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Edwin Miranda

Edwin Miranda is a great marketing expert that has had a long career with drug companies all over the country. During his experience with the drug companies he worked in quality assurance where he was able to see many different drugs to market. While the process to get a drug to market is usually a long process he did have the privilege to do this many times. But now that he is older that part of his career has come to an end, Edwin now has taken over a marketing company and works as the CEO of a company in Florida.

While most marketing agencies are dying Edwin does wish to change the way people see marketing agencies and bring back those creative and productive people that have since went to work as consultants. In order to bring back the marketing agencies he made sure that he got a creative director with a large staff under that person in order to make sure that only the best marketing strategies and the best production would be coming out of his company. But he knew that the company would need those people that are productive and look at the productivity of everything in order to keep him company on track. So he hired those experts and gave them both their roles so that they could work together on projects to see them come to life. Since doing that Edwin has been able to help large and small companies having only the best reputation for getting the work done, using the best that technology has to offer, and being more than worth the money for the business owner that takes them on and hires them for the project. For larger companies he has even made it to where he was able to replace a few marketing departments altogether.

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Felipe Montoro Jens Reflects on his Career in Finance

Brazil has undergone tremendous change in the last two decades, and Brazilian financial expert Felipe Montoro Jens sat down for an interview with IdeaMensch on his long career. The financier did his undergraduate work at the University of Oregon, graduating in 1998 with majors in Spanish and History. He went on to do graduate work in Kinesiology, earning a master’s degree from the University of California-Santa Barbara. He also holds a business degree from the Getulio Vargas Foundation, one of Brazil’s leading business schools, and an MBA from Thunderbird.

His broad but extensive education has servied Felipe Montoro Jens well. His expertise in a wide range of business areas, such as energy, oil and gas, and sugar. Because of his interest in infrastructure projects, he also as a keen knowledge of real estate transactions. He sits on the board of several companies in Brazil and Peru, applying the training in international business he received at Thunderbird business school in Arizona. Visit his website to learn more.

Felipe Montoro Jens specializes in public-private partnerships, especially those related to infrastructure. He was chosen by Sao Paulo mayor to oversee a housing construction project, which entails 34,000 new homes. The six-year project is projected to create 100,000 jobs, an example of the economic benefits of the type of public-private cooperation Montoro Jens supports. He is also passionate about the potential for environmental initiatives, such as waste management projects, through the cooperation of the public and private sectors.

Although Felipe Montoro Jens has had an interesting career, he shows no signs of slowing down. He is motivated to continue to learn and grow, and it is to this level of motivation that he attributes his success in business. He hopes that his business philosophy will create more jobs and increase economic growth, as well as help to solve many of Brazil’s lingering problems.

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Papa John’s Pizza CEO Steve Ritchie

Steve Ritchie’s career with Papa John’s international began in 1996 when he worked as an hourly wage worker in the customer service representatives department of the company. Knowing he wanted to be more involved with the company, Steve would go on to purchase his own Papa John’s Pizza franchise in 2006. As a franchise owner, Steve held and worked almost every position, from delivery driver to floor supervisor, Steve’s passion for the industry was clear. In 2014 his hard worked as noticed and Steve Ritchie was appointed Chief operating officer of the company.

Although Steve for the majority of his professional life worked for the Papa John’s company, he did from 2008-2011 part-time as a operations consultant for Calistoga Bakery Café while still working for the company. Steve’s passion for the pizza industry came when he had owned his own pizzeria in Louisville, Kentucky. Working 14 hour days and all seven of the days of the week allowed him to gain a plethora of experience which he then utilized to work for Papa John’s Pizza. In 2013 the Louisville Business First publication named him one of their “forty under forty” recipients.

Today, Steve Ritchie and his family reside in Hikes Point, Louisville, Kentucky. Steve states in regards to his professional career’s future that by 2025 he hopes to have owned over 100 franchises and sat on the board of directors of some of the countries best fortune 500 companies. He did, however, state that for the present moment his focus is on continuing the tradition providing better ingredients and better pizza to his customers.

