OPSkins Expands into Virtual Trading Under CEO Malcolm CasSelle

OPSkins, the famous e-commerce firm, has moved into the field of cyber trading. Under the leadership of CEO Malcolm CasSelle, the company known for marketing video games and other digital items has started applying its expertise to improve the safety and efficiency of virtual transactions.

Through the use of the its Worldwide Asset Exchange, or WAX, OPSkins will enable buyers and traders to deal with each other on a direct basis. This will allow traders to circumvent the current system of trading virtual assets, which is based on fragmented local and regional markets. The key to the WAX trading method is the blockchain system, which is itself based on the principle of decentralized operations. Employing this platform, users can easily break apart, or tokenize, transactional information.

In addition to solving the fragmentation issue, the OPSkins system can help fight the fraud that permeates the world of virtual asset trading. The platform is able to improve the security of transactions by eliminating the need for intermediate parties. The ability of blockchain technology to accomplish this and other goals is made possible by what is known as the Delegated Proof of Stake algorithum, which is considered the most efficient consensus system in the world of computer technology.

Born in 1970, Malcolm CasSelle received his initial computer training at the Massachsetts Institute of Technology, from where he received his bachelor’s degree. In 1995, and after receiving his master’s degree from Stanford University, he helped launch NetNoir, which was one of the first media companies dedicated to Afrocentric culture issues. His subsequent work experience included a period of employment in Hong Kong, where he first served as senior vice president of Pacific Century Cyberworks and then as director of Capital Investments.

In more recent years, CasSelle served as the senior vice president and general manager in the digital media division at SeaChange International and, in 2016, became the chief technology officer of the Tronc company, which was formerly Tribune Publishing. He has served as both the CEO of OPSkins and the president of WAX since 2017, and is also known for his many writings on the subject of cryptocurrency. He lives in Southern California.

Malcolm CasSelle