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What Sanjay Shah’s Had To Say To Upcoming Entrepreneurs And Investors During His Interview At Enterprise Radio

Early this month, Sanjay Shah the Autism Rocks and Solo Capital philanthropist and businessman was invited over for an exclusive interview with Entrepreneur Podcast Network’s top host Eric Dye at Enterprise Radio studios. In this interview, Sanjay Shah covered a lot of topics on entrepreneurship and his journey in business and philanthropy. Sanjay Shah started by talking about his journey in the business market. He recounts that he joined the business industry due to passion despite being a good medicine student. He said that he started by being an account, a profession that was key to his current business success. At this profession, he worked for Merrill Lynch and Stanley Morgan as an account, and he was able to learn ways to which big firms succeed in the market.

Sanjay Shah formed Solo Capital in 2009 and became and entrepreneur and investor. This Sanjay Shah firm has greatly grown in the market as the years pass. Sanjay Shah established Solo Capital as a top market firm offering a wide variety investment and financial services. This services included investment and financial consultancy, sports talent and asset management, and proprietary trading. This firm operates from London, its headquarters and Dubai its logistical offices. So far, this Sanjay Shah boutique investment and the financial firm have recorded lots achievements and success in the market. Sanjay Shah is also the founder and owner of an autism charity, Autism Rocks. This charity helps children with autism access professional therapy to help them grow normally.

In his interview with Eric Dye, Sanjay Shah largely covered how aspiring investors and entrepreneurs could access good business advice. He said that the success of business starts with its inception, and good advice plays a major role in this success. He insisted on the importance of entrepreneurs and investors having good information on the sectors they want to engage in. Sanjay Shah said the good information will help an investor understand the challenges in the market and prepare for them. Sanjay Shah also said that its good for any upcoming investors and entrepreneurs to have good mentors to help them as they launch into the business market. He said that business mentors serve as good sources of motivation and inspiration which play a major role in success.