As one of his first duties as Chief Executive Officer, Steve Ritchie plans to aid the company in moving into a more technological era where ordering for customers will be easier and more convenient. Currently, Papa John’s is working on building a feature that will allow customers to order via their Facebook account.

How Herbalife Nutrition Is Making A Substantial Impact In Philanthropic Efforts

Rooted in noble principles and selflessness, Herbalife Nutrition is a global organization specializing in weight management, dietary supplements, and sports nutrition. Backed by years of industry experience, Herbalife is a seasoned company of immense success. An enterprise of good deeds, Herbalife Nutrition puts a premium on empowering others and being a helping hand. No doubt moral values, Herbalife is driven by their unwavering desire to be a beacon of hope during periods of woe. During hurricane seasons, for instance, Herbalife collects donations for victims. From blankets to food, Herbalife ensures that communities are provided for.

In addition to helping families through traumatic junctures, Herbalife Nutrition also rewards individuals who so selflessly donate blood. More specifically, Herbalife provides blood donation centers with Herbalife Nutrition Protein Deluxe Bars. These tasty treats are offered to donors and help restore the nutrients that are lost while giving blood. In the last year, Herbalife Nutrition donated 280,000 protein bars to nearly 120 centers nationwide. In addition to applauding civilians for their acts of kindness, Herbalife also encourages their staff members and customers to get involved. Given the company’s substantial reach, this initiative has reaped immeasurable benefits.

Above all else, Herbalife is an organization that believes in partnership. One of their longtime partners, American Red Cross, is eternally grateful for the rapport the two industries have established. Herbalife continually stresses the importance of donating blood in the hopes of recruiting new volunteers for the American Red Cross. Dana Ryan, an executive at Herbalife, revealed a personal story in which she needed a blood transfusion following surgery complications. According to Ryan, she may have never received the aid she so desperately needed if not for Herbalife’s efforts. These days, Herbalife Nutrition’s working closely with the American Red Cross on their upcoming Missing Types campaign.,9_IL.10,21_IC1146821.htm

Gareth Henry Mentoring Program

Heriot-Watt University has announced that a funded undergrad scholarship opportunity will be available due to the generosity of alumnus Gareth Henry. In addition to funding the scholarships, Gareth Henry will offer regular mentoring sessions to enhance career growth for the selected students. “I am offering one call per term if [the student is in need] and then a good bit of help as they graduate on career advice and getting a job,” said Henry. “I hope that through this bursary, other Heriot-Watt graduates may see what they can achieve with study and hard work in the Actuarial Sciences.”

The chosen beneficiary of the scholarship is required to be enrolled in the Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics course and show that they are in financial need of the scholarship. Henry Gareth himself graduated from Heriot-Watt University with a Bachelor of Science degree with first-class honors in Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics in 2001, most likely prompting him to choose a student currently in the program. With such an amazing background with the university, it is no wonder that Gareth Henry has made the decision to choose the current students to benefit from his mentoring program.

Gareth Henry is a true believer that the University’s scholarship programs will be extremely useful in the future for students. Especially those programs which cultivate the understanding of technological advances. The university is respected and established worldwide as a school that produces highly desirable graduates that are quickly snatched up by employers in the engineering, business, and science fields.

Since graduating from Heriot-Watt University, Henry Gareth has most recently been serving as Managing Director, Global Head of Investor Relations and Partner at Angelo, Gordon & Co. With the help from Henry, the student chosen to receive the scholarship likely has a future just as bright ahead of them.

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Why You Might Need the Unroll Me Service

There are many different types of individuals now who are receiving a variety of different emails that are taking up their inbox. If you are sick of receiving all of these emails, it is time to unsubscribe yourself using a service like Unroll Me. Unroll Me has been used for a very long time by those who are looking into getting rid of bulk subscription emails that are difficult to get rid of on your own. You are going to want to look into this option to get rid of a lot of emails without needing to go through each subscription one by one.

