Chris Burch, a Famous Hotelier

Chris Burch is a very innovative man with great expertise when it comes to hotels, better living and also great resorts across the globe. He has been trusted because of great vast real estate experience and exposure. He happens to be the owner and the co-founder of some of the worlds most famous and top-rated hotels in the world. He happens to be a philanthropist, entrepreneur and also the current chief executive officer of one of the leading companies known as Burch Creative Capital.

Burch has got over 40 years experience in the career and has participated towards the success of over 5o great companies across the globe. He has achieved all this because of his vast experience, awesome investment skills and also great understanding and well-researched consumer behavior. He has a vast field of exposure and experience, and they include technology, apparel, financial services and also great hospitality skills.  Check on for a proof of his investment skills expertise.

Chris Burch has an experience in his great business endeavors or rather achievements. They include Poppin, Ellen DeGeneres, Coccoon9 and also a co-founder of a great fashion outlet called Tory Burch. They have partnered with his wife for the success and market of that great furniture store. He also had another fashion store while still in college that he had co-founded together with his brother. He also possesses great marketing skills and also a great branding personality which have been able to design customer’s favorite. He has been able to open one of the most exotic resorts in South East Asia at a place called Nihi.  Read his views on business related matters, click on

Chris Burch journey to success started way back while in college. He attended Ithaca College and was impatient to wait until he completes his school until he graduates. He has invested &2,000 together with his brother for the launching of a company called Eagle Eye Apparel which was an outlet company whereby they sold sweaters. The company grew very well and was able to expand within a very short period. They used to sell this sweater in campuses and were able to make fortunes from the company. In just a few years time, they had managed to sell goods worth $60 million.   Additional reading here.  He started developing his marketing tricks there that he has been using to date, and they have been able to raise him to the current stands of being a stable billionaire. He is still working for greater things and seems not to give up shortly. Related article on

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