Class Dojo Has Come A Long Way To Improve Learning And Communication For Kids

When it comes to a child’s education, communication is one of the most important aspects they need to develop. This is why Sam and Liam of Class Dojo decided to start off their innovative application to meet need students have been facing for years. Unlike most other learning platforms out there, Class Dojo primarily focuses on the communication and community aspects to improve the quality of student’s learning environment. A positive community and experience goes a long way in developing a student’s educational experience throughout the course of their education. More than ever, parents are able to stay connected with their child while they are learning and participating in class, which the teachers can convey through Class Dojo’s app.

Class Dojo is pretty much free, some of the features on Class Dojo can be paid for by users, these are purely cosmetic and just help fund the project for the future. This is what helps Class Dojo stay free and continue to grow at a rapid rate. Starting up in 2011, Class Dojo has already managed to reach the classrooms of two-thirds of all schools in the nation in under 10 years. Each year, more classrooms around the world are able to incorporate Class Dojo as well, since technology continues to grow and reach new places. The platform supports 35 different languages and is easy to use for all ages, so parents as well as students can easily get accustomed to using the platform.

One of the most remarkable things the application has allowed teachers and students to do is get a look at other classrooms around the world. This is not only fun for students but very educational. They get to see what life is like in other cultures and how other students learn in different parts of the world. Students can also stay connected to the applications class board to share stories, classroom videos, notes and much more.