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The adventures of Bob Honey,” who just do stuff”

Sean Penn’s novel “Bob Honey who just do stuffs “is a critic to the American politics which employs the character Bob. Originally, Bob Honey came into being in Sean’s mysterious audio book in 2016. Sean uses the character to express his views and lamentations on the American leadership. The novel comes in form of a riddle but yet very satirical.

Bob is a sanguine who oftenly seeks the attention of others for instance he throws a barbecue to people in public and is unfriendly to a senior citizen whom he dispatches with a blow on his head. Throughout the novel, Bob is disappointed by the manner in which the nation runs. He blame the government for issues such as the discrimination on colour basis.

The tittle “Bob Honey who just do stuff’ suggests that Bob is an absurd, non-reasonable fellow who acts or responds to issues without engaging his mind fully. He is left nosing around Badgdad on the onset of the Iraq war. He is disrespectful to the elderly by claiming that they hinder globalization and marketing. In the field of business, Bob Honey is careless he does not keep contracts. Furthermore, he claims to be an assassin.

Bob is unhappy with the current state of the nation .He satirizes his country by referring to it as a “shopping mall with a flag” which implies that the values of democracy, equality, patriotism and oneness are not practised.

Bob is Oftenly involved in several fantasies. He thinks of a beautiful woman by the name Annie and thinks that he would like to be in a country that resembles her but unfortunately this is not the case. He agonises as the American’s failed to embrace the female candidate during the 2016 election.

In the last scene, Bob “who just do stuffs” writes to Trump whom he refers to as the “landlord” expressing how he is disappointed by him. He refers to him as being arrogant and unqualified for the position. He insults and ridicules his management of office. Finally the author has safely driven his point home through Bob.


Fortress Investment Group: Acquisitions & Investments

The Fortress Investment Group has been around for awhile now. They are a leading, highly diversified world-wide investment manager that has around $43.6 billion when it comes to assets. This company was founded during the 1998 year, and they have managed assets for more than 1,750 clients and private investors. With this company they believe in doing more for a client than just doing their job, but also believe in making sure that every client they have feels safe enough to put all of their trust in them.

 Softbank’s Acquisition of Fortress Investment Group

If you are not already aware, Softbank is a Japanese Internet and telecommunication giant. They are the company that had said that they would be buying the Fortress Investment Group for around $3.3 billion, and that is a lot of money! However, this acquisition seems to be very different from the normal investments made by the SoftBank company. An example of their typical purchase is their acquisition of chip design powerhouse ARM. There are some that believe that this is a visionary strategy though. Jesper Koll, the CEO of the WisdomTree Japan K.K. had said to the CNBC Squawk Box that this acquisition was going to be great. It would make it so that this Japanese company would be able to have the world-class financial management expertise they have been needing. It really shows that the company is jumping into the asset management business. Also, you might notice that the financial expertise coming from Fortress will actually be boosting the SoftBank company’s large $100 billion technology investment fund. This will certainly help the company achieve more than they were before. This fund happens to be headed by Rajeev Misra, and prior to that position he was a senior executive with Fortress when SoftBank had first hired him during the 2014 year. During December Donald Trump had made the announcement that the SoftBank company was agreeing to investing $50 billion into the U.S., trying to make 50,000 jobs. This investment was to be coming from the SoftBank Vision Fund.Koll says that he believes that in the recent months the SoftBank company has been changed completely and that the Fortress acquisition is one of many indicators that they have changed a lot. While being a great technology company, the SoftBank company is building a super platform in order to create a better future.

Fortress Investment Group Core Competencies

Asset-Based: This company has been specializing in asset-based investments for awhile now, and they are doing a great job with it. They have a lot of experience with this type of work, experience in investing broadly and deeply within a varied group of asset types. The company has expertise that goes as far as owning, pricing, financing, overseeing the management of financial and physical assets, and more! Industry Knowledge: This company has a lot of knowledge when it comes to the industries that they are investing in. Over an extended period of time, this company has been able to form a team that has knowledge on every subject, so that they can better invest and so that they can help their clients.

Jobs Available At Sussex Healthcare

Sussex is a healthcare that is in Britain which was founded by Shafik and Shiraz who are professional surgeons. The primary goal of setting up the Sussex healthcare was to create a nursing home for the old people and other people suffering from mental disorders like bipolar and autism among others. Sussex healthcare has branches in different towns which are within the Sussex city.

However, the non-profit making firm’s main offices are based in West Sussex at the Tyden building. For the last twenty-five years since its foundation, the health care has continued to develop by opening up clinics and also providing home-based care. Not forgetting that Sussex has added pediatric care to its service list.

