Chris Burch Is Very Pleased With The Developments At Nihiwatu Resort

Chris Burch is known for being one of the most creative businessmen, but he really turned his creativity into a land of dreams come true when he made the purchase and saw the plans for Nihiwatu Resort come to be. Nihiwatu Resort is on a remote island that’s part of Indonesia, and if you had the opportunity to escape there, you’d see a place of beauty beyond your wildest dreams. Not only has Burch taken the liberty to have beach hotels built there with furnishings that are very extravagant and highly comforting to guests, visitors can also explore the island and even stop at hidden places outdoors to get a relaxing massage. Some may be lucky enough to visit Chris Burch’s home that not only has extreme luxuries of its own, but also is noted for a swimming pool that overlooks the Pacific (

Chris Burch has spent year accumulating the wealth it took to buy this resort, and most of his funds have come from companies he’s invested in through Burch Creative Capital, a venture capital organization that he’s Chairman of Burch Creative Capital looks for companies that go beyond selling products to using creativity in customer experience and going into novel areas. Their business ideas might involve complex technology like Powermat or Pypestream, or they might be something simple like new foods at Little Duck Organics or bottling water like Voss. Burch Creative Capital has been an accumulation of Chris Burch’s career earnings, but he started his career from a small gig over 40 years ago.

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Chris Burch opened up his first business on the campus of Ithaca College back in 1976 when he decided to start selling sweaters from a local factory. He made $5 profits each sale and in time he had amassed enough to buy his own factory and retail outlets. The company became known as Eagle Eye Apparel and Burch owned it for over 20 years.  Check  Burch started buying into other startups around the mid-1990s when he joined the Internet Capital Group, a firm that started buying up web-based companies prior to the dot-com crash of 2000. He also invested in several other fashion and lifestyle brands in the following years including Tory Burch, ED by Ellen DeGeneres and C. Wonder. Prior to buying the property of Nihiwatu Resort, Burch served as a co-op board member at the Pierre Hotel, and a partner of the Faena Hotel + Universe.

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