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Sujit Choudhry is a professor of law and politics. He has gained international recognition over time for his in-depth research in constitutional law. His research shows all the variable legal designs and their application in the real day to day situations. Among the addressed applications include transitional justice, for instance from conflicts back to peace, semi-presidentialism, bill of rights and federalism among others (

His deep and profound interest in law enabled him to write about the constitutional law of Canada. Choudhry is an author and an article writer. His recent one was focused on ‘constitutional democracies in crisis.’ The article was written in reference to a report by the former Attorney General, Eric Holder. The tweet was considered a call to action to the American people to act as political watchdogs. Choudhry observes and openly expresses his views on the tweet. In his opinion, Holder does not show regard for the constitution, and neither does he write anything about it.

The professor points out that there exists ‘focal points’ around which ideas of self-enforcement of the constitution are built. The said focal points could also be termed as the constitutional rules. Choudhry gives the presidential term serving limit as an example of the focal points which if broken can lead to chaos and disorder. He says that the words of the Attorney General can be interpreted as democratic failure. The failure to take into consideration the term limits is a violation of the constitution and can be called a self-coup.

The article by Professor Sujit Choudhry analyses the political wave and the media exposure of the political state thereby enabling the prediction of the future political climate. According to his analysis, the presidential state of autocracy, as well as constitutional democracy, are set to deteriorate. This is due to the parties in power becoming increasingly greedy and selfish therefore making constitutional amendments in their favor.

Professor Choudhry termed the issue as ‘democratic backsliding,’ a system used by undemocratic politicians who see competing for a position of power in a society that highly embraces democracy. This, according to the professor, is an expression of democratic degradation at its worst.

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Professor Sujit Choundry Views on Holder`s Tweet

Professor Sujit Choudhry is well-known internationally for researching intensely on the wide range of issues in constitutional law and politics. This includes lawful design as the tool to accomplish evolution from violent fight to peaceful self-governing politics, federalism, and constitutional strategy in the society that is divided ethnically, semi-presidential, secession and devolution, transitional justice and constitutional courts, rights of minority group, official language policy, processes of building constitution, groups and minority rights, basic methodological queries and security segment oversight in the study of relative constitutional law ( Professor Choudhry has also written comprehensively on the constitutional law of Canada.

Choudhry’s recent publication is going to be released in a book chapter in Constitutional Democracies in Crisis. He is particularly focusing on Eric Holder tweet, who is the former attorney general who worked under the presidency of Obama. The tweet was published in December 2017 to his followers. In the tweet, Holder identified any potential dissolution of white house exceptional advice Robert Mueller a complete red line. He suggested that, if anything happens, what will follow is a peaceful demonstration. He further suggested that if detached or tempered with meaningfully, what will follow is popular, mass or peaceful support of the two. He insists that the people of America must be heard and eventually they are the one to determine the course action.

Based on Sujit Choudhry’s view of Holders tweet, the advocate demands for the action founded on two concepts- first is figurative of the red line and the other one is how Holder suggests Americans are the one to determine if the officials have actually abused their power and contravened the supposed boundary. Additionally, Choudhry emphasizes that Holder implies that how the people of America will react will determine how the matter will be resolved.

According to Choudhry, the tweet is formed on the ides of legal self-enforcement and built on the perception of focal opinion ( The violation of the constitutional rules never permits the court to brand them as such. Thus, Choudhry articulates a sense of astonishment in Holder’s tweet. He further clarifies that focal opinion is a presidential term that limits a person to only two terms as the president of the United States. He also added that any attempts to stay longer in the office would be declared as a state of emergency

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Dr. Saad Saad – recap article

Dr. Saad Saad knew he wanted to go to medical school while he was still in high school in Kuwait. He knew that he wanted to help people with his profession. Even though his brothers were engineers, he wanted to head into the medical profession. This was his noble dream, and he followed his path. He never gave up, and he has achieved many great things for the medical industry since the day he became a doctor. He trained to become a pediatric surgeon in Charleston, South Carolina. It was there that he learned the value of being a kind person. He knew that he would be honest, loyal, and dedicated to the children he served. His hard-working personality was a huge help to the kids he practiced on. He did not discriminate between race, intelligence, skin color, or gender. Dr. Saad Saad loved all the children equally.

