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Sawyer Howitt and His Racquetball Career

Project manager Sawyer Howitt of the Meriwether Group and son of the famous David Howitt the CEO and founder of the company, is a promising athlete and fantastic Racquetball player. All-though Racquetball is not very common through out high schools across the US, Sawyer is one of the number 1 prospects in the country, and is a future professional of the sport. He is from and plays out of Portland, Oregon where he played on Lincoln High’s Racquetball team along with most recently the Racquetball Club of Portland.

Sawyer Howitt is a forced to be reckoned with especially during his High School days, for he helped bring his team to state. All-though he did not win the state finals he put up an incredible feat against Eric Poppleston, another fantastic player in the world of Racquetball. Howitt has gained prospects for the Olympics and has plans to compete in the future along with playing Nationally. Howitt’s most recent games were in 2015 as he was playing on Racquetball Club of Portland. He faced off against Jack Baldschun and Eric Poppleston and sadly had lost both games and made him drop in rankings tremendously.

As of 2015 there has been no more obtainable information released on Sawyer Howitt (@sawyerhowitt) since his last matches in 2015. Perhaps the losing streak discouraged him, or maybe he has other plans the public has yet to hear about? However an interview with him may be the next best option in requiring more subject matter about his plans for the sport.

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Rona Borre Shows How To Build a Company

Rona Borre founded Instant Alliance, a staffing company in Chicago, in 2001. She started out from a spare bedroom in her Chicago condo, with only her dog Henry as a companion. Today she is the CEO of one of the fastest growing companies in America and is billing millions of dollars in fees annually.

Borre and her group of very motivated account executives work hard to find exactly what kind of person, skills, and ability to fit into the corporate culture a candidate would need to possess to work for the client. They get very close to decision makers of the client to accomplish this. Once they get their answers, they leave no stone unturned in finding the desirable candidate.

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This system works so well that the interview to hire ratio is down to a record-breaking 3 to 1 count, and the attrition rate over the past 15 years has been an astoundingly low 1 percent. That is unheard of in this industry.

Rona Borre is in great demand as a speaker, and she has been interviewed by all of the major media outlets in the Chicagoland area. She is a frequent guest at many civic club meetings in the area and is glad to show up when she has the time, check this clip from  She is also active in Chicago business circles as she holds leadership roles in the Economic Club of Chicago, the Young Presidents’ Organization, and the Chicago Network.

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Rona Borre is On The Fast Track of Achievement

Rona Borre is on a fast track of success since 2001 when she started Instant Alliance, an up and coming and very successful staffing company in Chicago. Borre had been an account executive with another large, global staffing company and had led the company in sales. In fact, she broke every sales record that existed at that company, so she decided to strike out on her own.

Now her downtown Chicago location speaks for itself as she works with companies like McDonald’s, The University of Chicago and Argonne Laboratories. Fortune 500 companies are also clients as Instant Alliance continues to grow and bill out millions of dollars each year.  To read more, visit

Borre believes in specializing in narrow niches that employers want, but for some reason, they find hard to get. For example, take financial and technological professionals, which are the two categories where Borre focuses for her clients. These particular people are who companies are growing want because they are needed to get a growing company to the next step of the growth pattern.  Watch this clip of Borre on

Rona Borre is very active in the Chicago business community, spending leadership time for such organizations as The Chicago Network, The Young Presidents’ Organization, and the Economic Club of Chicago. She has been interviewed by all of the local TV and radio stations, and she is in great demand as a speaker on the civic club circuit in town.

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A Look At Arthur Becker’s Interview With Ideamensch

NY Daily News first asked Arthur Becker where he got the idea to start Madison Partners LLC., which is an investment group. Mr. Becker responded by saying that while he worked at Zinio and NaviSite he had gotten very familiar in and invested in both technology and real estate. In 2011, after selling of NaviSite, Arthur Becker decided to further expand his investment in the real estate market. That how he came about Madison Partners LLC. More details can be found on LinkedIn.

Through Madison Partners LLC., Arthur Becker invests in luxury properties and condominiums in major cities such as Miami, Florida and New York City, New York. Throughout his career, Becker says he got exposed to a number of biotech and tech companies, which began to fascinate him. He eventually started following them and in 2011 decided to start up a venture to invest in it through Madison Partners. He says he also realizes that biotechnology and tech development can change people’s lives and he wants to be a part of that.

Next, Ideamensch asked Arthur Becker how a standard day look for him and what does he do to make his day productive. Becker responded by saying that his working hours and days are extremely flexible now. He says this is because he no longer has an operating business where there are conference calls, working office hours and regular meetings. As a partner in a private investment company there is much more leeway and flexibility involved. He added that he is currently completing a townhouse construction project on Sullivan Street in NYC and is on track to construct luxury condos in the Tribeca neighborhood of Manhattan.

The third question given to Arthur Becker was how he brings his business ideas to life. Arthur Becker replied that he is the most effective in bringing ideas to life when he works around people he respects. This is true for him, whether he works in real estate, finance or technology. Becker also added that he is most productive and able out to bring ideas to fruition when he is organizing and managing highly skilled and knowledgeable individuals in the workforce.

