Building America With the American Institute of Architects

     The history of AIA borders a significant amount of time that positions it as a leading organization for architectural advocacies. Established in 1857, the American Institute of Architects has a team of professionals who continue to elevate the excellence and professionalism of architects, through immense contribution. AIA was formed by 13 professional architects. Since then, the institution has achieved tremendous success by advocating for better architectural workforce. AIA has over 80,000 members, a team that boasts of accessing high-quality resources to handle its projects.

Mechanism for service delivery

AIA applies the supremacy of design to transform the society. To better expand its input, the organization has always advocated for positive change through excellent service delivery. The company operates on the basis of viable ethics. This is often associated with delivering high performance standards at work. Until now, the organization has handled over 1,000 society-based projects. All the projects are inclined towards driving a positive change in the industry of building and design. Often, AIA has been linked to the recognition of high-performance architects, a quality that ranks it among the world’s highest calibers of performance.

Leadership with Robert Ivy

As usual, the success of an organization is appended to its leadership. A successful organization is normally a mirror and reflection of who the leader is. At AIA, Robert Ivy has been a great leader who utilizes excellent managerial skills to advocate for constructive architectural policies. Robert promotes excellence in architecture. He utilizes his executive position to instigate transformative projects in the industry of architecture. Through him, AIA conducts competitions based on sharpening the competitive skills of professionals. AIA also works with architects to establish strong client-based relationships.

Awards for recognition

AIA offers various awards to the world’s best architects. Some of these awards include Collaborative Award and the Thomas Jefferson Award. Often, these awards are obtainable by recognition of excellence in the field of architecture. It all boils down to ensuring that the discipline with which this professionalism has been handled is recognized and rewarded.

The conclusion

AIA is known for providing its members with numerous professional, developmental opportunities. In addition to that are the contract documents that serve as models for high-quality designs in the construction industry. In chipping in to their profession and that of communities, members of AIA participate in various professional designs from urban development to professional academies. To strengthen the service-delivery interface, AIA utilizes intern development programs to aid upcoming professionals.