Bruno Fagali Determined to Enhance Corporate Integrity Compliance in Business

     The new / sb has proudly received the Pro-Ethics Label for a second consequently from the previous year. The initiative, implemented in 2010 is a plan by the Ministry of Transparency and the Controller General of the Union. Besides, the two bodies work closely in partnership with the renowned Ethos Institute.

Notably, the initiative seeks to establish efforts towards enhancing integration and ethics in the corporate environment in Brazil. Also, it aims at giving recognition to compliance efforts in strengthening significant transparency to the business community. Additionally, the initiative is keen on finding means of preventing and putting an end to corruption in the long-run. Some of the personalities who graced the event included the Chief Financial Officer, Oscar Kita and Bob Vieira de Costa who is the associate President. Besides, Bruno Fagali, a corporate integrity manager, was present. Ana Cristina Goncalves, information and content director as well as Cristina Gutemberg, who is the director of the agency in Brasilia, were also in attendance.

It is a requirement that companies file requests with the Ministry formally to earn Pro-Ethics. Among 14 applications in the communications sector including TV and Radio Stations and other agencies, only new / sb has received approval. Companies are continuously searching for seals as they aim to maintain best practices and designing unique products for a differentiated market share. New / sb has been on the compliance journey since the beginning of 2014 as a move to own strict ethical standards while handling public accounts. Having experienced a tough 2017, new / sb and the entire market are hopeful for a fruitful 2018. New / sb also looks forward to launching a second edition of the Network Intolerance report in future.

The corporate integrity management under the leadership of Bruno Fagali is to oversee the implementation of the corporate integrity program and training of various teams geared towards the compliance process. Bruno Fagali is a responsible registered lawyer, thus; has maintained stability in his position at the agency for over two years.

Moreover, Bruno Fagali is a reputable professional in administrative law by FGV and PUC. He holds a master’s degree in State Law from USP. His career life revolves around the administrative law with a significant focus on public administration control. As such, Fagali is an active lawyer in preventing administrative impropriety acts. Besides, Bruno Fagali is the Co-Founder of the FAGALI Advocacy. He is also a dedicated member of the Corporate Compliance and Ethics society. Fugali uses his extensive experience in compliance, the public law as well as the anti-corruption law to give the corporate business sector a quality base.

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