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Jose Manuel Gonzalez; Politics is Important

Jose Manuel Gonzalez, an agronomic entrepreneur, was the leader of FEDECAMARAS and is the current deputy of Guarico State National Assembly. He gives us two qualities in one person. Jose Manuel Gonzales has perfect experience from two complementary areas. He is an active business person borrowed into politics.

Agriculture, like three remaining sectors, is in a waiting situation. The country stopped producing 500,000 tons of rice. Only 300,000 tons of maize are produced annually. However, the country does not have enough foreign exchange for imports. This situation has condemned to a roller-coaster type of supply system where anyone guarantees nothing. We do not counter either with spare parts and supplies, the little that achieved is unsustainable.

Since the assembly tries to comprehend the situation in agriculture, it has failed to implement necessary policies to attain sustainability. It has always been an unsuccessful management. A closed-door state pointing its weaknesses and flaws, but turns a deaf ear to development. Jose have always urged that things will be better with proper understanding and cooperation among the citizens and government. They continue to loot public funds by overpricing imports. They have made it cheap to steal government money, overbilling citizens, and the remaining money goes to unsustainable imports. Such distortions are the culprits that smuggle bi-national business. If you remove these impurities from the government, Guarico State will be a better place to live.

Insecurity affects the outcome of production in any producing state. This factor is well understood in agriculture. The state of security in Giarico is poor. Numerous farmers are paying criminal gangs to have their products sold in the markets. There are more than 20 kidnappings every week. Carjacking has become rampant. There is no municipality in Guarico State where the situation is different. The general government is spending more money on imports that providing the farmers with a conducive environment to conduct productivity and business. The money paid to criminal gangs can be used in production. The situation will not grow any better even if the government increases on imports. The shortage of foreign exchange is a clear indication that the food situation may prevail longer than expected.