The reason Unroll Me is as popular as it is and why they are so beneficial is because you can get rid of a lot of different subscriptions at once without the worry that they are going to have to go one by one and do the work that way. You are going to want to take a look at this choice and decide for yourself why this company has become as popular as it has been. You can find out more by visiting the Unroll Me site or by checking them out on social media. You can finally get the specific type of service that you need without it costing you a small fortune or without having to do everything one by one.

There are varying individuals out there right now who are looking to make this an option for themselves and are finding it to be quite helpful. You can get the Unroll Me service and decide for yourself why this is such a great option for your every need. Now is the moment to give this particular company a try for yourself and see why this is a choice that is going to get you to save some money and feel confident knowing that you have made the right choice. You can begin to use the Unroll Me service right away and be done with all of the different emails that you are receiving on a routine basis because of different subscriptions.

Bumblebee Has a New Ally in has launched a series of products and promotions to celebrate their partnership with the Transformers movie, Bumblebee. It is part of a media blitz to promote some of their latest technology. Earlier in 2019 they attended their first CES in Las Vegas, NV. It was the perfect time to show the world some of the groundbreaking achievements the company has had to better serve their customers. has over 300 million customers across China, and processes billions of orders a year. generates tens of billions of dollars in revenue each year.

The short video clips it has made to mark the release of Bumblebee showcases some of their new innovations. The backdrop to the clips, that feature Bumblebee and a creation called Red Knight, is the fully automated delivery warehouse that has launched. The clips also show the drones flying out of the facility to make their deliveries. The drones are just one way is revolutionizing the delivery process. It is also using driverless robots to make deliveries.

The Transformers franchise has made billions of dollars at the box office, and the latest movie was released in early January of 2019. It has already made $300 million. To mark the event, has released a toy of their Red Knight character. The Hasbro product is only available on the website. There will also be Bumblebee themed packages and products. has partnered with Panasonic and HLA to promote and the movie.

It is not the first time has been involved with a huge company. Last Christmas had a series of products and events to celebrate partnership with Hello Kitty. had photo booths in which people could have Hello Kitty themed photos taken, and also had unique Hello Kitty packaging and products.

Dr. Chris Villanueva starts MB2 Dental, a dentist for dentist initiative

Getting services from a dentist may seem a normal thing for a patient, but to the doctor who offers the services every day, this might be a complicated matter. Whereas a patient will just come and sit down and expect to get professional services, a doctor must handle the professional dentistry services and the administrative work. There are many nonclinical activities that a dentist is involved in, all of which go to making delivery of medical services better. Now, we have a new idea called MB2 Dental that is meant to bring the focus to dentistry. Instead of the dentist having to deal with many things, MB2 Dental will take over the responsibility of managing other activities while the dentist is left with only two task on the table- professional care and dentistry practice.

MB2 Dental handles things such as tour on behalf of the dentists. Recently, there was a trip for 40 dentists and their spouses which was organized in Cancun, Mexico. Doctors from all over the country attended the retreat. During the trip, dentists get an opportunity to interact as they learn a lot more about how dental practice can be carried out efficiently. MB2 Dental is a creation of Dr. Chris Villanueva, CEO of MB2 Dental Solutions. It is composed of owners who have known each other for a long time, and they are therefore able to complement each other throughout the development journey.

1. Chris Villanueva is a person who believes that there is no need for some people to go into sole practice where they have to spend their lifetime careers feeling lonely or opt to join a corporate group. MB2 Dental was created with the idea of bringing the two reasons fields together. A dentist will feel the benefits of both industries.

MB2 Dental is a dentist-owned company which is all about improving the welfare of the dentists. It is all about having fun together and supporting one another in professional development. The group has created retreats to serve as important periods where dentist-dentist friendship can be promoted. Doctors can through these trips help one another to become better professionals.

2. Chris Villanueva created this group with one goal, creating an environment where doctors will help one another. The benefits of working together as a group will be better than when working independently. MB2 Dental takes care of services such as office management, accounting, and finance issues, recruitment and training among others. The only task that dentists are left with concern practice only.

