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Emily McClure Test Out WEN

WEN conditioning cleanser is a unique type of hair care product. It offers women something different from the majority of hair care products. It is a product that is made without parabens and chemicals that can strip hair of sheen and luster. Wen Hair conditioning cleanser works as a shampoo and a conditioner. Many women also use this product as a leave-in conditioner and a styler as well. Chaz Dean is the creator of WEN conditioning cleanser. He is a person who fell in love with hair when he as working in photography. He decided that he wanted to get into hair care, so he became a cosmetologist. Since he was dissatisfied with the hair care products that were on the market, he decided to get expert advice on hair care products and create his own. Chaz Dean was able to make a product that is free of heavy chemicals and dyes. This is a product that can work on any hair type, and it is affordable.

Emily McClure is a writer for The Bustle, and she decided to carry out her own experiment with the product. McClure has fine hair, and she wanted to see if the product was going to be good for her hair as well. McClure was impressed by the results that she got from WEN. She found that she lost less hair in the shower after using Wen, and she also found that her hair felt thicker. McClure realized that WEN was a product that had to be washed out each day; when the product is not washed out every day, it can leave hair feeling greasy and weighed down. McClure recommends this product for women with fine hair; it can make hair feel light and shiny. Even though WEN is not a product that she will always use, McClure with go to WEN when she wants extra shine and bounce. WEN hair care products can be purchased online on Guthy-Renker and QVC.

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Get Ready For School with Wengie’s DIY School Supplies

Back to school season is here again and it is important to prepare for another year of expressing yourself in a way that will also benefit your academics. Bubbly YouTube personality, Wengie, made the perfect DIY school supplies video that had perspective students eager to board the bus for their first day back.


  1. Make a Rainbow Highlighter


Traditional highlighters are so yesterday, right? Well, jazzing them up is incredibly simple and will have you anxious to begin studying just so you can use these rainbow highlighters. All you need are pink, blue, and yellow highlighters. Taking the yellow one, simply color in one side of the tip pink and the other blue. The end result is three colors that blend into one another to create a rainbow!


  1. Put Pencil Thieves in Their Place


Not only are typical yellow pencils boring but they make proving ownership fairly difficult. By taking a colorful and patterned tape and forming it around each pencil, you are left with customized writing utensils perfect for taking notes and recording after school plans in your planner.


  1. Customize Your Pens


First, dismantle a traditional pen in order to work with the tube. In a small bowl, mix two tablespoons of white glue with one tablespoon of water. Pour this mixture into the pen tube, run it through the entire inside, and then drain it out. Before the inside dries, quickly place colorful glitter inside and disperse it evenly. When it is completely dry, place the ink and tip back inside and seal it accordingly.


  1. Make Your Own Quill Pen


Find some feathers at a craft store and decorate them to your liking. Next, dismantle a pen by separating the ink and tip from the casing. Cut the tip of the feather to expose a hole. The thin ink holder and tip should fit perfectly inside that hole–ultimately making a vibrant quill pen.


  1. Make Colorful Staples


Simply take a set of unused staples and color them with markers. Load them into your stapler and feast your eyes upon rainbow staples that will have your school assignments stand out in the best way possible.

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The Review At Shows How Good Wen By Chaz Is

Wen hair by Chaz [see,] is so popular that people are seeing marketing for it all over sephora, but they might not have tried it on their own. They need to see that it can give them the results that they want, and the only way to learn is to try the shampoo. Watching the review is very helpful for people who want to make sure that their hair will not shed, and it can actually help someone grow their hair thicker.
The review of Wen Hair shampoo is pretty enlightening because it shows how easy it is to use, and it shows that someone who has bought the shampoo can make it last for a long time. People do not have to spend their time wondering how they will keep their hair from falling out because now shedding has been handled. The chemical makeup of the shampoo is such that people will not see their hair falling out, and it will help them keep their hair growing thick. That is important because people who have thin hair have to deal with the hair falling into the bottom of the shower. It is easier to deal with healthier hair, and that is what is guaranteed with help from Wen by Chaz Dean shampoo and conditioner.

The overall review is good news for people who are in need of help with their thin hair. Thin hair can be a scourge on someone who has been fighting it for so long, but now it can be stopped by using this one shampoo. Anyone who wants to give this kind of shampoo a chance should make sure that they have the shampoo in their shower, and they can do the same test that was done by the people at Bustle with this very nice picture article.

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Get Rid of all those Costly Hair Care Product

A week-long testing trial for any conditioner or shampoo makes a good sample size, but one has to consider the environmental effects humidity versus dry desert air has on hairstyles. In an article found on they tested a 5-in-1 cleansing condition called Wen hair by Chaz( They tested the cleansing conditioner for 7 days with varying results each day. Wen by Chaz offers a variety of conditioners that may appeal to different individuals, but the one used in the test was the Sephora Fig version. Emily McClure, the tester used this version because of her thinner, finer hair.
As mentioned by Emily during her first day use, she said that her hair felt thicker during the shower cleansing of her hair. She noticed fewer hairs falling out, and a general feel of thick shinier hair. However, after waking up each day, Emily noticed her hair felt oily and greasy, especially around the roots. She recommended that when using Wen by Chaz Dean that if you skip a day that you may end up with oily hair a lot of the time. However, the product yielded desired results if used on a daily basis, thicker, fuller hair with a shinier mane.

Wen hair is a complex cleansing conditioner that has a 5-to-1 element replacing your shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave-in conditioner. Though a 16 oz. bottle may set you back about $32 retail, it can be found for less on the Ebay website. The purpose of Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioners is to reduce the amount of hair care products consumers use.

The end result however is to provide you with the style you want, with thick, smooth, shiny healthy hair that requires less upkeep than all your other products usually generate. Most users have reported positive results in using Wen by Chaz.

Youtube Famous

Getting famous on Youtube can be one of the coolest things anyone does in their entire life. You’ll get paid just to make videos that people want to watch and express your creativity through a surprisingly large medium. Stars such as Swoozie, Jenna Marbles, Wengie, and PewDiePie are all well known and make more than enough to live on to say the least.
Wengie or Wendy Huang is a Youtuber that got her fame from making makeup and beauty tutorial videos. Her view count on videos is nearly always over 65 thousand making her one of the biggest youtube stars there is just simply by her demonstrating how to apply makeup. Some of her other non makeup videos are about her life and how she grew up.
Wengie is from Australia and is still producing videos nearly every day. She has done collaborations with Michelle Phan, another big name youtuber who also does makeup tutorials. Wendy has even done some videos on how to properly diet and take care of your skin. She has covered tons of topics and continues to bring in more and more viewers as she creates videos.
Getting youtube famous like this isn’t easy though. Wengie and others have all had some hard challenges to get their fanbases and get the views they’ve managed. The biggest thing about becoming youtube famous is to create your own brand. You need something that sets you apart from other youtubers and nets you a particular fanbase. Pewdiepie, the most successful youtuber in the business, caters almost exclusively to a gamer crowd as opposed to Wengie who produces makeup tutorials and caters more towards women in that way, another major youtuber may produce videos exclusively talking about comics, while yet another makes videos of their cat consistently. Getting into Youtube video creation is really all about finding your niche. Of course you have to find an advertising route after that or simply hope you get really lucky and have your video blow up but by finding your target market 80% of your job will be complete.
Becoming Youtube famous isn’t for everyone, but it’s something that a certain group of people can do really well. Those that are good enough and can make consistent high viewer videos will produce tons of money and be very well known. It’s one of the most accessible ways to get famous without a doubt.