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End Citizens United Fights To End The Influence Of Money

End Citizens United is a proletariat political action organization that endeavors to elect officials who will restructure campaign financing and overturn Citizens United.

Since its inception in March 2015, this privately funded organization is keen to minimize the influence of deep pockets in local and national politics. The organization came into being after Citizens United attempted to air an attack advert that would hurt Hillary Clinton who was then a Democratic candidate in 2008’s elections. Citizens United did not reveal who was bankrolling the purported movie which was against federal laws that required transparency on the backers for all political ads.

The Federal Election Commission (FEC) deemed the movie as an ad and blocked it from airing. Citizens United fought this decision, but a federal court ruled against it. Two years later, the ruling was overturned by the Supreme Court, a decision that has serious ramifications for future elections. With the new ruling, corporates could contribute generously to campaigns and hide behind the term ‘anonymous donors.’ Once again, Citizens United could use their expansive networks of the wealthy elite like the Koch brothers to sponsor a tirade of negative campaigns against Democratic candidates.

Fast-forward to 2018, End Citizens United tried to propel Democrat Beto O’Rourke to beat his Republican rival Ted Cruz who was leading by a thin margin. Other polls like one conducted by Google indicated a massive lead of 18%. While ousting the incumbent Ted Cruz was not the central idea, a Democratic win in Texas would have been a significant milestone. In an ironic twist, the fact that voters don’t know much about Beto could appeal to voters and perhaps trigger a win over Cruz. The logic behind this projection is that Cruz’s poll ratings are not doing any favors for him as a candidate. 49% of those polled don’t see him in a favorable light, and this could be detrimental on voting day.

End Citizens United is making strides towards curbing the influence of America’s elite in elections as seen with their legal battle with Florida’s governor Rick Scott. The journey to level the playing field will be arduous, but it is comforting to know that good souls are fighting for change.

Jim Toner Makes the Title, Real Estate Guru Look Good Once Again

Jim Toner is finally playing the role of real estate guru. With all the qualifications to be a true guru; he sold real estate successfully for 25 years; and CNN even featured him for his philanthropic gesture of giving away debt-free homes to military veterans. He knew determined to never return to the business after his run in with a real estate fraud in 2010 where he lost his fortune.

According to, Toner left the business he knew so well after being swindled by a disreputable real estate sales’ guru. His roster of famous clients that included professional athletes bolstered the guru’s national fame. At the time, Fox News had celebrated the guru’s notoriety with weekly broadcasts featuring his triumphs.

Still, this man was dishonest and manipulated several investors, including Jim Toner, all of whom lost a lot of money. After that blow to his ego, Jim Toner retired. He no longer trusted his skills and elected to exit the business in which he once thrived.

During Toner’s time away from real estate, he wrote a book entitled “Send in the Wolves“. His book reached the number one position on Amazon. He also coached entrepreneurs and business owners on ‘celebrity positioning’.

When asked if he would ever return to investment real estate, Jim was adamant about staying out of a business with so much corruption. The Arizona guru had burned and burned him good. He didn’t want to associate with that caliber of people. In a post from Medium, it says that the disreputable people were both the gurus and the government making big real estate so dirty. He noted “The frauds with good marketing” had taken over the business.

Yet, his friend persisted. He reminded Jim Toner of his honest and reputable success. While Toner made mistakes, he still made millions, and he completed thousands of honest deals to get that money. Honesty does exist in investment real estate, Toner was the proof. HIs friend approached him again and Toner reconsidered his pitch.

Toner was a real rags-to-riches story; he was the real deal, a true real estate guru. Jim Toner re-entered the real estate game, but this time he came with two conditions. One, he would select his market. Unlike the claim that investors could succeed in any market, Toner knew that wasn’t always the case. Two, he would work with only the best local investor in the selected town. Only the best would work with his students.

He knew the first mistake, most fake gurus make is to recruit people and dole out paper education. Toner knew these students needed hands on education. He needed to be on the ground working side-by-side with the students in order for them to learn the business of investment real estate. He and his all-star team, picked a winning market, Akron, Ohio. Next, they made a plan, to sell 500 homes in the next five years. Follow Toner on Facebook.


