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Chris Burch Discusses the Connection Between Fashion and Technology

Christopher Burch is the CEO and Founder of the Burch Creative Investment Capital Company based in the United States. Christopher Burch is also an accredited investor who has amassed a great amount of wealth in founding and selling companies from the startup level to the multi-million corporates. Christopher Burch is also considered as one of the most proficient serial entrepreneurs based in the United States. Because he has often engaged in better business, his level of accuracy in the world of business cannot be matched in parallelism. The Burch Creative Capital Company’s investment philosophy is the true definition of what he sets apart in the world of business.  Check for a view of his diverse investment portfolio.

Christopher Burch has a vision for a better world where innovation and capacities are only denoted by better business in the industry. Perhaps this is what sets him apart in the world of business and philanthropy. For over three decades of experience, Christopher Burch is regarded as one of the best philanthropists who has achieved business resolutions in the world of business through leadership capabilities. His entrepreneurial values affect his vision for application imagination as well as new market opportunities. Christopher Burch is one of the most corporative inventors of the support and scale facilities that are depicted in major businesses to enhance customer service as well as retention. This action also leads to disruptive brands that have a direct impact on the lives of customers.  Read more insights from him in this article on

For over four decades of professional experience in the business world, Christopher Burch has founded and sold more than 40 companies. Christopher Burch is considered as one of the most sophisticated entrepreneurs who know how to detect a market niche before he develops a business or service company that solves those problems. Christopher Burch also has a track record of connecting innovation with impact as it is depicted in his market niche. His presence in the industry of fashion has fascinated many whose motivation emanates from Christopher Burch.  Related article on

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According to Christopher Burch, the world of fashion and technology are related. In fact, technology is dependent on fashion just like fashion depends on technology. For technology to grow, it has to be adopted on a massive scale by the people in a fashionable manner. This means that technology grows with fashion. On the other hand, fashion inclines on technology for better business growth. An example of what sets the two apart is the adoption of the industry’s capacities that make the fashion and technology industry set themselves apart with numerous relationships.  For his latest innovative contribution to the market, hit on

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Michel Terpins – The Upcoming Sertoes Rally Champion

From 20th August 2017, Michel Terpin, together with his navigator Maykel Justo, will be racing for more than 3300 kilometers. The duo belongs to the Bull Sertões Rally Team. The support park is being set. The racing car to be used by Terpin and Justo has gone through some modifications to make it more powerful and competitive for the upcoming edition. This will be Michel Terpin’s 10th participation in the competition.

Michel started racing in 2002. His brother Rodrigo Terpin is also a talented and passionate car racing professional. Michel Terpin’s navigator, Maykel Justo, has already won four titles having been a navigator at Sertoes Rally for a decade. Justo has a vast experience in rallying and Michel acknowledges that he has been giving him safety and perfect turning. The duos are ranked in the national championship.

The 3300 kilometer is the 25th rally edition that they will be participating in. The distance will cut through for cities: Goianesia, Goianaia, Aruana, and Santa Therezinha. On 19th September, motorcycle and car competitors will be approximating the time taken to complete the rally.

During the 22nd edition of the Sertoes Rally, Michel Terpin and Maykel Justo completed the same journey in the 7th place category. This was a very demanding race as it had several types of terrains to be beaten on day one. The journey had a lot of dirt. The duo acknowledged that this was a typical drive with all the occurrences being normal. Their car however failed and was not able to complete the rally. They both never got injured.

According to news published by economia on 6th March 2017, Michel and Justo won the 24th edition of the Sertoes Rally. The two were featured as having taken the fifth position in the edition. They acknowledged that this was a difficult journey with exhausting stretches. They, however, managed to keep a good pace and get great results. They also reported that chasms and mountainous regions are always very challenging to race through.

The first two stages of the journey were very challenging. The third stage also had winding roads, erosions, and depressions but they managed to come out victoriously. It was fun for them going through such. Michel is a talented professional and capable of better performance.


The Traveling Vineyard Takes Hold

A new business concept called the Traveling Vineyard is taking hold as a business and a fun time. The company got its start in 2001, but recently has really become very popular as work at home business.

The Traveling Vineyard, of course, is all about wine and its decided format is to take all of the stuffiness out of wine drinking and take it for what it is – a fun time to break the barriers and enjoy the party.

There are 21 different varieties of wine with the Traveling Vinyard with the three categories of red, white and sweet and fizzy wines. The prices run from $14 to $25 per bottle. Of course people eventually run out of wine, so they have to buy more.

Since many home parties serve wine anyway for their meetings, Traveling Vineyard fits right in with that ideal. In order to become a Wine Guide, as they call their representatives, it costs $174 to get started. You have included in your startup price a Success Kit and two tasting sets. You get an electric wine opener when you reach sales totaling $750 in your first 60 days of wine guiding. If you happen to reach $1400 in your first 60 days you will also receive a $50 rebate.

Since just about everyone enjoys a glass of wine it would seem that this is a business that is destined to succeed. Just like everything else though, it does take some effort because not just everyone wants to have a party about anything in their home. At the current time there are about 1,000 wine guides in the United States, but that number is growing.

Wine Guides also get a 20% discount on the pricing of all of the Traveling Vineyard wines. The average amount of wine sold at the tasting parties is $417 of which the Wine Guide gets a percentage of 15% to 35% depending on the volume of the Wine Guide’s total sales.

Wine Guides can make money in four different ways including the home tasting parties. Other methods include online sales, monthly wine club sales, and in building a team of Wine Guides. People who have become Wine Guides thrive on the personal satisfaction and the camaraderie among the people involved.

The Traveling Vineyard system seems to hold a positive appeal among those who are currently involved. The product is good as it has a 98% approval rate and the business is relatively easy to conduct. Usually about five bottles of wine are offered to the hostess or host of a party which is enough to get a small group of people excited about meeting in regard to just about anything anyway.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, The CEO Of Bradesco Named As The Entrepreneur Of The Year

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is the current chief executive officer of one of the largest Brazilian banks, Bradesco. Cappi is regarded as a professional who combines virtues such as determination, persistence, and wisdom to produce positive organizational results. He has served in the Executive position of the bank for several decades and has been advocating for selling insurance through the broker channel. He served different sectors of the company including marketing before becoming Bradesco’s vice president.

Cappi is indeed among few entrepreneurs in the Brazilian economic life who have made a positive influence in the banking and insurance industry. As credit operator and trader, Cappi has initiated some of the largest projects in Brazil. Due to his influence, Cappi is featured prominently in most newspapers and magazines in the country. As the CEO of Bradesco, Cappi steered his company to outperform its main rival, Brazil’s Itaú-Unibanco. While assuming the position of the presidency, Itaú-Unibanco had already overtaken the Brazil’s Itaú-Unibanco in terms of market share.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is popularly known as Trebuchet. He replaced Marcio Cypriano as the new CEO of Bradesco in the year 2009 at the age of 57 years. The main reason behind such replacement is that Bradesco does not allow Presidents whose age is over 65 years. Trabuco became the fourth President of Bradesco after Cypriano, Lazaro Brandao, and Aguiar. When he took office, Trabuco was very conversant with Bradesco’s organization culture having served in various hierarchical positions in the company. He served in the company’s various strategic areas including pension and marketing for four decades before receiving his promotion to become the CEO. Additionally, he was promoted to the position of vice presidency at only the age of 47 years.

Under Trabuco’s command as the vice President of Bradesco, the company’s market share increased from 23 percent to 25 percent in few years. In addition, the company’s contribution also rose from 26 percent to 35 percent under his command. Trabuco was born in Manila (SP) just like his predecessor and founder of Bradesco, Amador Aguiar. Later on, he joined the University of São Paulo and graduated with a master’s degree in philosophy. Trabuco’s leadership and management style is similar to that of his predecessor, Marcio Cypriano.

Luis Carlos Trabuco had an immense challenge of revamping Bradesco back to its original position in the banking industry. Particularly, the company’s value of assets was R $422 billion which was R $150 billion less than that of its main rival, Itaú Unibanco. The best option to bridge this gap was to acquire smaller banks in Brazil. However, there were limited possible acquisition opportunities in the Brazilian market. Trabuco was quoted in an interview shortly after taking office as the CEO of Bradesco claiming that his key goal was to offer excellent services to the municipalities rather than leadership.

Rather than relying on organic growth, Trabuco made a bold move and acquired the subsidiary of HSBC in Brazil. This acquisition was approved by the President of the Council, Lazaro Brandao costing the company a whopping $5.2 billion. This was the biggest acquisition in the Brazilian market in the year 2015. With the acquisition HSBC’s Brazilian subsidiary, Bradesco was able to overcome its main rival, Itaú Unibanco in three major items; number of branches, total investment funds, and number of the total account holders. It also overcame the competitor in three other approaches: loans, deposits, and assets.

In an interview after the acquisition of HSBC, Trebuchet claimed that Bradesco experienced a growth which could have been achieved after six years through organic growth. The term “organic growth” refers to the improvement in the company’s internal performance. His unprecedented performance at Bradesco made him to be named as the entrepreneur of the year.

Fabletics Gets Relentless Promotion from Kate Hudson

Fabletics has managed to grow and there is still a lot of interest in the way that this company is evolving into. People are keeping their eye on Fabletics because Kate Hudson is the one that is spearheading the changes that are being made. People have become accustomed to her passion for athletic clothing, and that is why she has a lot of loyal fans that are willing to stick with Hudson and see what she’s going to do next. This is not always something that happens when it comes to athletic clothing brands. Most athletic clothing companies do not have a face and a celebrity profile that is connected with the brand. For Kate Hudson it has been easier to market the brand because there has been so much interest in the special pics that she has made for this athletic clothing company.


It has been much easier for her to build a solid brand because she is actually concerned about athletic clothing. She is not someone that is standing on the sidelines with no particular interest in athletic clothing. To the contrary, Kate Hudson is actually ingrained heavily into the clothing world. She would still be looking for comfortable and stylish athletic clothes even if she was not the one that was selling these garments. That is a business leader that is also a customer when it comes to this type of clothing.


That may be the main reason that people can appreciate what is being done with the Fabletics brand. Kate Hudson has really managed to create a completely different clothing line that is going to make a difference in the lives of many people that want to embrace this type of clothing. Kate Hudson is a master in athletic clothing, and she wants to do what it takes to accelerate her brand. She is getting people excited about working out because they have access to clothing that looks different from anything else that is out there.


The clothing from Fabletics is stylish, and it is also very affordable. These are the two angles that Kate has had in mind and she made plans to establish the Fabletics clothing brand. She knew that she wanted to create something that was going to grab a wide spectrum of consumers. She did not want to make the clothing too expensive and alienate potential customers. She also realized that she did not want to create a brand that was bland and similar to everything else. What she wanted to do was create the brand that was going to bring more consumers of different age groups in different backgrounds together. She wanted to create a brand that would appeal to women of many different races and lifestyles. This is why the Fabletics website has so many options. It is a smorgasbord of clothing selections for people that are running, jogging, swimming and doing yoga. Kate Hudson realized that she had a popular brand on her hand, and she promoted it relentlessly.


Meet Sujit Choudhry; Founding Director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions

Sujit Choudhry is one of the most successful people when it comes to constitution building and amendment for growing democracy. Sujit has vast experience as he has three law degree from Oxford, Toronto, and Harvard universities. Choudhry is internationally recognized authority on politics and comparative constitutional law. With his vast experience in constitution making, Sujit has helped; Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Nepal and South Africa in constitution building.  Read related article on

Professor Sujit Choudhry is the founder of The Center for Constitutional Transitions which mobilizes and generate knowledge in support of the constitutional building. This organization assembles leading organizations networks that help in research and gathering valuable information which is helpful in constitution building. Sujit is very confident with creating a global network of constitution making; Constitution building will be elementary. Keep up-to-date with his recent work, check

During an interview by CEOCFO, Sujit Choudhry explained the idea behind the organization. Sujit explained clearly that his primary objective is to generate and mobilize knowledge in support of constitution building. The organization brings together experts from all over the world who have the same interest of better Constitution for developing democracies. Sujit also clearly explained that he decided to form the organization to fill the gap that is left when Constitution knowledge is incomplete, outdated and non-existent.  Additional article to read on

Secondly, Sujit explained his immigration background. Professor Sujit said that he is an immigrant and he has navigated in different political environments. With this experience, Choudhry has gained a wide range of public policy experience. With his three law degrees from different universities, Sujit said that they are the tool to his success in comparative constitution transition.

Also, Sujit explained that he is delighted to have brought together constitutional experts and leading scholars from various parts of the world and creating a global knowledge network. This Knowledge networks always help in the easy understanding of different countries, and it is straightforward to research and come up with original findings.  Relevant article here.

Lastly, Sujit Choudhry explained what is ahead of him and his organization. Sujit has partnered with other three agencies; International Institute for Democracy, Security Sector Reform and Constitutional Transitions, and Electoral Assistance and Territorial Cleavages in Constitutional Transitions to complete three collaborative projects on constitution building. Sujit said they would launch the knowledge project this fall.  For the full interview, head over to

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Daniel Mark Harrison a Jack of All Trades

Daniel Mark Harrison is a serial entrepreneur, author, and a media expert. Harrison is also the Chairman and CEO of Daniel Mark Harrison Company which is a family company that has work stations in different parts of the world. The company is in the business of managing personal and family assets.

In addition, Harrison is the managing partner of Monkey Capital firm, which he joined in March 2016. Monkey Capital is a hedge fund investment firm with investments in SpaceX supply contracts and block chain systems.
Harrison attended the University of Oxford and pursued a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theology in 1999. He later proceeded to BI Norwegian Business School where he was awarded a Masters of Business Administration Degree in the year 2006. Besides Harrison has a Masters degree in Journalism (Business) which he acquired from New York University in 2008.
Harrison besides being a businessman and an investor is also an influential journalist who has contributed a lot to media outlets. He played a very crucial role in the successes of CoinSpeaker and helped grew its readership to more than 450,000 people in just a month. Harrison served as the managing editor at CoinSpeakers and was at the forefront in creating exciting and insightful stories such as The End of Coins Proxy Index among many others.
Harrison as a journalist works as a publisher and editorial chief of Marx Rand which is a News publication firm dealing with matters of general interest. Harrison joined Marx Rand in May 2015 and together with the team at Marx Rand they have been able to publish big stories of public interests such as uncovering how an undercover FBI operative headed the Ku Klux Klan, the involvement of Toyota vehicle manufacturing company with slave labor and how the FDA and other US drug companies failed in the resolution of rapid growth of Haitian Cervical Cancer.
Harrison has also served as a columnist at the Motley fool for a period of six years that is from the year 2009 to 2015. While at Motley, Harrison made very entertaining and straightforward publications of the stock market in the US and UK.

How Louis Chenvert’s Legacy Preceded and Succeeded Him

History is made as a process over time. It is not just a moment that changes things forever. You must consider the whole timeline. When we look at Louis Chenevert, we can only conclude that the former CEO of UTC is a great man worthy of our respect.

Chenevert sent ripples through the business world when he began his studies in Montreal, Quebec. While in this great city, which he was born in, he would study in the University of Montreal’s prestigious extension school, HEC of Montreal. It was while attending here that Chenevert would receive his education in the field of Production Management under some of the best professors that this world had to offer.

Once he graduated, Louis Chenevert would take a position at General Motors. It was here that for fourteen years Chenevert would work as a Production General Manager and show his skills for all to see. It did not take long for the company Pratt and Whitney to take notice of Chenevert and offer him a job in their aerospace company.

Chenevert continued showing his skills at Pratt and Whitney for six years. He was so successful at his job that in 1999 the board at Pratt and Whitney offered Chenevert the role as president of the company. Chenevert accepted.

After a successful run with Pratt and Whitney, Chenevert would be offered his best job as of yet, CEO at UTC. While he was working as the Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies Corporation, he would lead the company to heights it had never even dreamed of.

Chenevert would succeed in completing two game changing acquisitions. He was able to acquire the company of Otis. For those who may not know, this is the world’s largest elevator, and escalator company. Beyond that, he was able to convince those at the company of Goodrich to sell him their company for $16.3 billion. Once these purchases were made, stocks, which began at $37 a share, rocketed all the way up to $117 a piece and the company was worth over $63 billion.

Waiakea Water Goes Beyond Expectations

Waiakea water is bringing a lot of water consumers that are interested in making the best possible decisions for purified drinking water. So many people are able to build a a much better environment with clean water for others when they invest in Waiakea water. This company is one that has a partnership with Pump Aid to provide clean drinking water to people every time that Waiakea water is purchased. This is something for consumers may think about if they want to do something that can help others. It is rare to find a product that can actually help others every time that you make a purchase for yourself.

That is why there is some social media buzz about Waiakea. It has become the company with the CEO that has a big heart and a level of thoughtfulness than many other entrepreneurs have not acquired yet. People are thrilled about this, but they are also thrilled primarily about this clean drinking water that comes through purification from volcanic rock. This is something that had not been done before, and people that were getting restless with the same tire concept of bottled water are rejoicing about the innovation that they are seeing with Waiakea.

This is something that people had not become accustomed to before, and that made it rather easy for more consumers to check out what this brand of bottled water does. It has become very popular and a very short time frame. People are certainly impressed with the way that this company has managed to grow at such a fast rate, and it appears that even more growth is on the way for Waiakea. It is the type of brand that actually hits home for consumers that were trying to find water that was unique. When people have gatherings in their homes they definitely want to serve something that there guests will be pleased with. The naturally subtle, sweet taste of volcanic water is something that excites the taste buds. Guests going to leave with a memorable impression of any gathering that has Waiakea water in the mix.

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Dr. Avi Weisfogel: Renowned Sleeping Disorder Expert with Expertise in Dentistry

One of the common problems that many people are suffering from these days is sleep apnea. The problem is that many of the individuals who are suffering from sleep apnea are not aware that they are suffering from it. Thus, it leads to people suffering from a wide range of health and mental issues, such as mood swings, fatigue, lack of concentration, irritation, and more. The common trend among the people these days is to cut down on their sleep to work more, and many even have endless cups of coffee to keep sleep away. It is a culture that is self-destructive because the body needs sound sleep of seven to eight hours, and it is as essential to the body as three to four hours of water a day or the oxygen we breathe.

As the after effects or the negative side effects of sleep deprivation are not easily or immediately visible, people often tend to take it lightly and feel that nothing is going to happen. Dr. Avi Weisfogel studied dentistry but after years of practicing dentistry has focused on sleep disorders, especially sleep apnea. He founded Unlimited Sleep Patient, which is a common platform where he shares his knowledge and research-based information about sleep apnea and other sleep disorders with other doctors. Here is where he also shares his knowledge and skills related to dentistry. Dr. Avi Weisfogel believes that there are oral appliances available that can be used effectively to treat sleeping disorders like sleep apnea.
Dr. Avi Weisfogel holds graduation degree from Rutgers University in Biology and Psychology and has studied dentistry from the College of Dentistry, New York University. He took a specialized course to understand Dental Sleep Medicine as it is not included in the DDS class in most of the universities. Dr. Avi Weisfogel feels that every dentist should be an expert in providing sleep medicine as well because both these conditions are inter-linked. The name of his dental care practice is Old Bridge Dental Care. Thanks to his efforts and advice to hundreds of patients, many people are now free of sleeping disorders and can give importance to sleeping hours.