Services offered at Sussex Healthcare
Sussex Health still works on the original goal for the establishment which was primarily handling the old people and those with mental illnesses. The clinic does this by providing medical care, training to those with mental retardation conditions and different types of therapies as a way of making their lives better, independent and comfortable. Some of the therapies that the Sussex Healthcare offers to its patients are hydrotherapy, reflexology, occupational therapies,and physiotherapy among others. Apart from medical care, the aged are also assigned simple tasks like knitting, painting, and drawing so as to keep their minds active.

Sussex’s new CEO
After several years under the management of doctor Shafik, Sussex Health has decided to bring in a new face in the clinic. The healthcare’s fraternity is excited to usher in their new CEO Amanda Morgan. Amanda, the new CEO is a professional nurse who has worked for both the public and private health sectors in Britain. Moreover, Amanda Morgan who happens to be a philanthropist has been actively involved with the Sussex health care as she has been calling on the clinic on several occasions before her appointment. The nurse who in most cases specializes in mental health will be an important asset for the Sussex Health considering the fact that the clinic has a department for patients with mental illnesses.

On her side, Amanda who began her career in 1984, says that she looks forward to working with the great team of professionals at Sussex so as to deliver the best services to the patients who are in different branches of the clinic. In addition to this, the new CEO goes ahead to admit her great admiration of the impact that the Sussex healthcare makes in communities around it.

The Sussex Healthcare fraternity has prepared a schedule for their new CEO on how she will visit the different branches that the healthcare has all over Sussex.

Sussex Healthcare Jobs
The clinic not only offers the best to its patients but also to residents of areas where its branches are located. This is because Sussex Healthcare provides both formal and informal employment opportunities. Some of the available opportunities include; posts for cooks, drivers, nurses, accountants, and technologists among others.


What is the Fagali’l Airport?

     Let’s talk the Fagali’l airport for a brief amount of time, shall we? What is it? Well, an airport, yes, but who are the staff members? Where is it located? And, what sought of humps has the airport overcame in the past. These are some questions that will get answered in this article.

Who are the Staff Members that Visitors Will Meet at the Fagali’l Airport?

Well, we are not going to get specific with each individual representative, but we will give you an overall impression of the team. The Fagali’l airport hires great people with nice attitudes who are willing to help, always. Strong enough to carry your bags if needed, smart enough to figure out some pretty tough problems faced by visitors quite often and efficient enough to get the job done without wasted effort. So many visitors have agreed that the Fagali’l airport is an A+ rated airport with the right touch of customer service that is definitely needed in order to keep an airport up, running and progressing.

Where is the Fagali’l Airport Located?

This airport is located just a few minutes from the beautiful city of Apia. Apia’s average temperature all year long is 85 degrees. Enriched in Samoan culture of dancing, crafting and foods. Vacationers have mentioned numerous times that Apia is their favorite destination for travel and will travel to the city again.

What Sought of Humps has the Fagali’l Airport had to Overcome in the Past?

Well, the airport once had to close its doors due to noise complaints by the Fagali’l village. After renovating their airport due to an upgrade on their landing strip, from grass to pavement, the noise levels coming from the landing strip would increase. In order to re-open the airport, this noise problem would have to get fixed, and so it did. Also, after re-opening, the airport had issues with guests complaining about lack of traveling accommodations. Because of this lack, guests would use another nearby airport and of course earnings by the airport would decrease. They managed to ensure travel accommodations were sufficient and so earnings increased accordingly.

The Fagali’l airport awaits your arrival! Are you ready for some Apia fun?

The Professional Journey and Accomplishments of Robert Deignan

Robert Deignan, since graduating from Purdue University in 1995, has been a leader in the technical customer service industry. While at Purdue, he received a Bachelor’s of Science in Organizational Leadership, and has gone on to establish two different companies, Fanlink Inc, and his current firm ATS Digital Services.

Robert Deignan noticed an increasing need in thousands of businesses for competent and high-performing customer service agents, both over the phone and through remote screen-sharing. Using his education and experience, he joined iS3 Inc as Executive Vice President in 2002. iS3 Inc is a software company that develops digital security solutions for different companies, and also provides customer support concerning the security systems for these companies.

Now with extensive experience in digital security, Mr. Deignan co-founded ATS Digital Services in 2011, and now serves as the CEO for the firm. Recently, ATS has been noted as the first call center certified by AppEsteem, a company founded by cybersecurity veterans from Microsoft. AppEsteem, based on input from government regulations, security firms, consumer groups, and others, certifies third party apps and related services. AppEsteem states that for too long, too many customers have been subjected to subpar customer service experiences, especially in call centers. However, ATS Digital Services has met all 39 criteria to become certified as a provider of premium support services to consumer software applications.

However, Robert Deignan is not just interested in cybersecurity and customer service, he is also an avid angler and has competed in multiple fishing tournaments. In 2016, Robert participated in and won the 79th annual Silver Sailfish Derby along with his team, Team Liquid.

