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Wen by Chaz Dean

Chaz Dean is a very well-known Los Angeles stylist. He creates wonderful products that make our hair look and feel great. He has seen how bad regular shampoos and conditioners can be for your hair. Even the styling products that we use can cause major damage. His products work to fix dry and damaged hair and leave it feeling soft and shiny.

LA Stylist Chaz Dean products’ are called Wen. Wen is a hair care product that cleanses your hair without the harsh chemicals that are found in shampoos, conditioners, and styling products. Wen even has styling products available to complete your amazing look. After you use Wen, your hair will be shiny and healthy looking. Your hair won’t feel weighed down or sticky. It will have bounce and beautiful shine, and anyone can use Wen. You will love how Wen glides through your hair when you wash it, and the results will amaze you. There are many wonderful scents to choose from as well such as Lavender, Cucumber Aloe, Fig, Sweet Almond Mint, Tea Tree, Pomegranate, and Pink Jasmine. Each of these different scents also have different things that they do for your hair. The Pomegranate is great for people who have a sensitivity to wheat. The Tea Tree helps you with hair and scalp issues. The Sweet Almond Mint is the most popular because it is for all hair types. The Fig is the most hydrating formula that makes. And Cucumber Aloe is the lightest formula and focuses mainly on scalp health while keeping the rest of your hair hydrated.

Chaz Dean is a well-known on Twitter as a celebrity stylist, and he knows hair. His products are safe and guaranteed to make your hair beautiful. His products are also very affordable so be sure to go to his website and start shopping today. And for you candle lovers, Wen also makes those. Wen also has seasonal products as well. For more on Wen hair care, check out the WEN YouTube channel.

EOS Lip Choices for Fun

EOS, or the Evolution of Smooth, offers fun for lip balm choices. Now that everyone knows what EOS is, it has become the it lip balm to have in your purse. They come in several flavors and colors. They even come in collections.


EOS Lip Balm Collection

The Organic Smooth Spheres are the basic lip balms by EOS. The flavors are varied and offer primarily fruits and vanilla. One has mint mixed in. The product is very cool and is one of the EOS lip balm favorites by fans everywhere. Called Sweet Mint, it is fun and the best choice if the buyer is looking for a great lip balm that offers a fresh scent for the lips. It’s made of all organic ingredients.

The second group is the visibly soft, smooth sphere series. It offers a flavor that has coconut as a base. The rest of the flavor is one blackberry flavor and a mint vanilla choice, see for more.

Shimmer Smooth Spheres are a new part of the collections from EOS. One is pink and the other is white. Called Sheer Pink, the pink one gives just a hint of color to the glossy balm. It offers far more sheen than the regular balms, click to read more.

The other choice available in this series is called Pearl White. It has no color, just offers a bit of shimmery shine along with the lip protection and hydration that all EOS products offers. Jump to this site.

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Then there are the lip balms that contain SPF factors in them. Lemon Twist has an SPF of 15 in it. Scented as a lemony flavor, it is the best choice by far for flavor and moderate protection from the sun. The Fresh Grapefruit choice has the highest level of SPF of 30. Some like this choice far better because it has the highest level of sun protection for lips.

Have you heard of Cleansing Conditioner by Wen?

Wen is a hair care company full of different products by Chaz Dean (, a celebrity stylist. The products are created to cleanse, boost (give volume and shine), style (helping handle frizz) and treat hair (moisturize, smooth and soften). The purpose of the products are to knock out traditional shampooing that may contain harsh chemicals like sulfate and to nourish the hair. WEN hair is manufactured in the United States and is cruelty free by not testing on animals. It is said with only one use of the product there will be a huge noticeable difference and the products can be used on any type of hair including color/damaged hair, curly/frizzy, dry, and fine hair. There is even a 60 day money back guarantee that is offered so if there is any reason a customer is not satisfied with any of the products, they may be returned, even if the containers are empty. The products are easy to find and can easily be ordered from eBay, QVC and Guthy-Renker online store.

There is a huge benefit to using Wen Cleansing Conditioner. It is a product created to be a 5 in 1 formula. This means it replaces the normal shampoo and conditioners while providing deep conditioning of hair and scalp and being a detangler as well as leave in conditioner for extra smoothness and moisture. The cleansing conditioner also doesn’t take away the natural oils found in hair thus providing more natural strength and moisture. All the ingredients found not only in the cleansing conditioner, but all Wen products, are natural. The cleansing conditioner helps hair become more manageable and the need for other products such as frizz spray, hair spray, gels, etc., becomes no more. This product not only prevents future damage to hair, but also revitalizes. With only one use of Wen Cleansing Conditioner hair is left hydrated and healthy looking with no added products.


Why Has Wen By Chaz Become A Go-To Shampoo?

