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Regaining of Clients by AmEx: a case study of Christopher Burch

Christopher Burch is a serial entrepreneur, a corporate executive, and an avid investor. In 1972, he attended Tilton School and later Ithaca College. Burch has close to 40 years of experience as an investor and participated in launching and as an advisor to over 50 firms. Currently, Mr. Christopher Burch is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative capital. The company offers new opportunities for new markets, creativity, support and entrepreneurial worthiness.  For more of this, head over to

Since 1979, Mr. Burch has stayed patriot of American Express firm. He later switched to J.P Morgan & Co. and started using the Sapphire Reserve Card which was introduced to him by his employees. Christopher principal investments fall under hospitality, technology, and retail investments. He has led to the emergence of multiple brands in the US. In 2014, Burch was named in the Forbes List of the wealthiest Americans.  Click on for an additional article.

One of the AmEx major problems recently appointed Chairman and CEO Stephen Squeri is restoring the previous clients such as Mr. Burch as one of their clients again. Mr. Squeri will serve as the replacement of Chief Kenneth Chenault. He is expected to reduce the issues facing the card company n the recent years.

However, AmEx is currently addressing with its rivals like the banks and nimble fintech firms. It is still unclear how the credit card firm will handle any disturbance as the mobile strategies are emerging. Mr. Chenault recently at a luncheon spoke about the competitors they are facing from a historical point of view. Also, he stated that the company was under fire. AmEx through its card network ensures supplying of credit cards to the clients with the expectation that of being settled by the end of every month. Consequently, the card extends credits to both individuals and firms.

AmEx has tried in fighting off competitors on occasion which has raised concern to various investors. Mr. Squeri has prioritized restoring the AmEx brand name. The restoration will target millennials and their parents and offered the best services. Mr. Chenault gave more insight on the Sapphire card, terming AmEx as centering on innovation.  For insights and views of Burch on business related matters, check on

Mr. Chenault resorted to credit creation to help the AmEx recover from the economic depression and increase its returns. It was to be done by encouraging customers to use the card to pay vendors to bring more income to the company. The firm’s drive towards credit creation has aided the increase in the gains.  A note-worthy article worth reading, check this.

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Securus Technologies Aiming to Build Better and Safer Communities

Securus Technologies is considered as one of the leaders in the inmate communication sector. The modern and advanced inmate communication services offered by Securus Technologies have made the company one of the pioneers in the industry. The company doesn’t only provide inmate communication services but also offers investigative solutions and services for the law enforcement agencies. It has helped in maintaining law and order inside the correctional facilities and also put an end to the movement of contraband in and out of prisons.


Securus Technologies believe that technology has a significant role to play in the correctional world going forward. It is why the company has invested over $600 million in its research and development initiatives. Securus Technologies aims to develop new products and services for not only inmate communications but also for investigative purposes that would help the law enforcement agencies.


More than one million inmates depend upon the prison communication services offered by Securus Technologies. One of the latest inmate communication services launched by Securus Technologies is video visitation that would allow the inmate and the family member or the friends to talk to each other while also see each other through the video interface. It would lessen the burden on the family members who had to travel all the way to the prison earlier to meet and see their loved one in jail.


Securus Technologies maintains transparency with its target audience in this age of social media and recently released a media release on the internet, where it showcased the appreciative comments it received from the law enforcement officers. The law enforcement officers believe that the investigative services offered by Securus Technologies help them serve better and more efficiently. The products and services of Securus Technologies are aimed at building better and more safer communities.



The American Institute of Architects’ 21st Century Focus

     The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is tackling the issues facing us in the 21st century under the forward-thinking leadership of CEO Robert Ivy, who also holds the title of executive vice president. Since 2011, Ivy has promoted the role of architects in advancing sustainability practices. With buildings being major carbon polluters, architects have an opportunity to mitigate climate change with renewable energy integration and tools provided by the AIA. Architect, the AIA’s journal publishes news, award winners and building projects submitted by members.

The professional, membership-based organization is open to architects, including recent graduates, architecture faculty and professionals in closely related fields. Membership benefits include networking opportunities, online courses, business boosting tools and more. Member groups provide architects connections with individuals who share an interest in hazard mitigation, global practices and civic leadership. When architects look for the latest trends, in order to keep their business current, they turn to the AIA and the organization’s quarterly Home Design Trends Survey. In 2017, outdoor living rooms are what interest consumers most, followed by mud rooms and home offices.

Ivy, who has extensive design and construction experience, wants 21st century architects to think beyond buildings and spaces to public health and safety. People spend the majority of their time indoors; architects can design clean air, healthier buildings. For safety, they can design hurricane and tornado-proof buildings that can mitigate the effects of natural disasters.