Robert Deignan has been a successful businessman and entrepreneur since his days in Purdue University, and has now founded multiple companies, including the premier call center and customer service firm, ATS Digital Services. With his focus on providing the best customer service in the digital realm, he hopes to continue to expand his business and make sure customers are getting the best technical support possible.

Waiakea Water has a Unique Approach to Bottled Water

In the past decade or two the bottled watered industry has become worth nearly a billion dollars. With this much cash circulating around, the industry was sure to become high competitive. Now, if a company doesn’t have a big name like Pepsi behind it, or it doesn’t have a clear marketing strategy, it will not survive.

For those that don’t purchase bottled water on the regular, there are dozens of options for bottled water, not including brands. There is mineral water, spring water, filtered water, fruit water, and varieties of flavored water. The market is bigger than most people first assume.

Waiakea Water, which is bottled in Hawaii, is one of the newest entries into the bottled water industry, and so far, the company has made quite the splash. Everything from the filtration method, to the packaging, to marketing has been catered to in order to make a success brand.

Biodegradable Bottle

In the United States, 50 billion plastic water bottles were used in 2016. A large portion of these bottles end up in oceans all over the world.

Waiakea’s bottle degrades much faster than the average water bottle, completely degrading in just 15 years. Most bottles take over a millennium to completely degrade. This bottle has earned Waiakea Water a Carbon Neutral certification. Waiakea is successfully gaining an audience with environmentalist thanks to this.

What About the Actual Water?

Waiakea has some of the most nutrient-rich water on the market. These nutrients have a side effect on the water, raising the PH level of the water to the 8.8-8.9 mark from the usual 7. The nutrients are added to the water during the filtration process. The springs of Hawaii are littered with porous volcanic rock structures: the water flows through these structures, enriching the water with things like calcium and potassium. If you haven’t tried Waiakea Water then you haven’t tasted the benefits of volcanic rock filtration.

Philanthropist Jason Hope — Making a Difference in Modern Society

Giving helps make the heart feels caring when you consider that human urge to do good for someone. This world is full of problems like the homeless, those who barely get by with a small paycheck, and companies with a shortage of supplies for coping with the labor force. Then, it’s because of free-will funding; the less fortunate can recognize opportunities and solve problems.

Without a doubt, philanthropist Jason Hope is helping to cause a change in our modern society. It’s a fact giving in many ways is among the most significant element towards humanity’s success. Let’s look at cultural, economic, social, and even biological. We accept these domains as human assets.

For example, a vital asset concerns your body’s physical strength, overall. Merely meaning we will discover various ailments while aging. Now, imagine what the following diseases could eventually do to the body’s physical power: osteoporosis, blood pressure, arthritis, and cancer. In other words, our understanding about philanthropy changes to a greater extent if we only considered the intellectual asset like emotion, insight, and knowledge.

Added to that, Jason Hope’s knowledge about futurism can fit well into this account. Our society expects breakthroughs in what technology will do for our welfare, shortly. As we mentioned the different diseases, our health care system is mainly targeting useful ways to handle these conditions and prevent them from developing.

Arizona, philanthropist, Mr. Hope has joined with the SENS Foundation to help the public with access to technology. Since December 2010, Jason Hope has given a half $1 million to help the organization succeed with an improved treatment that will reverse aging and stop different illnesses. Inside the Inspirery interview, Jason shared how he made money by using his technology-companies’ portfolio.

Also, the entrepreneur revealed his belief about transformation in people’s lives and the world — which the future of technology will bring about. Jason Hope has viewed how many organizations only focus on curing disease. His trust with the SENS Foundation is the company will do more than take care of a condition. Apparently, the organization will work with technology to delay or cure the aging course.

Jason Hope dons many hats such as philanthropist, entrepreneur, and futurist. Even further, the investor lives in Scottsdale, Arizona, and he is passionate about giving to the community and for technology. Mr. Hope got his finance degree from Arizona State University. Plus, he went to the institutions, W.P. Carey School of business where he finished with an MBA.

Collectively, Jason has a keen interest in politics toward business ventures in the state of Arizona and around America. Of course, his dedication includes technology and philanthropic initiatives.

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Tony Petrello Happy To Report Gains In Nabors Industries Revenue For 2017

     Nabors Industries released its financial statements not long ago and there was good news for the company overall as it saw its operating revenue increase especially in the fourth quarter in the year while its operating losses decreased in that same time frame. Some of these losses were recorded as part of the multi-million dollar deal that Nabors made to buyout Tesco Corporation. While the extensiveness of all the financial reports are quite a bit technical, Chairman Tony Petrello was happy with the results stating that the 2017 year was a great improvement in revenue results and is also excited about several new drilling rig technologies that are being rolled out. He also is looking forward to what a new venture with the Saudi-based Aramco company will do for Nabors Industries’ profit margins.

