Information About Robert Ivy

     Robert Ivy is a graduate in master’s level from Tulane University Architecture. He has played a significant role in the Architectural world as an editor in Chief of Architectural Record. Robert Ivy has been at the position of the pane which was selected by Frank Gehry in designing National Dwight D Eisenhover Memorial. He served as the Dean Principal for several national publications. The role that Robert Ivy was playing in the field earned him several honors. He is now the president of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) based in the United States. The operation s of the organizations as per the set objectives are enshrined in the city of Washington. Robert Ivy has put the organization at the prime position in the market through the emphasis of quality on the matters related to the education and the government advocacy. The operations taking place at the American Institute of Architects (AIA) have been boosted by the well-crafted means by Robert Ivy. He was appointed to the position of the CEO in the year 2011.

Robert Ivy has managed to create cohesion among various construction industries with the aim of overcoming the challenges in the sector of the building. Robert Ivy has played an exemplary role in the American Institute of Architects. The ideas that he has implemented in place has set the organization to the peak point. Ivy is one of the celebrated leaders who has earned a lot of respects across the globe through his pragmatic skills that Ivy has applied in the organization. He has managed to create an excellent networking system in the institution that has led to the perfect service coordination in the organization. The features that have boosted the management of the Robert Ivy in the American Institute of Architects is the longtime experience. The ideas of coming up with the American Institute of Architects came from 13 members in the year 1857. The numbers were later increased to 16 to create a better chance of idea sharing among the professional leaders. The reason behind the formation of the organization was to integrate the issues of the science and practical to the contraction arena in the United States. Robert Ivy has the leader of the company has put in place all the necessary means that has enabled the organization to erect several training stations to impart architectures with the rights skills in the field.

Robert Ivy has been the making behind the success of the American Institute of Architects through the application of his leadership skills.

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