Professor Sujit Choundry Views on Holder`s Tweet

Professor Sujit Choudhry is well-known internationally for researching intensely on the wide range of issues in constitutional law and politics. This includes lawful design as the tool to accomplish evolution from violent fight to peaceful self-governing politics, federalism, and constitutional strategy in the society that is divided ethnically, semi-presidential, secession and devolution, transitional justice and constitutional courts, rights of minority group, official language policy, processes of building constitution, groups and minority rights, basic methodological queries and security segment oversight in the study of relative constitutional law ( Professor Choudhry has also written comprehensively on the constitutional law of Canada.

Choudhry’s recent publication is going to be released in a book chapter in Constitutional Democracies in Crisis. He is particularly focusing on Eric Holder tweet, who is the former attorney general who worked under the presidency of Obama. The tweet was published in December 2017 to his followers. In the tweet, Holder identified any potential dissolution of white house exceptional advice Robert Mueller a complete red line. He suggested that, if anything happens, what will follow is a peaceful demonstration. He further suggested that if detached or tempered with meaningfully, what will follow is popular, mass or peaceful support of the two. He insists that the people of America must be heard and eventually they are the one to determine the course action.

Based on Sujit Choudhry’s view of Holders tweet, the advocate demands for the action founded on two concepts- first is figurative of the red line and the other one is how Holder suggests Americans are the one to determine if the officials have actually abused their power and contravened the supposed boundary. Additionally, Choudhry emphasizes that Holder implies that how the people of America will react will determine how the matter will be resolved.

According to Choudhry, the tweet is formed on the ides of legal self-enforcement and built on the perception of focal opinion ( The violation of the constitutional rules never permits the court to brand them as such. Thus, Choudhry articulates a sense of astonishment in Holder’s tweet. He further clarifies that focal opinion is a presidential term that limits a person to only two terms as the president of the United States. He also added that any attempts to stay longer in the office would be declared as a state of emergency

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