Karl Heideck Talks About the Effect of Pennsylvania’s New Car Seat Laws

     When he is not in a courtroom or advising one of his numerous clients, Karl Heideck curates a legal blog. He places lots of importance on understanding relevant laws and, for this reason, explains a variety of legal topics as well as recent changes to existing laws for public awareness purposes. Among the latest developments that Heideck has talked about are Pennsylvania’s new car seat laws.

What the New Laws Entail

A few new driving laws concerning car seats have been enacted in Pennsylvania. All drivers are required to have all children under the age of two years in a backward-facing car seat, effective this August. From two to eight years old, all children under 80 pounds or less than 4’9″ tall must be placed in a booster seat. Heideck says that failure to do this exposes a driver to a penalty of up to $75. While the law had been in effect from last year, officers only issued warnings instead of tickets to offenders. Karl advises parents and guardians of young children to choose a seat that fits well into their automobiles. Besides, he says that it is vital to review instructions from the manufacturer of the seat. For maximum safety, the unit also needs to be correctly installed to fit the child’s build.

About Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck attained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English Language and Literature in 2003 from Swarthmore College. After that, he earned his Juris Doctor, Law in 2009 from the James E. Beasley School of Law at Temple University. Karl has been a practicing attorney, specializing in risk management and compliance practices for the last ten years.

The range of Heideck’s professional skills spans a variety of fields including commercial litigation, corporate law, employment law, product liability, legal writing, and legal research. He also devotes a lot of his time to writing about legal matters and informing the public about the law on his blog. He is passionate about the latest happenings in the legal world and offers information that is of interest to the people of Pennsylvania.

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