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The Options that Todd Lubar Creates

There are not many options for lending for people who are not able to get the same requirements as those who qualify at the big banks and lending agencies. Todd Lubar knows this and he does what he can to make sure that these people are able to get the money that they need. He also does what he can to make sure that people are able to get more out of the lending experience. While his company does charge slightly more interest, he knows that people will not mind because they will be able to get the money that they need when they need it. It is something that he is doing that is creating an upset in the financial industry. He has been successful and continues to be successful. This has allowed him the chance to make sure that he is doing more with the options that he has.

One thing that he says as an entrepreneur is to never get up. While he focuses on finances, he is also an entrepreneur. He tried many different things before he did the financial industry. He now knows that those things were intended to prepare him for the future. As an entrepreneur, he never gave up. He always pushed forward so that he would be able to reach his goals. He set them, he crushed them and he created new ones that he would be able to use to his best advantage. It was something that gave him a chance to try more and to do more with the options that he had.

For Todd Lubar, he knows that organization is key. He is obsessed with organization by his own admittance and that is something that he has been able to use to his advantage. He keeps his company organized and Todd Lubar works to make sure that he will be able to do more with the options that he has. He wants to stay organized so that he can continue to make the money that he needs and help the people who need the loans that he is offering to them.

Views from the Rooms of the Best Hotel in The World owned by Chris Burch

It has only taken Chris Burch four years to do the impossible. No one saw it coming. He’s transformed a deserted island in the middle of nowhere into the best hotel in the world. Again, in just four years. That particular property in Indonesia used to be owned by an American couple.


Introducing the Nahiwatu Resort

The seasoned investor and his partner, James McBride, went ahead and paid an undisclosed amount for the title lease. What’s known, is that the duo has spent over $30M in sprucing up the idyllic island in the middle of nowhere and heaven. Chris Burch confesses it was love at first sight affair when he first gazed upon the palatable beauty of the mystical island. Right there and then, he knew he had to buy it for his daughters and family. That special goes home is called the Nihiwatu, and it comes complete with waterslides, waterfalls, Jacuzzi, spas, nature trails and of course endless beachfront property views for Chris, his family, friends, and their guests. Great info on

To win such an auspicious award, the hotel and resort must have put in place all the desirable features, amenities, services and rates for their global clientele? They must have made a grand impression on the judges. Well, the answer is indeed a resounding yes. The Sumba-based resort island comes jam-packed with all the 7-star features and specs that will make your heart do a back flip in excitement. These include:  Infinity Pools and Private Beach Villas. Click link.

The entire complex follows a traditional Sumbanese theme. The room has a sophisticated toned down look, and the flowing white curtains blend in lovely with the heated wooden floors. The wooden cottages get made from local wood, and the drapes are also derived from locally assembled raw materials. This is indeed a positive thing as it acts to create employment opportunities to the nearby communities in remote Indonesia.  Go straight to

The beds are positioned to give you a front row uninterrupted view of the sunsets and the sunrises. The rooms come with a panoramic viewing experience, and they are the best retreat for someone who just feels like cutting off from the hectic world even just for a week or so. There’s also a five-star health and wellness facility on the island. Go directly  on


About Chris Burch

According to, the investment portfolio of Christopher Burch would not be complete without mentioning his investment firm, Creative Capital. The company also doubles up as accelerator incubator for aspiring entrepreneurs. The investor has spent the last four decades studying and earning lots of millions from various investments like the one mentioned above, Nahiwatu Island Resort. The resort recently got featured on the Ellen DeGeneres show.


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Jason Hope; Investor, Futurist, And Entrepreneur

Jason Hope recently appeared in an article that appeared on Engadget. The report suggests that Hope believes that the Internet of Things will take over the technology industry. The Internet of Things can be described as technology that connects different devices to each other so that they are in sync. Connected devices have a variety of benefits and will improve the quality of human life and reduce wastage. Hope believes that the trend will be very influential that it will become the largest investment that corporations will invest.

Jason believes that any company that wants to succeed in the future needs to embrace the new technology before it is too late. This is because nearly all devices will be able to communicate with each other in the future. Jason Hope predicts that there will be a lot of competition between major companies to see who will develop the most useful apps for consumers to engage. One area that he projects will be changed for the better is public transportation. There will be better monitoring of routes and fixing of transportation issues. People might decide to stop using their cars and use public transit more often. This will reduce traffic congestion in the end.

Jason Hope is an author, an investor, a philanthropist, and an entrepreneur. Jason attended Arizona State University where he graduated with a degree in Finance. He later earned an MBA from the University at the W.P. Carey School of Business. He has been heavily involved with the SENS Foundation. The foundation does research on rejuvenation biotechnologies. Hope invested half a million dollars in the organization to help it move closer towards its goal of fighting age-related diseases.

