Todd Lubar’s Compassion for Others

Everyone these days wants to be an entrepreneur. They figure it’s the easiest way to a successful and wealthy lifestyle. In truth, being an entrepreneur takes a lot of hard work and personal experience. There are no shortcuts or guarantees to becoming a successful business professional.

That’s why it’s always inspiring to hear stories about people like Todd Lubar. Todd Lubar is the most educated, and he didn’t come from money. Todd Lubar built his own entrepreneurial empire with his own two hands. His journey to professional success began after graduating from Syracuse University.

In 1995, Todd Lubar took a loan originator position at Crestar Mortgage Corporation. He’s always been fascinated with finance, so working in the finance industry was a dream come true. Though he learned a lot, he showed a special fascination with conservative mortgage banking. After four years with Crestar, Lubar decided to take another position at Legacy Financial Group.

Of his many accomplishments at Legacy Financial, the biggest is a number of loans he brokered. His performance at the company warranted great accommodation, but he wanted something else for himself. He left Legacy in 2005 and joined Charter Funding. He also began focusing more on his own companies. Check out Ideamensch to see more.

In 2002, he’d started Legendary Properties. Although he’d never worked in real estate directly, he’d formed countless relationships with experts in all trades of the business. His massive source of referral business allowed him to complete projects in a timely manner. That allowed his company to grow exponentially with little effort.

For the next few years, Lubar focused on building his entrepreneurial portfolio. He owns numerous companies in multiple industries. As happy as he was, he felt something missing. What he wanted was to help others achieve their dreams. He found a way to do that with TDL Global Ventures.

His passion for helping people is his greatest asset. Throughout his 20-year career in finance, he always noticed an underserved market. With TDL Ventures, he’s able to those who can’t get loans.

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