Wen by Chaz has become a go-to shampoo for everyone who desperately needs shinier and healthier hair. This article shows that Wen by Chaz is the best shampoo for anyone who prefers to treat their hair, and hair treatment becomes much simpler once the shampoo comes out of the bottle.

#1: A Special Chemical Formula

There is a special chemical formula in Wen by Chaz that makes hair quite a bit shinier than it was when the user started. Someone who is committed to washing their hair often will learn quickly that their hair may look perfect after a shower and brush. Anyone who has split ends, loses color in their hair and has hair falling out in the shower must ensure they have changed shampoos to Wen by Chaz.

#2: Will The Shampoo Remain Effective?

The shampoo will remain effective due to its chemical formula, and the treatment for the hair never gets old. Hair that is treated with Wen by Chaz shampoo will glisten in the light where hair once looked dull and lifeless. Everyone who wants to stop their hair from looking messy must try Wen by Chaz immediately.

#3: How Much Is Required?

Using a tiny bit of Wen by Chaz will help create more than enough suds in the shower, and the user will save money using a more efficient shampoo. Purchasing a new bottle of shampoo on Amazon becomes less and less necessary, and the user will have healthier hair that has become simpler to treat. The common user will forget the last time they purchased a new bottle.

The unhealthy hair that has plagued users of Wen by Chaz for years will vanish in an instant after a few washes. Users who employ Wen by Chaz will see a difference in the mirror after the first wash. Learn more about this product here: Be sure to check out their official YouTube channel too.


The Best Cleansing Conditioner On The Market

You may not understand what all the chatter is about, although you observed Wen and its creator, Chaz on QVC before. WEN hair care line carry a variety of several selections, all based around Wen conditioner. The cleanse conditioner is a sulfate that’s intended to supply mild cleansing that won’t dehydrate your hair to your hair. Wen products are offered in 17 formulations that are distinct. Each formulation is built to meet the requirements of all kind of hair with different textures. Wen merchandise on Amazon also come like Sweet Almond Great and Spring Green Tea, in a variety of scrumptious aromas.
To realize why natural ingredients are prioritized by Wen, all you have to do is research the anatomy of the creator, Chaz Dean. Dean is a recognized as a professional celebrity stylist, and one thing that he is most popular for part is the exquisite setting at his salon. Dean has developed a respite for Hollywood’s elite by crafting a character-inspired area for his clients to relax and he plans to do the same for the consumers of his merchandise.

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Emily McClure provided Wen hair by Chaz an attempt to try the product out to see the outcome for her hair that had a unique texture. The first couple of times of regular use, McClure discovered that less of her hair was coming out while taking a shower, and also she found that her hair appeared to be more moisturized than it usually was. As she continued to use the Conditioning Cleanser she noticed that her hair was a lot more healthier and shinier than ever. McClure finally reasoned that Wen was the best hair care product for her although she used it all through morning bathrooms, but noted that she would happily reach for this on those days that she wanted to look a little more chic.

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Embrace Your Inner Unicorn with Lime Crime Cosmetics

Doe Deere, the CEO and Founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics, wants to celebrate the unicorn hiding in us all. Known primarily for its bright, colorful lipsticks, Lime Crime Cosmetics encourages people to embrace their own personal style, no matter how quirky it may seem. In fact, Deere started her company because she could not find the makeup bright enough to complement the clothing she was designing and selling on Ebay, and now Lime Crime is available on Amazon, and major dealers like Urban Outfitters.

Today, Deere continues to push the envelope, creating a rainbow-hued style all her own. She believes that we all have an inner unicorn, the term she coined to describe the ladies and gents that celebrate their own, unique styles and talents. Lime Crime Cosmetics began with a simple idea, let people be themselves and embrace individuality. She launched in 2009 with her signature Unicorn Lipsticks in radical colors like Mint To Be (mint green) and New Yolk City (banana yellow).

Her fans and customers continue to be Deere’s largest source of inspiration as she continues to create her brightly hued products. After the success of her initial launch, Deere continued to create and market new products inspired by you. Today, Lime Crime unicorns will find a full line of colorful, creative cosmetics. Some popular items include Velvetines, a liquid to matte lip product unlike any other on the market, the Venus II eyeshadow bundle, and Perlees, a matte lipstick with a fun, metallic finish.

Lime Crime remains committed to helping its customers create bold, unique looks inspired by their everyday lives. There is not right or wrong way to to wear your Lime Crime. Play, create, and discover a makeup trend that makes you feel beautiful. To further cement its commitment to helping everyone find their inner Unicorn, all Lime Crime products are made using vegan and cruelty-free ingredients. While Lime Crime has been cruelty-free since its inception, the company reformulated its products in 2012 to serve its vegan customer base. Now everyone can wear Lime Crime products with confidence.  Check Lime Crime out on Facebook for up to date news.