Chris Burch, an Enthusiastic Businessman

Christopher Burch commonly known as Chris is a renowned businessman. He started his company, Burch Creative Capital, and he is the Chief Executive Officer. Over the years Chris has earned some entrepreneurial skills which he finds very important to run his business. His company is an incubator, support system, and innovation space. He is very enthusiastic about emerging opportunities in the market and he applies his ideas to try and make the opportunities count.

Chris is customer oriented. He makes sure that his business is giving the best to its clients through their work and making lasting impressions. Chris Burch has had his hand in over 50 companies ( He has been in the business world for over 4 decades. He has used the skills he has earned along the way to be innovative and making a significant impact on the companies he has worked with. Chris’ work speaks for itself.

Some of the companies that are in Chris’ capital brand portfolio are Nihiwatu resort and ED among others. Nihiwatu is located in the Sumba, an Island in Indonesia ( Some of the things the companies that Chris has worked with are involved in organic foods, consumer products and lifestyle products and services. Chris is an entrepreneur with a passion for growth. This can evidently be seen in his work. He began the entrepreneurship journey as a student at Ithaca College. He started Eagle Eye with his brother which later grew exponentially before they sold it off to Swire Group.

Apart from Eagle Eye, Burch has started other companies like C. Wonder and Nihiwatu which is the most recent investment. He was part of the board for The Continuum Group ad Guggenheim Capital. Chris invested in the Internet Capital Group a while back. His ability to understand the needs if the consumer and bridge this gap by coming up with ways of closing the gap through a unison of innovative ideas and implementation is what has made him a successful and renowned entrepreneur.

Chris invests in various business across the world. The most interesting part is that he is not focused on one particular industry. He has diversified his portfolio. He has ventured into real estate, hotel industry and home decor and furnishing among others ( Apart from being a dedicated entrepreneur and businessman, Chris is a philanthropist. He gave out funds to encourage research and the better good of the society. Some of the places he has directed his funds include The China Association of Social Work, Mt. Sinai Hospital, The Henry Street Settlement and NYU Langone among others. His contributions have gone a long way in making the lives of others better.