In 2010, Ivy earned the title Master Architect, given by an architectural fraternity, because he understood the value of design and he tries to pass his knowledge on to the generation of architect. In 1993, the AIA bestowed the honor of naming Ivy to the AIA College of Fellows.

In his current position, Ivy manages the more than 200 employees at AIA’s national office in Washington, DC, directing the organization’s focus and enhancing the public’s knowledge of architects and how they can help with environmental issues. With more than 90,000 members, the AIA is the premier professional organization for architects and allied professionals with members in the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, Japan, and Hong Kong.

End Citizens United: A PAC To Change America

With uprising and movements taking place all over the country, political action committees are getting more and more popular day by day. People depend on these organizations, as they are the ones doing the things that the government should ideally be doing for the people of America. There is a lot of political unrest and dissatisfaction with the government, which is why the people are retaliating and fighting for a better system and a better government.

End Citizens United is a political action committee that aims to aid people in their endeavor to establish their rights and attain their goals. The organization has been extremely successful in numerous endeavors that they have undertaken. Ever since the organization first came into existence, they have gained widespread support from people all over America. The organization has earned over a million dollars in funds, which they have used to support their cause and their fight against the system.

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The organization was formed after the Supreme Court of the United States passed a ruling called ‘Citizens United’ which was something that changed the course of American politics. This ruling allowed private companies, business owners, and investors to channel funds into political parties. While doing so, they would never have to publicly disclose how much they were putting into the party, and would also not have to pay any taxes on the amount. This ruling aimed to give an incentive to business owners to donate to the government and political parties, but it ended up backfiring on the country, more than helping it.

Because of the ruling, political parties were now receiving an unprecedented amount of money, often, to give something in return to the person donating, or investing it. This became a way for people in business to sway political parties in their direction, getting them to do what they want, and which works for the benefit of their organization or business. Those who had more money naturally were being treated as more important members of society, and those who could not donate large amounts were left in the dark. This led to a lot of discontents in the minds of the people, who now felt like they were insignificant to the government because of their lack of money to donate.

Being a democracy, societal segregation is never a good thing, which is the direction that the country was headed in following the ruling. This separation can only lead to more divide among the people and a lot more unrest than what there was before the ruling. End Citizens United sees this as their ultimate goal, which is to put an end to the Citizens United ruling so that people can once again have equal control over the government.

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Christopher Burch Shifts from AmEx to Sapphire Reserve Card

American Express Company has named a new chief executive officer who is set to take over after Kenneth Chenault. However, the task before him is not an easy one as the company is currently on a rough patch. The withdrawal of customers like Christopher Burch from the fold has dented the enterprise. Considering that Burch listed on Forbes among the wealthiest people in America, losing such a client to a rival company calls for the adoption of new strategies. The reality on the ground is much more complicated as AmEx is facing stiff competition from other card companies and banks. As a result, there is a wind of uncertainty blowing among investors. The most significant question being the source of long-term revenue and how it will deal with old payments methods that stand to get disrupted by the new mobile approach.

AmEx primary source of revenue is issuing cards to businesses and consumers. The portfolio includes credit cards and monthly paid-for cards. Besides running its card network, the card company gives loans to people and institutions. Events leading to Burch shift was AmEx’s inability to get him tables at some of New York City high-end restaurants. Burch’s advisor suggested a new card service provider. Since then, Mr. Burch uses Sapphire Reserve card. In two years, AmEx total share in the U.S credit-card purchase volume market fell by 4.1 percent. Most of the losses are attributable to the exit of co-branded cards, Costco Wholesale Corp and JetBlue Corp. Mr. Chenault defended his tenure highlighting the challenges through which he had to drive the company. He said that the institution was affected by 9/11 and the financial crisis.

In 2014, Mr. Chenault recognized that AmEx was disadvantaged in lending when faced with a big lender. It was later outbid by Citigroup Inc. in the Costo credit card deal. Information released showed that they were outbid by an estimated $1 billion. With the current trend, the new CEO needs to take drastic measures if they are to boost revenues. Perhaps, luring millennials and keeping the rich will work.  Additional article on

For over 40 years, Christopher Burch has invested in a wide range of industries. Perhaps, sending advice to young entrepreneurs. Burch is the founder of Burch Creative Capital. He runs the company under the capacity of CEO. As a budding entrepreneur, Burch started with a joint venture with his brother, Bob. Together, they invested $2000 and launched Eagles Eye apparel. The company grew to $ 165 million after which they sold it to Swire Group.

