How Richard Smith has Transformed Securus Technology

Richard Smith is the CEO of Securus Technology which began in 1986 and has regional offices in Carrolton, Texas, Allen, Georgia, and Atlanta. Richard has an associate degree from Institute of Technology, a bachelor’s degree in Engineering from the New York State University, Buffalo and a master’s degree in Mathematics and an MBA from the University of Rochester. Rick took over as the CEO on June 23, 2008, and is very skilful I and has vast practical experience. Rich has held several positions in the Telkomindustries. BeforeJoining Securus Smith has held various positions in other companies. He was the Controller and the chief information officer in Global Crossing North America. He later moved Midwest telephone services as the technology president, then became Midwest telephone operations manager and then proceeded to Network plant operations where he held various roles.In1998, he moved to Eschelon Telecom Inc and was named the CEO till the year 2000.

In Eschelon, under his leadership, the company’s revenue grew from $30 million to 350Million, and in 2005, he led the Eschelon through a very successful IPO.Since 2008 Rick has steered Securus towards a significant growth with the company continually reviewing and adding new communication solutions. Under the leadership of Rick, the company has added many products including investigator pro and heavily invested acquisition. That is in line with the company’s mission to be the leader in the industry. Securus Technology receives a lot of positive feedback from the community, friends, and family of the inmates applauding the work the company is doing to make incarceration safer.According to Rick who says that proposal products are released weekly to ensure they remain on top thus the positive feedback.

Smith says the company receives a thousand emails from the community on how the company has been providing adequate services which ensure the society is better and safer.Securus in a bid to remain the leader in providing civil and criminal justice technology has brought new senior sales executives to help develop a high-techsoftware, software-based team to enable the company deals with its expanding portfolio. According to Rick since 2015 the company has been investing around $ 600m in acquiring and developing several safety, security and efficient products and the company felt the need to add sales resources. The move will ensure that the company can market its expanding portfolio. Effectively the company has taken in John Bell as the Senior vice president of sales, and Josh Conklin will second him in the sales department. According to Smith, it is essential for the corrections and law enforcers to fully understand what the company is offering to ensure the success of the products.