The Outstanding Career of Dr. Saad Saad

Dr Saad Saad is a true leader that serves by example. With his outstanding career, he has today brought a revolution in the field of medicine through his innovations. He is a pediatric surgeon based in Eatontown and he not only strives to give good health to his clients but also to serve them to their satisfaction. He believes that everyone deserves to live a healthy love and as a result, he has participated in a vast number of philanthropic activities with the aim of giving good health to low income earners. His dedication towards his career has seen him win big and acquire a great reputation.


The renowned medical practitioner is known for his inventiveness and ability to adopt new approaches in the course of his treatment endeavors. He is the inventor of the suction system, which is a special device that facilitates the absorption of body fluids emitted during the surgical process. Through the system, dr Saad Saad has performed numerous surgeries as the fluids are not a bother to him due to its ability to eliminate them from then areas under examination. He has impressed many people through his innovativeness and many medical practitioners have sought his counsel.


Additionally, the renowned doctor also invented another surgical device that is specifically meant to help a doctor solve problems in case of an emergency during the surgical process. The device helps a doctor locate the position of a catheter in the body during surgery or even insert the catheter in case of such emergencies. His ability to invent new devices has been associated to his dediction towards acquiring new ideas through conducting numerous researches in the medical field . He continues to inspire people through his operations and today, Dr Saad Saad is among the most sought out doctors of all time.


Bron and raised in a low income family, the rewound doctor has learnt the importance of hrd work over the rcent years and thrugh his persistence, he has successfully estbslihed his carer in the medical field. His ability to adopt great techniques to solve porlmes has also played a significant role in building his today`s stable career. He is a leader worth emulating and a vast number of people have striven to heed to his counsel as well as emulate his impressionable tactics for success. Dr Saad Saad continues to inspire people through his commitment towards achieving the best out of his career . Learn more :

Matt Badiali Talks His Career and A Few Investments

Although Matt Badiali initially intended to pursue a career in science, a chance conversation with a friend while in grad school, led him into the world of finance. With an opportunity to help average Americans achieve financial stability on the horizon, Matt Badiali prompting redirected his course. Today, Matt Badiali is recognized as one of the foremost authorities in finance, and throughout the years, he has regularly helped his clients garner double-digit, as well as triple-digit returns on their investments. He is currently the editor of Real Wealth Strategist and Frontline Profits with Banyan Hill Publishing.

Since joining Banyan Hill Publishing as the Chief Resource Investment Expert, Matt Badiali has garnered a significant audience by delivering the latest in financial trends, and in order to bring these ideas to life, he often pulls from real life events. Over the course of his career, he has always proceeded by taking a hands-on approach, often meeting with companies that offer prospective investment opportunities in order to validate their authenticity. His experience in the field has given him a unique ability to relay important financial topics to his audience. With research being such an important part of Mr. Badiali’s daily routine, he often discovers new trends with the potential to disrupt markets around the world. One trend that has him excited are the changes regarding energy consumption, as energy-efficient resources begin to render kerosene obsolete. In his estimation, this tectonic shift will result in a major boom regarding electric cars, as well as the software “or the products that are in vehicles that make them operate.”

As the electric cars continue to replace their gas-operated counterparts, Matt Badiali encourages his readers to keep an eye on another commodity with serious growth potential for the immediate future – gold. While the price of gold has consistently fluctuated in recent years, he believes that instability regarding the current banking systems around the world will push people to look for a physical commodity to store, acting as “something that people will be able to use to park their money for several years.”

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Schedule Your Daily Task In Writing

Why A To-Do List Is Still Trendy

The Upwork digest online suggests that creating a to-list can reduce your stress. In fact, missing tasks by not writing them down can create stress. David Allen, creator of the GTD program, mimics this theory in his free online e-book. A to-do list is designed to help you get your daily tasks done, but the goal is to make what you have to do fun. There are a few ways to creatively enhance your to-do list that will make it more expedient and entertaining to get your work done. Read more details below to learn how to effectively produce your to-do list.

How To Craft A Great To-Do List

You should always reevaluate your written task. Make sure everything you have written on your list is according to your schedule. Check for tasks that you’ve already done and reschedule new duties. However, while you’re writing your task, make sure each day is noted appropriately. This means capturing everything you have to do in writing. Your to-do list will help you get tasks done and get back to what you love to do most. But, none of this is fun, how can you make doing tasks fun?

How To Make Doing Tasks Fun

You can use your smartphone or PC to create a time attribute for your tasks. You can use this time attribute to set a distinct reminder for your duties. For example, create a cute message that reminds you about a special trip or gift that you’re buying in the future. You can do this by setting a distinct tone that has your child’s voice or your favorite song. Clients will be able to do many tasks and have a great time getting the things they need to do done while having fun.

A To-Do List Helps You

– save time

– reduce task anxiety

– be super-productive

– define your priorities

If you’re interested in becoming better at getting your tasks done, you’re invited to start your daily to-do list. Don’t miss an opportunity to get the things you need done while enjoying your daily tasks by visiting the top to-do list searches online.

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Steve Ritchie is the current CEO of Papa John International Inc. promising remarkable improvement of the brand that would ensure the company takes a competitive position in the market. He is barely 7 months in office and his style of management has taken effect down to the junior staff. We can only presume the extent of influence in so far as the Papa John’s market dominion is concerned.

It is no doubt that Papa John Inc. was yearning for Steve Ritchie’s management expertise to optimize the magnitude of sales and enter into new alliances that would further boost the returns. Steve Ritchie Papa John’s is reassuring strategic techniques that have long been desired from the top ranks. Admirably, Ritchie is synonymous with a reconciliatory tone that is ensuring a long-standing partnership with stakeholders and clients. He has been sensitive in his context of language so as not to deteriorate the brand reputation of his company. In view of restoring the public image, Ritchie asserts that Papa John’s is not an individual but an entity with 120000 corporate team members globally.

According to, in his efforts to guarantee action and not just empty words, Ritchie is quick to point out the mechanisms put in place such as outsourcing experts into Papa John’s to aid in auditing the cultural practices of the company. He believes that this will go a long way in establishing their strength and weaknesses which is a key aspect in implementing competitive strategies. In addition, he states that the management team will offer immediate feedback to the employees and franchisees in attempts to be transparent and accountable.

In an article from Investopedia, it says that Ritchie is on record vowing that he will be at the forefront in enacting the transition to an edge in the market by first restoring the market trust despite much time it might take. Of all the initiatives he undertakes right now, he regards this with utmost significance probably in a way to appreciate his loyal customers.

Taking into account that the above logical concepts by Steve Ritchie are enforced to the letter, it is expected that Papa Johns will soon realize growth in earnings and market sustainability. Nonetheless, expect nothing short of this future-oriented CEO who is promising a turnaround in Papa John’s. Read this article about Ritchie’s letter of apology to the customers.

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Steve Ritchie Took Matters Into His Own Hands To Right A Wrong

The CEO (Chief Operating Officer) of Papa John’s Pizza, has been on the apology trail of late after an offensive comment attributed to the founder has been making the rounds. Feeling the need to put on a better face, Steve Ritchie Papa Johns is busy telling the world he is sorry. The offensive comment does not in any way represent the views or the values of the company. Papa John’s Pizza is not about one person. It is about the collection of corporate and franchise team members around the world. It is about the Papa John’s in the communities who provide employment opportunities to those who work hard to make and deliver a better product.

According to, believing the company has to deliver action and not just words of hopeful atonement. Steve Ritchie is bringing in the expertise to audit and analyze the culture of the company, as well as the diversity and level of inclusion. The exercise will identify the weakness, as well as the strengths of the company and allow the company to set goals with a clearer focus. The management of the company will be talking to franchise owners and employees and gather their feedback and dust of the path to moving forward with a mission that is positive.

The company wants to be held accountable for its actions past and present as they work to regain the trust of its fan and customers. Steve Ritchie has reiterated many times the company is in business because of the patrons that continually support their business. He knows it will take time to regain the trust of their supporters, but Steve Ritchie and the company is in it for the long haul and will continue to always do better.

Steve Ritchie in his apology to their supporters and fans demonstrated true empathy to all those who were offended and those who took exception to the negativity. He wants everyone to understand beyond a shadow of a doubt what was said by the founder does not represent the values and morals of the company and that type of behavior will not be tolerated from any franchise owner or employee.

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HCR Wealth Advisors for Unique Financial Services

It is important for financial advisory companies to focus on their clients. Understanding their needs allows for better service. HCR Wealth Advisors is a company that has been focusing on this aspect of business for a number of years now. Their motto focuses on putting the clients first, and everything else becomes secondary. This business model changes the game a bit for HCR Wealth Advisors. For example, they do not need to make a profit from the sales of different financial products. Instead, a fee is earned from assisting clients meet their goals. This amount is determined based on the total amount of assets that are managed. These fees are outlined very clearly in every agreement that is presented between HCR Wealth Advisors and prospective clients.



An effective financial plan encompasses a number of different ideas. HCR Wealth Advisors has come up with seven different steps that it uses to help clients. This includes:

  • Outlining current financial status, thus creating a list of goals.
  • Finding out what a client needs in an immediate situation, and what the client will need many years into the future.
  • Discussing investment opportunities, and what investment opportunities might work best for the current situation at hand.
  • Providing around the clock access to information. This helps a client feel like their information is transparent and available to them at any time.
  • Periodic assessments to see if anything has changed, and will the plan need to be changed in the future?
  • Monitoring growth moving forward. Changes may need to be made, but sometimes it is just useful to keep an eye on everything.
  • Being open to major life changes and being able to accommodate them moving forward.


HCR Wealth Advisors utilize a team of advisors to serve clients. Having a team allows the firm to respond to clients and to apply the team’s experience to look at a client’s financial situation from a much broader perspective. The process involves looking into a client’s needs, what their current financial situation is, the goals, etc. This creates a unique situation and relationship.


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Nutrition For Pros: Herbalife

Mark Hughes began the Herbalife business out of Los Angeles, California in 1980. In the wake of seeing his mom experience the ill effects of a serious dietary issue and dying while she was still genuinely youthful, he chose to make a move. Resolved to help individuals searching for weight administration direction, he started offering protein shakes out of the storage compartment of his auto. What began as one weight administration item would thrive into a total line of sustenance supplements throughout the following couple of decades. The Herbalife business supplies supplemental choices for individuals hoping to better their prosperity. Alongside expanding people groups dietary esteem, the organization additionally remunerates its workers inexhaustibly to sell items. The adaptability and comfort of the business structure pull in new representatives as often as possible. With the objective of expanding its image, Herbalife added individual care items to their organization. This expansion helped them achieve a bigger populace of purchasers. From homegrown tea and Energy bars to healthy skin items and dinner designs, there is something for each wellbeing cognizant individual at Herbalife. China and the United States fill in as areas for its assembling offices. This establishment is always pushing individuals to better their well-being and furthermore their money-related lives. Their motivator program inspires representatives to work constantly and with ethical quality.

Herbalife24 focuses on sports nutrition and aims to help athletes of all calibers to perform at peak levels. Heather Jackson, a professional triathlete, is sponsored by Herbalife and attributes a great part of her success to the boost she gets from their products. She went pro in 2009 and has been propelled into success ever since. Heather has placed in numerous triathlons since her start and has made a name for herself; that carries over outside of sports. Being an endurance athlete, she praises Herbalife supplements for helping her sustain the stamina and energy she needs to compete at a high level.

The Talos Energy Team

Talos Energy is proving its success through being named by the Huston Chronicles as the #1 Top Workplace in the Huston area for companies under 150 employees and some of it’s success can be contributed to three men with years of knowledge and experience. Stephen Heitzman, one of these three, studied at Texas Tech University and is one of the founders of Talos Energy. He is serving as the Vice President Chief operations officer and brings to the table experience from Gryphon Exploration, headquarted in Huston Texas and founded in 2000, playing the part in one of the start up groups.

Tim Duncan, who was also there at the beginnings of Talos and is currently on the Board of Directors along with eight others, studied Petroleum Engineering at the Mississippi State University where he received honors. In addition to the work he has done with Talos, he has also done incredible work with Phoenix Exploration Company, where he was the Vice President of Business and worked with Phoenix Apache Corporation shortly before moving on to Talos.Named another founder is John Parker previously a geologist with education from Louisiana State University. Before starting this journey with Duncan and Heitzman, he worked with Shell Oil company.

Talos Energy seems to be filled with experience even from the beginnings. The company doesn’t just focus on production but also exploration. Talos also finds it a priority to give back to their community through several different organizations including, Houston Food Bank, Houston Children’s Charity, American Cancer Society, and several more. They offer opportunities for investment and Tim Duncan, previously mentioned founder, has expressed how hard working their team is.As of now Talos Energy is focusing in on five different locations in the Gulf of Mexico but also occasionally work on the south shore of Louisiana where they hold years of experience.