The multi-million dollar deals Nabors Industries has made with Tesco and Aramco are just the latest of deals that have built the company into one of the biggest holders of oil drilling technology. The company’s strength in technology development increased after Tony Petrello joined as chief operating officer in 1991, and as the current CEO and Chairman his role is planning for disruptive changes in the oil industry. Petrello’s election to Chairman of the Board triggered a contract extension meeting in 2013 which led to bonus payments raising his total compensation to $68.7 million that year. This made him the highest-paid CEO that year.

Tony Petrello grew up in a working family, but he was academically brilliant particularly in arithmetic. This allowed him to earn a scholarship to Yale where he studied in advanced mathematics, and according to what an old roommate who is now a journalist has said, he also was closely mentored by world-renowned mathematician Serge Lange. But he took a different direction after graduating and it wasn’t long before he was guiding clients at the law offices of Baker & McKenzie. He spent 13 years there including 6 that he served as managing partner of the firm and developed quite a resume of strategic planning and helping corporations find loopholes to save money in corporate taxes.

Tony Petrello is a philanthropist, husband and father in addition to being a businessman. His wife is former television actress Cynthia Carrafa, but they both love their young daughter Carena very dearly. Carena has been a huge reason why he’s been a philanthropist at the Texas Children’s Hospital because she has a neurological disorder of her own that led Petrello to get involved with the hospital’s research facility. Petrello helped the facility’s founders Dan and Jan Duncan with a fundraiser a few years ago to which he wrote a check of $7 million for research funding.


Sujit Choudhry is a professor of law and politics. He has gained international recognition over time for his in-depth research in constitutional law. His research shows all the variable legal designs and their application in the real day to day situations. Among the addressed applications include transitional justice, for instance from conflicts back to peace, semi-presidentialism, bill of rights and federalism among others (

His deep and profound interest in law enabled him to write about the constitutional law of Canada. Choudhry is an author and an article writer. His recent one was focused on ‘constitutional democracies in crisis.’ The article was written in reference to a report by the former Attorney General, Eric Holder. The tweet was considered a call to action to the American people to act as political watchdogs. Choudhry observes and openly expresses his views on the tweet. In his opinion, Holder does not show regard for the constitution, and neither does he write anything about it.

The professor points out that there exists ‘focal points’ around which ideas of self-enforcement of the constitution are built. The said focal points could also be termed as the constitutional rules. Choudhry gives the presidential term serving limit as an example of the focal points which if broken can lead to chaos and disorder. He says that the words of the Attorney General can be interpreted as democratic failure. The failure to take into consideration the term limits is a violation of the constitution and can be called a self-coup.

The article by Professor Sujit Choudhry analyses the political wave and the media exposure of the political state thereby enabling the prediction of the future political climate. According to his analysis, the presidential state of autocracy, as well as constitutional democracy, are set to deteriorate. This is due to the parties in power becoming increasingly greedy and selfish therefore making constitutional amendments in their favor.

Professor Choudhry termed the issue as ‘democratic backsliding,’ a system used by undemocratic politicians who see competing for a position of power in a society that highly embraces democracy. This, according to the professor, is an expression of democratic degradation at its worst.

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Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award Goes To Ivy

It was announced on April 11th that Robert Ivy, the Chief Executive Officer and Vice President of the American Institute Of Architects, has been recognized with the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. An event in honor of Mr. Ivy and another award recipient, artist Andrew Cary Young, will be formally awarded at an event in Jackson, Mississippi on Saturday, June 2nd.

In previous ceremonies, the award has been given previously to art patrons and artists connected to the state of Mississippi. Ivy becomes the first architect to win the award, joining other standouts of the Magnolia State such as actor Morgan Freeman, singer Leontyne Price, and writers Eudora Welty and Shelby Foote.

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Prior to his work at AIA which began in 2011, Ivy was the Editor-in-Chief of the well-known McGraw Hill’s Architectural Record. Under Ivy’s stewardship, the journal was widely lauded around the world, winning several awards. Expansion into China soon followed with a version of the publication translated into the Mandarin language, as well as spreading into the Middle East. At the AIA, the membership in the architectural firm is at the highest levels in its 160-year history, with the reach of the group always seeming to swell with seven branches globally.

Ivy is also well acknowledged for his highly commended 2001 biography, Fay Jones: Architect, which is now in its third edition of print. The Alpha Rho Chi architectural fraternity has granted him the Master Architect designation, only one of seven such architects so honored in the fellowship over the past 100 years. In addition, Ivy is the only architect in the fraternity who has been acknowledged in such a manner in the current century.

Ivy is a graduate of Sewanee: The University of the South, having served the country previously as an officer in the United States Naval Academy.

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