Robert Ivy’s Passion For Architecture

     Every field has people who shape it. Influencers who are passionate about the field and its future.In the field of architecture, Robert Ivy is one of those people- passionate about the future of architecture. Robert Ivy is a passionate architect who has played an instrumental role in shaping the field to become what we know it today. He has overseen 33 architectural publications both print and online and has worked with many respectable organizations in architecture including American Institute of Architects, AIA, where he now is the VP and CEO.

Robert got his master’s degree in architecture from Tulane University and his undergraduate degree from Sewanee University. He climbed up the ladder of his career rather quickly courtesy of his hard work and wide reading. He was always looking out for new architectural designs and trends in the field. This saw him gather invaluable experience that enabled him be appointed in some of the most prestigious positions in this field.

Robert Ivy’s experience and dedication in the field of architecture has seen him win several award over the years. These include the crane award which recognized his contributions to media and being named master architect, to recognize the input he has in the world of architect, by Alpha Rho Chi. These awards came as a result of the projects he had successfully seen though and the publications he had been involved in either as an editor or contributor. The recognition of his efforts and experience in the field of architecture have seen him be an authority in his field.

Robert says that what motivated him to accept the position of vice president and chief executive officer at AIA is what the institution stands for; the highest standard of professional ethics and design. Considering the culture of excellence he has cultivated over the years, fitting into this position that required nothing but excellence was considerably easy for him. Since his appointment, he has dedicated himself to ensuring that all who practice in the field of architecture adhere to the code of ethics put in place and architectural designs are not only cutting edge but also efficient.

You are not a leader is there is no one following you. Robert Ivy would not be a leader in the field of architecture is there was no one following in his footsteps. As the editor in chief of record, he has mentored many in architectural design and made it possible for architects to inspire one another through the magazine. During his reign as editor in chief, the designs published have been cutting edge and inspiring. This has seen architectural designs take a step forward. Through this magazine he has also been able to share and influence people in matters pertaining the building environment.