The adventures of Bob Honey,” who just do stuff”

Sean Penn’s novel “Bob Honey who just do stuffs “is a critic to the American politics which employs the character Bob. Originally, Bob Honey came into being in Sean’s mysterious audio book in 2016. Sean uses the character to express his views and lamentations on the American leadership. The novel comes in form of a riddle but yet very satirical.

Bob is a sanguine who oftenly seeks the attention of others for instance he throws a barbecue to people in public and is unfriendly to a senior citizen whom he dispatches with a blow on his head. Throughout the novel, Bob is disappointed by the manner in which the nation runs. He blame the government for issues such as the discrimination on colour basis.

The tittle “Bob Honey who just do stuff’ suggests that Bob is an absurd, non-reasonable fellow who acts or responds to issues without engaging his mind fully. He is left nosing around Badgdad on the onset of the Iraq war. He is disrespectful to the elderly by claiming that they hinder globalization and marketing. In the field of business, Bob Honey is careless he does not keep contracts. Furthermore, he claims to be an assassin.

Bob is unhappy with the current state of the nation .He satirizes his country by referring to it as a “shopping mall with a flag” which implies that the values of democracy, equality, patriotism and oneness are not practised.

Bob is Oftenly involved in several fantasies. He thinks of a beautiful woman by the name Annie and thinks that he would like to be in a country that resembles her but unfortunately this is not the case. He agonises as the American’s failed to embrace the female candidate during the 2016 election.

In the last scene, Bob “who just do stuffs” writes to Trump whom he refers to as the “landlord” expressing how he is disappointed by him. He refers to him as being arrogant and unqualified for the position. He insults and ridicules his management of office. Finally the author has safely driven his point home through Bob.