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A Look At Sujit Chodhry’s Groundbreaking Career In Comparative Law

Comparative law is a part of legal study that has been gaining increasing importance over the last several decades as countries work more closely together in international trade, legal systems, and other ways. Distilled to its foundation comparative law compares and contrasts different legal systems. The field of comparative law examines how different legal structures operate and the roles that these legal structures influence the societies of the countries in which they have developed.

One of the goals of professionals involved in comparative law is to unify these different legal structures so that they operate harmoniously. Another goal is to bring the best practices of legal structures that have been developed into helping developing countries create an equitable and fair legal system that treats all citizens fairly and equally.

One of the leaders in the field of Comparative Law is Sujit Choudhry. Choudhry was born in New Delhi, India and emigrated to Canada as a child. He attended McGill University in Montreal where he obtained his degree in biology. Sujit Choudhry went on in his educational path to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Law from the University of Oxford, for which he obtained the prestigious designation of a Rhodes Scholar, and earned his LL.B at the University of Toronto. He achieved his Master of Law Degree at Harvard Law School. More of this here.

Sujit Choudhry is the Founder of the Center for Constitutional Transitions as well as its Faculty Director. The role of this educational facility is to provide students with the knowledge and skills to enable them to engage in constitution building in countries that need to redevelop their underpinning legal system. Sujit Choudhry is ideally suited for this task as someone that has taken a leading role in developing new constitutions for countries such as Libya, Tunisia, Sri Lanka, and Nepal. Refer to for more reading.

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Sujit Choudhry started his professional career as a law clerk on the Supreme Court of Canada. Among the other positions he has served in his career is being an Assistant Professor of Law at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law for 11 years, the last five of which he was tenured. Check  In addition to founding the Center for Constitutional Transitions he is also an I. Michael Heyman Professor of Law at the School of Law at the University of California, Berkeley.  For Sujit’s contact info, hit on

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The Magnificent Reshaping Of New Brunswick, Courtesy Of the Boraie Development LLC

The Boraie Development LLC is a leading developer in the real estate business, located in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The vision to be an exemplary provider of infrastructural solutions belonged to the 73-year-old Omar Boraie. He is proud that he accomplished his dream and vision for New Jersey.

The founder of the Boraie Development started off his career as a chemistry scholar in Europe and founded his company in 1972, which at first had high false starts. It never seemed to have the possibility of ever bearing any fruits. His first great accomplishment was the completion of the Albany Street Plaza Tower in the 1980s, which is a 250,000 square foot office building.

The turning point into real estate business

The choice to venture into these infrastructural developments was upon the realization that the city needed quality residential apartments, which Boraie envisioned. He embarked on building the Condominium building, which has 25 floors with all manner of office spaces, retail shops, parking lots. The facility was completed in 2007.

According to Central Jersey Working Moms, the project, as published through the Central Jersey Working Mums, ended up attracting various tenants including lawyers, teachers, doctors, firefighters, and business owners. These people developed an interest to work in the improved and modern downtown. It was designed to be trendy and stylish, with a variety of restaurants, entertainment and great night activity to meet the new modern and trendy occupations.

About Boraie Development

The Boraie Development is a privately owned real estate company running its business in the heart of New Brunswick, New Jersey. It operated under the Warehouses and Industrial buildings and was first established in 1986 and incorporated in New Jersey the same year. The annual revenues as reported by the company stands at an annual value of $ 9,279,614.

All the urban real estate market is well catered for under the Boraie Development LLC. It has establishments in sales and marketing, property management and estate development as stated on The team is dedicated to providing unparalleled services to their clients.

The future endeavors under the Boraie Development

The founder is Omar Boraie, who is now 73 years old. Omar is working on another project in New Brunswick, in Somerset Street, which is at the heart of the city called The Aspire. He is happy for having accomplished the vision he had decades ago and the new shape he is giving New Jersey through his spectacular projects.

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One For All and All For One

It was the illegal arrest of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin that led to the inception of the celebrated Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. Michael and Jim are both veteran journalists. The misguided and arbitrary deed was carried out by non other than America’s self-proclaimed toughest Sheriff, a one Mr. Arpiao. Mr. Arpiao had taken issue with Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin for bringing his illegal acts to light. The illegal acts highlighted included;

  • abuse of power,
  • mistreatment of jail mates
  • and his racial profiling of members of the Hispanic community.

Mr. Arpiao was not amused at all by the exposure that the journalists had brought for his flagrant abuse of the Constitution. However, someone really had brought out such vile out to the public.

After a court battle that ended with the court declaring Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin’s arrest to be without probable cause, the court ordered Maricopa County to pay 3.7 million dollars to both Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. The two civil rights activists then decided to put the settlement cash to further purpose of advancing the purpose of the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund.

The Fund’s primary purpose became to benefit the Hispanic community. The community had been the object of gross human rights violations for decades. Lacey and Larkin also decided to help many other groups that strive to protect civil and human rights of migrants of the Hispanic community. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

Several societies have been putting in concerted efforts in dispensing help to migrants all across America. One of the most outstanding civil and human rights activist groups for migrants in America is the American Civil Liberties Union(ACLU). The ACLU has always been concerned that many immigrants get victimized and stripped of fundamental civil and human rights, the perpetrators being the authorities. In their website, ACLU has made shocking reports that there are over 41 million immigrants in the US. The Union claims that 83 per cent of immigrants gets deported from the United States without going through due process.

