Desiree Perez has Smart Negotiation Skills

One of the most competitive, and most powerful industry worldwide is the music and entertainment industry where only hardworking individuals can thrive. 2016 financial status were estimated at 17.2 billion dollars, which represented a fraction greater than a third of all industry revenues globally. Men are predominant in leadership roles, but women entrepreneurs, talent manager, and producer Desiree Perez have gained a reputation for leadership.

Perez is among the few industry’s pioneers. Mention Jay-Z and the name Perez is bound to come up. That is attributed to Perez significant impact on Jay-Z’s push towards business expansion for 22 years. The main constituents of carter’s empire include corporate entities, that means he has to handle various business desires ranging from development of talent to the production of music and concert tour management.

Jay-Z’s evolution from rapper to business mogul is much attributed to Perez. Her involvement with SC Enterprises, ROC nation is some of the areas she has manifested more influence. Perez has some achievements where she’s acknowledged for the $25 million Samsung collaboration, negotiation to facilitate Rihanna anti-tour which led to Rihanna’s fame.

Rihanna’s fame will continue to be attributed to Perez financial and business support. Roc Nation signed a contract worth $150 million with Live Nation in 2008, where Perez was present in the transactions and renewed the contracts between Jay-Z and live nation for the next ten years when the time was set to expire. Perez was the chief operating officer of Roc Nation.

Rock Nation came into existence in 2008 which offer a whole package of services to music producers, recorders and songwriters on matters pertaining promotions, building, and management of brands. Rock nation works together with experts across the industries such as technology, fashion, and management to promote the expertise of their superstars like Rihanna, Shakira and Meek Mill. Desiree Perez has the attributes that are portrayed through her journey in the industry like compassionate plus smart negotiation skills.