Read his shared views on business, hit this.

Burch diverse investment portfolio comprises of investments in the real estate industry, luxury homes, and the technology industry. Click on to read about his latest cool offering to the market.

Today, most of his efforts go towards start-up companies. Additionally, he takes pride in participating in several philanthropic activities.  For his new and follow on investment, click this link on

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Dr. Shafik Sachedina: Working for YOU at Sussex Healthcare

     In any healthcare environment, it is a team of professionals that make the operation run smoothly. At Sussex Healthcare, there are many dedicated professionals to make this care and support home a top notch alternative for extended care. Dr. Shafik Sachedina is one of those professionals, and he has always taken pride in the well-qualified staff he has at Sussex Healthcare.

Dr. Sachedina is the joint chairman of the board of directors at Sussex Healthcare, and everything that he and his fellow associates do is in an effort to aim the healthcare facility towards excellence. He knows that every employ at Sussex Healthcare owes it to the service users to give their all each and every day, day in and day out.

One of the things that Dr. Sachedina loves to emphasize would be the training workshops that each and every employee is required to attend. He knows that it is only through proper training that service users are able to get all of their needs fulfilled in an appropriate and competent manner. He knows that is the mark of a well-managed organization.

How does Dr. Sachedina emphasize the training aspect for all of his employees in a thorough manner? Quite simple. He actually does it by emphasizing partnerships with local colleges, such as the University of Chichester. He loves to brag on some of the recent training from this university, including the fact that many of the employees have successfully completed year-long apprenticeships that will better help them meet the needs of all of the service users.

You see, Dr. Sachedina realizes that it through the hard work and study of these employees that they are able to earn Level 5 Diplomas in Professional Practice in Social Care. This new knowledge base is something they can apply to help them make Sussex Healthcare continue to improve the lives of literally thousands of people.

It’s all about improving people’s lives, and Dr. Sachedina realizes that everyone makes Sussex Healthcare what it is. He realizes that it is only through dogged determination that the organization will continue to maintain their sterling reputation.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Teams Up with NFLA and LabCorp to Raise Awareness About Prostate Cancer

PR Newsiwre published the article provided by the Cancer Treatment Centers of America called “The National Football League Alumni Association, Cancer Treatment Centers of America and LabCorp Team Up to Offer Prostate Cancer Screenings Starting in September”. Prostate cancer affects nearly one in seven men, particularly African-American men. That’s why the National Football League Alumni Association, Cancer Treatment Centers of America and LabCorp teamed up to help raise awareness about this deadly cancer.

They are providing a variety of events and screenings to help educate and improve awareness about the cancer that affects so many men. From September through mid-October, the LabCorp will offer free screenings to 2,000 men who are qualified and over 40. Their Prostate Specific Antigen screening will be available at any of their locations around the states. After those free screenings have been used, LabCorp will offer screenings at an incredible discount of $25 dollars if the men sign up within the time allotted.

NFLA will add to the events with their Prostate Pep Talk Campaign. They have a variety of former NFL affiliates like Bill Cowher, Herm Edwards, and Dick Vermeil who will provide public service announcements during September’s campaign.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a network of hospitals dedicated to caring for their patients and helping them fight cancer. They are dedicated to bringing the advanced technology to their patients, creating a more modern care for their patients. They provide a team of experts to their patients all housed in the same location. The clinicians, nurses, and oncologists are all experts in their field and work exclusively with cancer patients.

The CTCA team includes board certified specialists in a variety of cancers including melanoma, throat, cervical, pancreatic, breast, lung, prostate, and throat cancer. There are a variety of treatment options available and the specialists understand that each patient and each cancer is unique. That’s why they provide precision cancer treatment, taking the fight to the cellular level.

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Why Neurocore is changing the quality of health

Neurocore is a brain checkup center where the condition of the brain is constantly monitored to check if there is something that can be corrected. The organization works to maintain the brain balance so that there can be very little negative impacts on the brain conditions. The company uses a brain analysis system where qEEG technology is widely in application. The good news about this deal is that there is no medication involved. People can get their share of health without going through the process of medication or putting any alien substance in their bodies. A picture of what happens in the brain is taken, and the results are analyzed.
The dependency of the center
Neurocore is very dependable because of the professional team that is in place to help with the diagnosis procedure. The procedure is always very short, and the clients are not likely going to feel any pain. From testimonials, the organization has been in operation especially in Michigan, and the patients have been among the most satisfied in the region. Before the process is started, the professionals first educate the patients on what they should expect from the whole deal. The clients get the satisfaction of trust because of the past experiences with other people and the safety of the whole process.
Neurocore does not require any special procedure to be effective. Having made the diagnosis for long, there is a likelihood that the return clients understand the beauty of the services and how it important the servicing can get. After getting a lucid tableau of what happens in the brain, the professionals make a conclusion and recommendation on how the health can be improved. Neurocore is concerned about the state of health of the brain. When the brain is neglected, there are several harms that it can cause to the body. With the qEEG technology, the brain can be in a position to work in the best condition. The state of the brain becomes the basis on which the center develops a care program. Each brain could be having different conditions, and the company needs to work perfectly to ensure all are covered.

