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Thor Halvorssen Discusses Democratic Socialism and Bernie Sanders

Fox News Business, Trish Regan introduced Thor Halvorssen, the President and Founder of the Human Rights Foundation to talk about the similarities and differences between the democratic socialist agenda of the U.S. Senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and socialist authoritarianism in Venezuela. Trish Regan began the interview that Presidential candidate, Senator Sanders would like America to be a socialist country and even liberals are opposed to his agenda. She further stated that most Americans do not know what Socialism is all about.

She asked Halvorssen why socialism was a violation of human rights. He had a perfect answer and educated the viewers that the problem is when socialism is done under an authoritarian government or someone using socialism as a mask, takes control of the government, claim they are going to help the people, and ultimately end up looting the country.

Halvorssen begins by discussing what is socialism and defining the various definitions describing the academic socialism which is almost identical with communism, and the differences are Sweden and Denmark who have socialist governments and Venezuela with a social authoritarian government.

Then Thor Halvorssen revealed shockingly, he has given the maximum possible donation to the campaign of socialist Democrat Bernie Sanders for the 2016 President election. He then further elaborated that Hillary Clinton had received donations in millions from countries who unfortunately violate human rights, like Saudi Arabia, Oman Bahrain, Qatar and Algeria. Before the interview ended, Halvorssen blasted Trump for embracing President, Vladimir Putin, who governs his country as a dictator-like President. Halvorssen concluded that he would rather have a democratic socialist than a dictator supporter in the White House.

Thor Halvorssen’s family has been in the news facing problems caused by the family’s opposition to the socialist government in South America. Halvorssen explained that his own father despite the fact he had diplomatic status was held as a political prisoner and sadly saw his mother shot in a political rally. Halvorssen is actively fighting the problems political beliefs have caused his family and for his cousin who is held as a political prisoner in a Venezuelan jail.

The Fox network expected Halvorssen to bash Bernie Sanders, instead, what they got was a little education of what Democratic socialism is and a surprise announcement of his endorsement for Sanders.