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Financial Services Leaders; The NexBank Financial Group

The leaders at the NexBank financial group understand many people are close to living paycheck to paycheck in this tough economy. Many people that trust their money in a financial institution want to know their money is safe and won’t access huge fees. The popular NexBank group provides superior personalized account services including commercial, investment, and industrial banking services. Best of all, your money is backed with over $66.4 billion dollars and government backed insurance. Their 0% liability feature for unauthorized purchases also protects your account. NexBank continues to put the needs of their customers first with technologically advanced banking solutions.

NexBank Online Portal

Many working adults are on the go and want access to their money any time. NexBank gives their patrons full access to their account from many compatible devices including your smartphone. They offer many service and features from unique descriptive tabs. Their patrons have played a major role in designing their web portal with customer feedback. NexBank has trained their IT professionals in a high level of customer service support and financial services. They’re available to answer your call about your new or existing account 24 hours a day. Their customers are never left trying to navigate their account on their own with live customer support.

Their services at NexBank are another reason they’re a popular financial network provider. They have enacted a first-time homebuyers program together, with local based Habitat For Humanity. Customers enjoy reduced interest rates and lower monthly mortgage payments. They have helped several low-income residents realize their dreams of owning a home while making a smart investment. You can also purchase your dream car with installment payments. You can pay for your dream car with monthly or bi-weekly payments and they allow you to miss a payment without penalties due to financial hardship.

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