Dr. Saad Saad believes strongly in research. He enjoys the way young doctors are using technology to make revelations in the medical field. With research, he has been able to pioneer many surgical procedures, and he has invented 2 of his own medical instruments. The 2 instruments that he has created are the catheter and the endoscope. There are old models of both, but Dr. Saad Saad has upgraded them thanks to his medical expertise. He has added a magnetic tip to the catheter. Traditional catheters can only be traced with an X-ray or MRI. This is not beneficial to the patient. By adding the magnetic tip, the catheter can be traced with a device that detects electromagnetism. By scanning the patient’s body with this small device, doctors can determine the location of the catheter, and they can maneuver it where they need it to go. This eliminates the risk of radiation, and it is the best way to use a catheter with a person in the ICU. Learn more:

Dr. Saad Saad’s second invention is the upgraded endoscope. Traditional endoscopes have a camera attached to the tip, but when they encounter a mass of fluid within the body, they get clogged. Dr. Saad Saad’s endoscope has a camera attached to the end with a tube for suction-irrigation. The suction-irrigation tube is used for cleaning the area with the excess fluid. Then, the camera will be able to see the area clearly. The doctor will be able to detect the issue that sent the patient into the hospital and operate accordingly.

Bruno Fagali Determined to Enhance Corporate Integrity Compliance in Business

     The new / sb has proudly received the Pro-Ethics Label for a second consequently from the previous year. The initiative, implemented in 2010 is a plan by the Ministry of Transparency and the Controller General of the Union. Besides, the two bodies work closely in partnership with the renowned Ethos Institute.

Notably, the initiative seeks to establish efforts towards enhancing integration and ethics in the corporate environment in Brazil. Also, it aims at giving recognition to compliance efforts in strengthening significant transparency to the business community. Additionally, the initiative is keen on finding means of preventing and putting an end to corruption in the long-run. Some of the personalities who graced the event included the Chief Financial Officer, Oscar Kita and Bob Vieira de Costa who is the associate President. Besides, Bruno Fagali, a corporate integrity manager, was present. Ana Cristina Goncalves, information and content director as well as Cristina Gutemberg, who is the director of the agency in Brasilia, were also in attendance.

It is a requirement that companies file requests with the Ministry formally to earn Pro-Ethics. Among 14 applications in the communications sector including TV and Radio Stations and other agencies, only new / sb has received approval. Companies are continuously searching for seals as they aim to maintain best practices and designing unique products for a differentiated market share. New / sb has been on the compliance journey since the beginning of 2014 as a move to own strict ethical standards while handling public accounts. Having experienced a tough 2017, new / sb and the entire market are hopeful for a fruitful 2018. New / sb also looks forward to launching a second edition of the Network Intolerance report in future.

The corporate integrity management under the leadership of Bruno Fagali is to oversee the implementation of the corporate integrity program and training of various teams geared towards the compliance process. Bruno Fagali is a responsible registered lawyer, thus; has maintained stability in his position at the agency for over two years.

Moreover, Bruno Fagali is a reputable professional in administrative law by FGV and PUC. He holds a master’s degree in State Law from USP. His career life revolves around the administrative law with a significant focus on public administration control. As such, Fagali is an active lawyer in preventing administrative impropriety acts. Besides, Bruno Fagali is the Co-Founder of the FAGALI Advocacy. He is also a dedicated member of the Corporate Compliance and Ethics society. Fugali uses his extensive experience in compliance, the public law as well as the anti-corruption law to give the corporate business sector a quality base.

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Sheldon Lavin and the OSI Group

Today Sheldon Lavin is an active individual that does a lot for his community. Lavin attended the University of Illinois and Northwestern University. He majored in finance and accounting and received a Bachelor of Science in business from Roosevelt University in Chicago, Illinois. He is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group, President of the OSI Foods Ltd, a General Trustee of Rush University Medical Center and Director of National Fish & Wildfire Foundation.

Before starting at this company Sheldon Lavin previously worked in finance and banking. He started his career at OSI as a consultant, but shortly after, in 1975, became a partner and expanded the company into Asia, South America, and Europe. By 1980 he had purchased a controlling interest and took over OSI Group. In this leadership position Sheldon Lavin treated everyone like family and that was referred to as their global family. Taking this approach to the company resulted in little turnover and employee’s loyalty to the company. One of Lavin greatest success for OSI Group was in 2016, when he was an award recipient for the Global Visionary Award, which was offered by India’s Vision World Academy. This award is only given to visionaries who turn their dreams into reality by preserving to achieve company’s goals. Through Sheldon Lavin’s outstanding dedication and commitment to the OSI group, he went on to receive several more awards for the company. These awards included environmental management and safety risk, and health management. He also received an award for the Globe of Honor from the British Safety Council for the company’s outstanding efforts in risk management. While Sheldon Lavin has been CEO of OSI Group he made acquisitions with Baho Food and Flagship Europe in hopes of bringing contemporary food processing to different regions around the world.
Sheldon Lavin has brought great prosperity to the OSI Group and he will continue to do so.

