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Felipe Montoro Jens Reflects on his Career in Finance

Brazil has undergone tremendous change in the last two decades, and Brazilian financial expert Felipe Montoro Jens sat down for an interview with IdeaMensch on his long career. The financier did his undergraduate work at the University of Oregon, graduating in 1998 with majors in Spanish and History. He went on to do graduate work in Kinesiology, earning a master’s degree from the University of California-Santa Barbara. He also holds a business degree from the Getulio Vargas Foundation, one of Brazil’s leading business schools, and an MBA from Thunderbird.

His broad but extensive education has servied Felipe Montoro Jens well. His expertise in a wide range of business areas, such as energy, oil and gas, and sugar. Because of his interest in infrastructure projects, he also as a keen knowledge of real estate transactions. He sits on the board of several companies in Brazil and Peru, applying the training in international business he received at Thunderbird business school in Arizona. Visit his website to learn more.

Felipe Montoro Jens specializes in public-private partnerships, especially those related to infrastructure. He was chosen by Sao Paulo mayor to oversee a housing construction project, which entails 34,000 new homes. The six-year project is projected to create 100,000 jobs, an example of the economic benefits of the type of public-private cooperation Montoro Jens supports. He is also passionate about the potential for environmental initiatives, such as waste management projects, through the cooperation of the public and private sectors.

Although Felipe Montoro Jens has had an interesting career, he shows no signs of slowing down. He is motivated to continue to learn and grow, and it is to this level of motivation that he attributes his success in business. He hopes that his business philosophy will create more jobs and increase economic growth, as well as help to solve many of Brazil’s lingering problems.

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How To Choose A Reliable Lawyer for Business Litigation

If you are facing a legal problem, you’re not alone. Many people are dealing with some kind of legal issue in their life. Every day, many people use the Internet to search for the best lawyer for their situation. Whether you are dealing with a personal issue or you are going through a business difficulty with an associate or another company, it is extremely important to consult a good lawyer as soon as possible.

A good lawyer will be able to provide advice and guide you properly, to ensure that you achieve the best possible result in your situation. Keep in mind, not all lawyers in Brazil have the expertise or knowledge to render the top quality service you need. To have your peace of mind and the confidence to face the situation at hand, find a great lawyer that has a lot of experience in the type of case you are facing.

One way to go about locating a great lawyer, is to ask your relatives and friends for recommendations. Getting recommendations from reliable sources is a fantastic way to find a lawyer you can trust. Some people are able to find a proficient lawyer through their doctor or accountant. These are great sources of recommendations for reliable and reputable lawyers.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a leading litigation lawyer with many years of trial experience. He has represented numerous clients over the years and is considered to be one of the most prominent litigation lawyers in the Brazilian legal community. He is well respected by his peers and clients, and he works extremely hard to get great result for his clients.

Ricardo Tosto makes great effort to analyze all evidence and circumstances surrounding his client’s case, and then develops his winning litigation strategy. He has handles cases for well known companies and large corporations and he comes highly recommended. Once you have a powerful lawyer like Mr Ricardo Tosto in your corner, you can feel confident that you will get the very best possible outcome in your case. Find more information about Ricardo Tosto by following him on Twitter.