Financial Planning from Richard Dwayne Blair’s Perspective

Everyone has financial goals that they wish to achieve before the time comes for them to retire. Richard Dwayne Blair insists that none of these can be achieved without a proper plan. He has dedicated his life and career to helping residents of Texas manage their wealth appropriately to ensure that their retirement days will still be a joy.

An elaborate financial plan requires one to examine what they will need for retirement and how much income they are making at the moment. This has seen Richard Dwayne Blair come up with three pillars that any successful plan should have.

Pillar Number One

Given that clients have a host of different needs the solutions they receive need to be customized. The investment advisor takes time to develop meaningful relationships with his clients. This will enable him to have a clear picture of their current state and their retirement expectations. With this in mind, he can assist clients to create a tailor-made roadmap that will help them achieve their goals.

Pillar Number Two

At this point, he starts to lay down a strategy for his clients. He works with the client’s assets to minimize any losses that may be experienced in low seasons and make the most of the high seasons. He also keeps an eye on the performance and makes any necessary changes to yield the best possible results.

The Final Pillar

Life is full of unexpected turns and this pillar, insurance cover, is designed to take care of such unpredictable occurrences. Clients can choose from the numerous insurance options ranging from annuities to life insurance covers. Once they are clear on what they want they can go about their businesses with little to worry about.

With these three pillars at hand financial freedom during retirement is guaranteed. Richard Dwayne Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions which offers financial advisory services to his clients. He was confident enough to go out on his own in 1994 after working in the financial services industry for only one year.

Teaching runs in his family as both his mother and grandmother were teachers. He opted to take a different path given his love for finances. Over the years Richard Dwayne Blair has made his perfected his skills and more people are enjoying their retirement because of him.