What is the Fagali’l Airport?

     Let’s talk the Fagali’l airport for a brief amount of time, shall we? What is it? Well, an airport, yes, but who are the staff members? Where is it located? And, what sought of humps has the airport overcame in the past. These are some questions that will get answered in this article.

Who are the Staff Members that Visitors Will Meet at the Fagali’l Airport?

Well, we are not going to get specific with each individual representative, but we will give you an overall impression of the team. The Fagali’l airport hires great people with nice attitudes who are willing to help, always. Strong enough to carry your bags if needed, smart enough to figure out some pretty tough problems faced by visitors quite often and efficient enough to get the job done without wasted effort. So many visitors have agreed that the Fagali’l airport is an A+ rated airport with the right touch of customer service that is definitely needed in order to keep an airport up, running and progressing.

Where is the Fagali’l Airport Located?

This airport is located just a few minutes from the beautiful city of Apia. Apia’s average temperature all year long is 85 degrees. Enriched in Samoan culture of dancing, crafting and foods. Vacationers have mentioned numerous times that Apia is their favorite destination for travel and will travel to the city again.

What Sought of Humps has the Fagali’l Airport had to Overcome in the Past?

Well, the airport once had to close its doors due to noise complaints by the Fagali’l village. After renovating their airport due to an upgrade on their landing strip, from grass to pavement, the noise levels coming from the landing strip would increase. In order to re-open the airport, this noise problem would have to get fixed, and so it did. Also, after re-opening, the airport had issues with guests complaining about lack of traveling accommodations. Because of this lack, guests would use another nearby airport and of course earnings by the airport would decrease. They managed to ensure travel accommodations were sufficient and so earnings increased accordingly.

The Fagali’l airport awaits your arrival! Are you ready for some Apia fun?