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James River and Leadership

James River Capital Corp. used to serve as an alternative investment department of the company “Kidder.” In the year 1995 James River became an independent investment firm, which is located in Richmond, Virginia. In 1995, two senior officers, Paul Saunders and Kevin Brandt, acquired James River. July 1, 2018 James River has reported to have $570 million under management. This company provides investment advisory services in the United States of America.


Being a leader can take both a lot of time and effort. It also take time to develop skills in order to lead a team well. There are small improvements a person can make in order to become a better leader. Many companies have done extensive research to figure out what is the most effective leadership is and what they have found. Learn more:


Supporting a team is a lot more helpful than leading a team. The word support shifts the mentality because it can make a leader view their position on the team and they will start to interact with their team differently. Just that simple change can do so much for a person to become a better leader. Follow James River Capital on LinkedIn


To become a better leader, they should allow for their employees to be critical. Research that was done shows that about 85% of employees withhold issues from their leader because they are scared they will get in trouble. If there is not transparent communication, there will be very little progress, innovation, and collaboration. Google discovered this term called “psychological safety” which refers to people being comfortable with coming forward with their problems or improvements. It is important for leaders to focus on this to make sure their employees are heard, so engagement with their employees can happen. There are also ways that leaders can create this “psychological safety.” One way to help with this is by encouraging employees to come forward with their issues and also showing your appreciation when it happens. The second way to help is by allowing everyone to speak during team meetings.


One more way to become a better leader is to not allow their employees to hold back. This is a big obstacle that needs to be removed. One example of how to break down this obstacle is by allowing everyone to speak at meetings. A practical way to input this is by making a list of everyone’s name that will be attending that meeting. Then place a checkmark next to that person’s name when they speak. Soon the leader will notice who isn’t speaking and they should engage the quieter employees. Still try to make them feel comfortable and don’t push them too hard. Make sure they feel valued and that their opinions are wanted.


Hyland’s Homeopathy Releases a New Oral Pain Relief Teething Formula

Hyland’s has a newly formulated oral pain relief medicine for small babies. The homeopathic oral teething tablets are manufactured using natural-active ingredients to bring quick pain-killing action when your baby cries because of mouth pains.




You must have wondered why babies take every item they have in their hands to their mouths. It is because that’s how they become familiar with the environment and the things around them. During teething, babies tend to experience painful gums. Other causes of pain are oral thrush, usually a yeast overgrowth in the mouth, and irritation.




Teething usually occurs when the baby is about 24 months old and is characterized by the appearance of first teeth, usually in pairs. That causes irritability, tender gums which may also appear a bit swollen. The baby inserts items in their oral cavity in the bid to reduce the discomfort. It is ill-advised to use topical treatment tablets that utilize benzocaine – a potentially lethal chemical with harmful side effects to teething.




That’s why the newly rolled-out Hyland’s teething tablets have no benzocaine, belladonna or any artificial additives or dyes. The Hyland’s pain-killing teething tablets are popular among caring mothers because they are safe for use and are carefully formulated to be gentle on the gums. Baby oral pain relief tablets from Hyland’s are perfect for calming down the baby who has swollen or sore gums. The tablets dissolve quickly for easy intake by the baby. Thus, you can run your daily errands knowing your baby is back to his/ her happy self.



About Hyland’s Homeopathic Inc.




Hyland’s Inc. is a homeopathic company that produces a wide range of health and wellness pharmaceutical products manufactured using all-natural, quality, active ingredients. These products are made for families by families, as the company has been in existence since 1903, solely passed down from generation to generation. Hyland’s is a trusted brand among many families as they provide safe, soft and gentle tablets and pain-relieving remedies.




Hyland’s Inc.’s 115 years of experience in the industry has earned it an impressive reputation. The company also received the coveted Excellence Award by Drugs Store News. The feat comes as a result of Hyland’s commitment to providing innovative and safe medicines and treatments including pains and oral discomforts that come with teething.