Meet Christopher Burch- The Man Behind The World’s Leading Island Resort

The hotel industry is one of the most competitive in the world. This industry requires billions in investment to support infrastructure development, service provision, amenities and much more. To be successful in the hotel business, you have to provide exemplary service levels and have the best facilities.

Chris Burch is a business mogul with interests in hospitality, fashion and financial markets. He has a reputation for building successful brands and turning around fortunes for firms he invests in. This is because Chris relies on his vision, imagination, and creativity to drive his entrepreneurial vision.

He is the formidable figure behind many successful brands. It is worth mentioning that he has taken part in the turnaround of over 50 companies. He provides support, incubation, and scalability to these businesses.

He believes in understanding the customer’s needs and meeting those needs, thus building strong brands that impact the market.

Burch started his entrepreneurial career back in 1976 while studying for his undergraduate degree. He formed a partnership with his brother Robert.  Together, they started by buying and selling sweaters for profit. This enterprise expanded to a multi-million-dollar empire with its stores and a turnover of $140 million.  He established Burch Creative Capital and used the firm as an incubator for his investments and brands. Chris then partnered with a hotelier and developed Faena Hotel + Universe in Buenos Aires.  This marked the beginning of his real estate ventures, where he bought property, held it for some time and sold it for a profit. It was during this time he established J.B. Christopher, a successful construction supplier.

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The peak of his real estate venture dawned in 2013 when he purchased the Nihiwatu Resort. On an Indonesian Island known as Sumba, the hotel has an interesting historical background.

First inhabited by the Sumba ancestors, the island has sprawling beaches that offer magnificent views of the ocean. It is believed the ancestors’ spirits still protect the island and its way of life.

He began renovations and upgraded the resort to its current state. Visitors to the island are welcome to sample the rich heritage of the Sumbanese people (