Chris Burch Brings Thoughfulness To Gift Giving

Christopher “Chris” Burch enjoys gift giving so much that he often does it no special occasion at all. he simply wants others to feel that they are appreciated. That is how he has ran his many businesses over the last 40 years and it surely has served him well. Chris recently wrote on his blog a few of his favorite gift ideas and where the inspiration comes from for those particular items. A quick look at the list shows that he likes giving gifts that are useful while still maintaining some luxury. Gifts like a Trademark Cooper Cage Tote, chocolate candy from Fatty Sundays, A Home Candle Set from Snowe, a jacket mad by Barbour, and a Zero-Gravity Massage Chair by U.S. Jaclean show how thoughtful Burch is in his giving, related article on The gift that satisfies Chris the most is giving a monetary gift in the name of the gift recipient, which is a precious thoughtful gift. There is little doubt that Chris puts a lot of effort into his giving.

Featured in 2012 in Forbes Magazine’s list of billionaires, Chris Burch started his first business while still in college. Refer to for additional article.  While attending Ithaca College in 1976, Chris and his brother Bob started a sweater business by purchasing sweaters in bulk and reselling to mostly college students. Before long they decided to design their own sweaters and found a partner to manufacture. The business was so successful than just 20 years later for over $160 million. Burch is an investor in real estate all over the world, including the Nihiwatu Resort in Indonesia, click to read about the resort.  In 2004 he helped his wife launch the Tory Burch fashion label, a business that is worth in excess of $3.5 billion.

Chris Burch grew up in a working class family in Pennsylvania and attended the prestigious Tilton School before attending college at Ithaca college. He owns and operates Burch Creative Capital in Philadelphia, where he has helped over 50 businesses get off the ground. He has been involved in many creative projects, even being a producer of the movie, Watch It, in the early 1990s. He helped launch Ellen DeGeneres’ lifestyle brand, ED, in 2014.

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