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Sujit Choudhry was born in 1970 in New Delhi. He joined high school in University of Toronto schools. He went to Mc Gill University where he attained a B.S. Choudhry also went to the University of Oxford where he got degrees in law. Choudhry organized for a memorial fellowship of Frank Knox in the Harvard schools of law and Toronto University.

Choudhry became a chief justice’s clerk in the Canada Supreme Court during 1966-1967 period.

In 1998 to 1999, Choudhry graduated in center of ethics and professions at Harvard University. He also was a graduate of Harvard schools of law as a visiting researcher (  Sujit later became part of Toronto university faculty serving as an assistant professor in 1999. He was on the advisory panel governing Toronto which he helped by proposing vital reforms of the municipal governance structure of Toronto. Choudhry was mentioned in the legal aid Ontario board of directors in 2006 by the government of Ontario.

Sujit Choudhry became a professor of law at the university school of law in New York in 2011. He was a speaker in discussing rights of groups in a split society in 2013. He guided a Tunisian team in 2013 and 2014 at New York University to provide reports at Tunisia University and meet with the Tunisia president, Mohamed Marzouki. Sujit became a Dean at California University at the school of law Berkeley in 2014. At the University of California in Berkeley’s schools of law, Choudhry became the I. Michael Heyman Professor. Among different nations, he is well known as an international lawyer and an experienced professional in comparative law of constitution and politics (

Sujit Choudhry started the Center for Constitutional Transitions, which creates and utilizes knowledge in assisting of constitution creation. The group helps in gathering and guiding international system of experts to finish thematic investigation projects that provide evidence-established law alternative to practitioners. Up to now, 50 experts have worked in the Center for Constitutional Transitions in over 25 countries. Presently, Choudhry is leading in research projects in three research of global collaborative.

Sujit Choudhry has issued book chapters more than ninety articles, reports and working papers. The books he has published are: in 2006 at Cambridge, the migration of constitutional ideas, in 2008 at Oxford, the Constitutional Design for Divided Societies, in 2016 at Oxford, the Oxford Handbook of the Indian Constitution and 2016 at Edward Elgar the Constitution Making, check

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Sujit Choudhry: Interesting Facts about the Director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions

Sujit Choudhry is a constitutional expert and advisor. He is a professor of law at the University of California. Sujit Choudhry is renowned at the international level on comparative constitutional politics and law. He can combine strength in research and the field experience as the consultant in the constitution establishment process. Sujit has taught in many countries. Currently, Sujit Choudhry is the Director of Center for Constitutional Transitions. This organization ensures that it generates the possible and useful knowledge to mobilize the constitution building process and lead the international networks of professionals in completing the researches. This organization has been able to collaborate with over 50 professionals who are located in different countries. It collaborates with global networks like NGOs (

Sujit has served as a constitutional advisor for more than 20 years in various contexts. He has a bundle of experiences in influencing public dialogues between the civil society & the stakeholders of the constitutions, guiding on the consultations made by the stakeholders, finding technical experts to facilitate any advisory work is well done, generating any technical reports that could be needed, and conducting memoranda in the field. Sujit is keen in addressing the constitutional law and politics which may include designing tools for managing the transitions carefully. He also may be involved in providing peaceful solutions to violent conflicts between groups. Sujit has a role in ensuring that the divided societies coexist well and that the constitutions accommodate them.

Sujit Choudhry’s political research focuses on wide and deep matters in the constitution ( He has been involved in other engagements like being a member of the United Nations Mediation Roster and a consultant at the World Bank Institute. Sujit Choudhry experience in constitution advisory has lasted for about two decades, and he continues to serve and grow in this field. Some of the countries where Sujit has managed to serve to include Egypt, Libya, Ukraine, Sri Lanka, South Africa, and Nepal among others. This has always been his commitment and never ceases to capture his attention. He likes responding to the issues and the questions that regard to the constitutional law and politics.

