responsiveness of 60 percent while that of the restaurant rose by 76 percent.


About PodcastOne


PodcastOne is a leading network of podcast marketing that is owned by Norman Pattiz. The network offers audiences more than 300 hours each week of trendy and original content. That translates to about 200 podcasts weekly.


About Norman Pattiz


Norman Pattiz is an outstanding media and advertising personality with interests in podcasts and radio. Besides founding PodcastOne, he owns a radio network that offers entertainment, sports, and news namely Westwood One. He is also the owner of Courtside Entertainment Group. Learn more:


Norman Pattiz has over 40 years in the industry and has risen to an award-winning level. Many prominent magazines and reputable media outlets have featured him. Among his prestigious accolades is the Giants of Broadcasting Award. Learn more:


Who is Logan Stout

As a former athlete Logan Stout has had his 15 minutes of fame but he has much more going for him as an entrepreneur, couch, speaker and author. You could call him a modern day renaissance man. His impact on people, groups, organisations, and companies is unmistakable. This 10-time World Series player, coach and entrepreneur leaves people inspired and in all when he does speaking engagements all of the country. He has a talent of reaching people in inspiring.

Born in Richardson, Texas were he also met his now wife Haley. Learning real leadership skills at J.J. Pearce H.S on the Student Athletic Council. Varsity basketball and baseball was his passion while at Pearce, but only pursued baseball after leaving. He earned a Psychology degree from the University of Dallas. He was and All-American in baseball during college and an Academic All-American as well. His interest of inspiring started around this time by coaching youth baseball. Using baseball as a tool for inspiration lead him to the Dallas Patriots.

He has been featured in many publications and broadcasts and has used some of them to help youth coaches find the best way to teach and inspire children. Although his main goal has been to inspire children he has also had a way of inspiring adults as well as companies selling out arenas. He really enjoys doing motivational speaking and does so across the country.

In a more entrepreneur way of thinking he founded health care product company IDLife in 2014. Astonishing to many IDLife has recently partnered up with GPS giant Garmin. IDLife has united its health products with Garmin wearable fitness devices with an IDWellness app that works with Garmin Vivo fitness tracker. The ability to track exercise and nutrition needs will make healthy leaving simpler. This shows Logan Stout’s amazing foresight and bright future for his company. To know more about him click here.