Hyland’s Homeopathy Releases a New Oral Pain Relief Teething Formula

Hyland’s has a newly formulated oral pain relief medicine for small babies. The homeopathic oral teething tablets are manufactured using natural-active ingredients to bring quick pain-killing action when your baby cries because of mouth pains.




You must have wondered why babies take every item they have in their hands to their mouths. It is because that’s how they become familiar with the environment and the things around them. During teething, babies tend to experience painful gums. Other causes of pain are oral thrush, usually a yeast overgrowth in the mouth, and irritation.




Teething usually occurs when the baby is about 24 months old and is characterized by the appearance of first teeth, usually in pairs. That causes irritability, tender gums which may also appear a bit swollen. The baby inserts items in their oral cavity in the bid to reduce the discomfort. It is ill-advised to use topical treatment tablets that utilize benzocaine – a potentially lethal chemical with harmful side effects to teething.




That’s why the newly rolled-out Hyland’s teething tablets have no benzocaine, belladonna or any artificial additives or dyes. The Hyland’s pain-killing teething tablets are popular among caring mothers because they are safe for use and are carefully formulated to be gentle on the gums. Baby oral pain relief tablets from Hyland’s are perfect for calming down the baby who has swollen or sore gums. The tablets dissolve quickly for easy intake by the baby. Thus, you can run your daily errands knowing your baby is back to his/ her happy self.





About Hyland’s Homeopathic Inc.




Hyland’s Inc. is a homeopathic company that produces a wide range of health and wellness pharmaceutical products manufactured using all-natural, quality, active ingredients. These products are made for families by families, as the company has been in existence since 1903, solely passed down from generation to generation. Hyland’s is a trusted brand among many families as they provide safe, soft and gentle tablets and pain-relieving remedies.




Hyland’s Inc.’s 115 years of experience in the industry has earned it an impressive reputation. The company also received the coveted Excellence Award by Drugs Store News. The feat comes as a result of Hyland’s commitment to providing innovative and safe medicines and treatments including pains and oral discomforts that come with teething.