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Richard Blair And Wealth Solutions Helps Retiring Clients

Wealth Solutions is a company built by Richard Blair to help retiring clients, and there are a number of services that will help each client earn money. Earning money with Wealth Solutions is a simple process, and there are a number of people who may approach Richard for the help they need. This article shows how the customer may retire well, retire with a new income stream and retire with an expert who understands the industry.


#1: What Does Richard Do?


Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions is a lovely man who has spent quite a lot of time in the retirement industry, and there are many different people who come to him for help. He shows them the investment tips they need, and they will learn things that they could not have known. Richard guides all his clients, and he teaches the members of his staff how to help retirees.


#2: How Does The Retirement Process Work?


Retirement is a process that may be facilitated by the staff at Wealth Solutions, and Richard will ensure his clients have their income coming flowing in every day. They will have the exact amount of money they need to live comfortably, and they may continue to invest with Richard while they are in retirement. It is easier to earn money when using Richard’s services, and there are several different people who will come to the company not knowing what to do.


#3: How Long Does Retirement Last?


Retirement is not a long process, and there are many different people who may ask for a long-term plan. They may plan to retire in the short-term if they like. There are many ways to retire that have a deadline, and the deadline may change at any time. Grandparents may choose to care for a grandchild, and they may push back their retirement if they so choose. A young person may retire early, and they will have all their money flowing through the Wealth Solutions offices.


Richard Blair is one of the masters of the retirement field, and he will ensure there are many different people who may retire well. Retiring should be simpler for all customers, and they may learn many different things that will help them plan for their own retirement. They may choose the retire in their own time, and they may submit their input to Richard as he makes plans for their retirement.


Do Good Institute on Changing Higher Education Standard

Bruce Levenson entered the nonprofit world after selling the Atlanta Hawks in 2014, He chose to work with the Do Good Institute of Maryland University. This is a unique initiative in the higher education world. Its aim is to reach out to and inspire undergraduate students to volunteer and participate in non-profit industries. The aim eventually is to nurture world business leaders who will delve into nonprofit businesses and create individuals who will be equally competitive against the profit making counterparts. Fortunately, the program is receiving a lot of positive feedback.

Levenson talked to PR Newswire in an exclusive interview revealing his motivation towards such a course He claimed that he has come across a number of excellent organizations with great purposes and goals to accomplish but in one or another the organizations always fail just because they lack important business skills to make them successful in this industry.

This is an idea that Levenson and his wife Karen presented to the University of Maryland with a seed money of 75 million dollars to kick-start the initiative. The State University contribute 20 million dollars towards the same cause. The first class after the introduction of the initiative, Philanthropy 101 was an immediate campus hit since it was lab based where students were given 10000 dollars to allocate to a cause they preferred.

The mission of the Do Good institute is to transform campus where students graduate with the desire to give back to the community as well as to train the next generation on non-profit leadership. The initiative was launched in 2010 and it has received great significance over the years.

About Bruce Levenson

Mr. Bruce Levenson is the cofounder and partner of United Communications Group (UCG). He has been a director of Techtarget Inc. since 2015. He holds a bachelor’s degree in arts from the Washington University. Visit his personal website at

Clay Siegall’s Breakthrough In Cancer Treatment

Seattle is home for cutting-edge research and advancements in cancer prevention and treatment. Scientists from all over the world are coming together, so as to create an enabling environment for medical research in cancer. Favorable weather conditions and availability of much needed natural resources are also factors that have contributed to Seattle’s suitability as a home for medical research.

In Seattle, you cannot miss the footprint of one experienced professional known as Clay Siegall. He is one of the best therapeutic and cancer research experts. He derives satisfaction from discovering treatments to many ailments that affect most people, saving families and insurance funds millions of dollars in medical treatment. Dr. Clay Siegall is devoted to ensuring that effective cancer treatment is achieved soon.

Clay Siegall has had a decorated career in medicine. He started with an education from the University of Zoology in Maryland. Later, he earned a Ph.D. from the University of George Washington. He served in different roles at both the National Cancer Institute and the Bristol-Meyers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute.

Seattle Genetics company is Clay Siegall’s brainchild. He is the enterprise’s research board director. He is the serving board director at Alder Biopharmaceuticals, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Business Alliance, and the American Biomedical Association.

Seattle Genetics is devoted to finding solutions that can cure cancer and other immune system diseases. Dr. Clay is driven by passion and the urge to help people suffering from cancer and other autoimmune diseases. Through research and innovation, he has been able to come up with drugs that specifically target cancerous body cells without affecting healthy body cells.

Dr. Clay founded Seattle Genetics with the aim of helping patients access less invasive but effective medication as well as providing vital information for drug development. Dr. Clay has continuously worked to develop medical products for curing cancer, and other diseases affecting the human immune system.

Existing cancer treatments are too destructive. Most drugs destroy cancer cells but at the same time affect the body’s immune system, leaving the body more vulnerable to other disease attacks. It is through interventions like those of Clay Siegall that patients can restore their hope in winning the battle against cancer.