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OSI Group Continues To Innovate

From Delis To Fast Food Chains

The growth of OSI Group from its humble beginnings to where it is now is staggering. There were plenty of meat delis in the suburbs of Chicago, but none were able to reach the same amazing heights as OSI Group has. OSI Group owes much of its success to the mind of its creator Otto Kolschowsky. As a German immigrant, he wanted to do everything he could to make a name for himself in America and he managed to do so through this business of his. As his business expanded, Otto needed the help of his sons to meet the demands of his growing customer base.

The Expansion Begins

The expansion of OSI Group across the world has happened thanks to the genius of the Kolschowsky brothers. They understood better than anybody else the need to give people the exact meat preferences they have in their home country. They didn’t choose what they were going to give people before going out into the world. Instead, they made sure they had a choice picked out for everyone and followed that exact plan of action.

OSI Today

OSI Group has managed to survive so long because they continue to expand the number of services they offer. Initially, they only offered frozen ground beef, but now they give their clients all sorts of different meats. This allows hem to serve everyone from pizza chains to hamburger joints. The number of businesses that rely on OSI Group has expanded massively as well. In the past, it would’ve been impressive to see just McDonald’s alone relying on OSI Group. NOW, even coffee shops are asking for the services of OSI Group because they understand the logistics of meat processing so much better than others.

The Latest Moves

Recently, OSI Group has made efforts to go further into the meat processing industry and try to take over parts of Northern Europe as well. Taking their understanding of how to dominate foreign markets, OSI Group has decided to take over local businesses and try to use them as a way to spring forward. Once they have a foothold in the local market, the next thing they tend to do is land contracts with major fast food chains. This approach is how OSI Group continues to remain at the forefront of the meat processing industry.

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Podcast Marketing Effective in Improving Brand Awareness as Shown in Research Results by Norman Pattiz’s PodcastOne and Edison Research Strategy

Norman Pattiz, PodcastOne’s head, believes that podcast marketing enhances brands awareness in the market before embarking on more common ways of advertising. His sentiments proved true after a survey to determine their efficiency was conducted by Edison Research Strategy on behalf of PodcastOne showed positive reception by audiences.


Brands Involved


The survey was conducted on five national brands drawn from both products and services categories whose podcast marketing was launched before doing a marketing campaign. The marketing campaigns were later rolled out, and the survey was repeated 4-6 weeks later. The method applied was uniform for all podcasts selected. The list consisted of already-known brands that were looking at conducting new campaigns. Other brands were looking at creating awareness since they were not well established in the market. The specimens included a grocery product, a financial services product, a lawn and garden product, a car after sale product, and a restaurant.


The Results


The results that were announced by Tom Webster of Edison Research showed that the response of the people to individual products after the research went up by a notable margin. The financial services product registered a 47 percent increase while the car after sale service showed an improvement by 37 percent. The grass and garden product went up 24 percent.


The research conducted before the advertisements rolled out showed that seven percent referred to the grocery product. The figure rose up by 53 percent after the Ad run. The car after sale product had 18 percent before the Ad run while about 67 percent viewed it positively post-research. About 16 percent of respondents preferred the garden and lawn product before research. The figure went up by six percent after the research.

The promotion of the car after sale product received an increased responsiveness of 60 percent while that of the restaurant rose by 76 percent.


About PodcastOne


PodcastOne is a leading network of podcast marketing that is owned by Norman Pattiz. The network offers audiences more than 300 hours each week of trendy and original content. That translates to about 200 podcasts weekly.


About Norman Pattiz


Norman Pattiz is an outstanding media and advertising personality with interests in podcasts and radio. Besides founding PodcastOne, he owns a radio network that offers entertainment, sports, and news namely Westwood One. He is also the owner of Courtside Entertainment Group. Learn more:


Norman Pattiz has over 40 years in the industry and has risen to an award-winning level. Many prominent magazines and reputable media outlets have featured him. Among his prestigious accolades is the Giants of Broadcasting Award. Learn more: