The Academy of Art University hosts its annual Spring Show and Student Showcase

From May 18 through June 9, the Academy of Art University in San Francisco held its annual Spring Show and Student Showcase. In this event, you’ll be able to view the wonderful creations of the School of Fashion graduates, who presented their designs on April 26. The event gives graduates a chance to experience the excitement of the runway. The show gave them an opportunity to see how others, including professionals in the design industry, reacted to their creations.

The fashion world and industry is as diverse and the world itself. The industry is not only home to a specific type of person, but to many whose creativity speaks through the fabric. Their appearance, gender, background or ethnicity plays no role in success in this industry. The Academy, itself, has a broad diverseness with students from over 112 countries. The graduating class in the School of Fashion are truly citizens of the world, coming from China, Nigeria, and Mexico, to name a few.

Elisa Stephens, the current president of Academy of Art University encourages collaboration among students, saying, “diverse spirit, ideas, and passion are reflected” when students collaborate with other students from different cultures and backgrounds. And it is good practice since collaborations between many creatives occur in the industry.

On “Project Runway’s” 16th season, an Academy of Arts University alumnus, Brandon Kee, wowed the judges with his cohesive and visionary designs. Kee’s creations also inspired his competitors during the show and provoked Nina Garcia, editor-in-chief of Elle Magazine to say, “That’s what you want from a designer, to inspire and be a trendsetter”. Kee explains after being a finalist in the show that it was a “true test” in a creative sense. Kee advises that thriving in this industry depends on identity and it’s as important as “vision and aesthetic”.

The Academy of Art University has been instructing and inspiring students since 1929. The university offers degrees from Associates through Masters in more than 40 disciplines in 23 departments.