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Chris Burch and an Indonesian Haven

Nihi Sumba Island used to be called Nihiwatu. Travel + Leisure is a famed publication that called it the planet’s finest hotel for two consecutive years. It’s an Indonesian deluxe resort that has an idyllic island location. Getting this distinction from Travel + Leisure was no small feat for Nihi Sumba Island. It managed to even surpass Brando. That’s where former President Barack Obama’s family visited not too long ago.

Christopher Burch is the man who launched Nihi Sumba Island ( People recognize Burch for his work with a number of prominent retail brands around the planet. A couple big examples of these are Tory Burch and C. Wonder. He’s made investments in an array of other big retail names as well. Burch purchased a hotel on the beach in 2012. This was a collaborative effort with James McBride, a widely known hotelier. The beach was on Sumba, a quaint island. Burch and McBride put a total of $30 million into hostel remodeling work. They introduced the new project to the world in 2015.

Burch is in charge of a firm that’s called Burch Creative Capital. He refers to himself as its Chief Executive Officer and Founder as well. Burch has been working in businesses and in investments for almost four decades so far. He’s been an active component in the emergence of 50 plus firms. He has substantial knowledge that pertains to many subjects. A couple of these are direct sourcing and consumer patterns. Burch Creative Capital has done a lot for many brands that are making waves right now (  It’s assisted TRADEMARK, Cocoon9 and even ED by Ellen DeGeneres. It at the moment is working on efforts that are part of the consumer and lifestyle worlds. It’s working alongside brands like Brad’s Raw Foods, Blink Health, BaubleBar, Soludos, Little Duck Organics and Chubbies.

Chris Burch likes to harness the unrivaled strength of social media in the modern world. He’s been posting frequently on Twitter since November of 2010. He has many followers who like to hear his comments that involve many diverse topics. His postings on Twitter are extremely well-rounded. They cover his adoration of sports. They cover the magnificence of his resort and the nature that surrounds it. They cover the charm of different parts of the vast planet as well. Burch is a trusted entrepreneur who is always giving his attention to all sorts of missions.

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Equities First Holdings is a company that cares about the interest of the customers, the company is a finance company that was established in Indianapolis, Indiana in 2002 to provide the customers with choices in their finances.

Founded by AL Christy Jr, who was an experienced finance executive, when he noticed that so many customers were being turned down when they applied to the traditional banks for loans, because they could not meet the stringent, stiff conditions. He then decided to open the company to provide the customers with conditions that are less stringent, as well as offering them lower interest rates to make repayment easier.

Equities used the shares and stocks of the individuals to secure their loans. They provide loans that will be convenient and suit the customers.

The company has offices in five countries, The United Kingdom, The United States, Australia, China and Thailand.

Whitney Bumble Changing The Game For Businesses

     Whitney Wolfe has created quite the buzz over the years doing her work creating the app that is giving men and woman the chance to find “the one.” Bumble is a world famous app that has changed the game over the past few years, even creating options for people to use the app outside of conventional dating. People are using different versions on Bumble to find best friends and even create new business connections with the help of Bumble Bizz.

What Exactly is Bumble Bizz?

Bumble Bizz is a new feature on the current app. The goal is simply to be able to swipe left and right on all kinds of people in different business fields. Think of it as a way to connect with fellow professional businessmen and women on a more marketable platform. This millennial approach to finding new business partners is not the norm, but rest assured, the idea is starting to pick up among all kinds of people in all fields.

They will continue to showcase the strong feminist spirit via Bumble Bizz by giving women that chance to start the conversation if they so choose to. We all know the struggle involved with women in business throughout LinkedIn being harassed through private messages, but giving women the chance to speak first makes it less possible for men to give cheesy pickup lines. This new feature is doing more than just opening business ventures. In fact, Bumble Biz is giving people the chance to network and even find new jobs in the area. Women and men are finding employers are always on the look out for hiring new ambitious employees, so if you want to get in to a different industry, this is the way to go about doing it.

Whitney Wolfe is proof that love is out there. Having gotten married just recently, she is proving that there is somebody out there. She hasn’t always had a ton of success with love up until her husband today.

Bumble is overall the app to be on if you want to be a part of a movement that wants to showcase and better create awareness on respect, feminism, and equal dignity among women and men. The app is opening the door to give women that chance to move forward and attain new opportunities outside of just dating. Bumble Bizz is great to jump on if you’re ready for new opportunities.