The ACLU has been championing for the rights of Migrants for than 25 years now and has participated in major legal battles on behalf of migrants.Their main tactic has been to focus on prosecuting draconian laws which are tailor-made to deny migrants access to justice.The laws not only deny immigrants a channel to have their voices heard, but they also provide for their indefinite and mandatory detention.Such laws only achieve end up criminalizing the refugee status in America. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

Another organization that deals with the protection and empowerment of migrants are the Puente Arizona.The Puente Arizona Society, based in Phoenix Arizona, is interested in not only protecting migrant communities from arbitrary laws but also focusing on educating and empowering the communities. According to their organization framework, they build their society with a closed fist, open hand policy.

The closed fist is for fighting draconian laws and laws that encourage criminalization of their members by way of racial profiling and illegal detention, and deportation.The Open Hand policy is geared towards fighting policies that make the lives of their members unbearable put through by those in positions of power.These policies are mainly aimed at segregating the migrants instead of encouraging people to live in peace and harmony.

There many more groups that are out there championing the rights of migrant communities and we salute all of them.This civil, human and migrant rights groups are the answer to the question, Who will guard the guards themselves?

Rick Smith, CEO, Chairman, Securus, The Right Man For The Right Job

Ever since he assumed charge as CEO Securus in 2008, he has made the company move forward with steadfast focus on both improving its services and performance. He was able to do this well on account of his stellar professional background and proven leadership qualities. Smith holds an associate’s degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology, a bachelor’s degree in engineering from the State University of New York, Buffalo as well as an MBA from the Simon School, part of University of Rochester.

His work experience includes stints at Global Crossing, North America, Midwest Telephone Operations, Network Plant operations and Eschelon Telecom Inc., at very senior positions. This provided him with quite a diverse exposure to the workings of companies that deployed an array of cutting edge technologies. Read more on

Under his stewardship Securus has spent as much as $600 million toward the acquisition as well as development of hundreds of safety, security and efficiency enhancing products. In order for the company to reap the benefits of this sizeable investment Smith went ahead and hired a senior executive to oversee the sales of the expanded products and services portfolio.

Smith’s position as CEO of Securus is one of great responsibility, for it involves his having to oversee operations that pertain to providing a wide range of products and services to over 1,000,000 inmates, as well as 2,600 correction, law enforcement and public safety agencies across North America. Among the services provided by Rick Smith Securus are included crucial ones like emergency report, incident management, biometric analysis, public information, investigation and inmate self-service.

Smith became Chairman of Securus in 2009 and under his watch the company has provide stiff competition to their principal business rival, Global Tel Link. His strategy to take them on is to vastly increase the bouquet of products and services offered by it. Additionally its own call center ensures that the level of customer service provided by them is light years ahead that of their competition.

That apart, Securus under Rick Smith’s guidance has paid special attention to the training of field technicians. Additionally he was also instrumental in establishing the world’s biggest VOIP Corrections Calling Platform. It really is quite a gratifying thing that a thorough professional and man of integrity like Smith works for a company that provides products and services in such a crucial part of the nation’s administration.

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The fact that he brings his stellar education background and years of first rate work experience to his jon can only augur well for the company and indeed the industry. If the progress made by Securus under his watch is anything to go by, then hiring Smith was one of the best decisions they ever took. Going forward one can expect Smith to guide his company to ever greater heights of achievement.

EOS Lip Choices for Fun

EOS, or the Evolution of Smooth, offers fun for lip balm choices. Now that everyone knows what EOS is, it has become the it lip balm to have in your purse. They come in several flavors and colors. They even come in collections.


EOS Lip Balm Collection

The Organic Smooth Spheres are the basic lip balms by EOS. The flavors are varied and offer primarily fruits and vanilla. One has mint mixed in. The product is very cool and is one of the EOS lip balm favorites by fans everywhere. Called Sweet Mint, it is fun and the best choice if the buyer is looking for a great lip balm that offers a fresh scent for the lips. It’s made of all organic ingredients.

The second group is the visibly soft, smooth sphere series. It offers a flavor that has coconut as a base. The rest of the flavor is one blackberry flavor and a mint vanilla choice, see for more.

Shimmer Smooth Spheres are a new part of the collections from EOS. One is pink and the other is white. Called Sheer Pink, the pink one gives just a hint of color to the glossy balm. It offers far more sheen than the regular balms, click to read more.

The other choice available in this series is called Pearl White. It has no color, just offers a bit of shimmery shine along with the lip protection and hydration that all EOS products offers. Jump to this site.

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Then there are the lip balms that contain SPF factors in them. Lemon Twist has an SPF of 15 in it. Scented as a lemony flavor, it is the best choice by far for flavor and moderate protection from the sun. The Fresh Grapefruit choice has the highest level of SPF of 30. Some like this choice far better because it has the highest level of sun protection for lips.

Rona Borre Shares Her Story About The Inspiration Behind Instant Alliance

Rona founded Instant Alliance over 16 years ago. In a recent interview with Ideamensch, Rona Borre talked about the factors that inspired her to establish the nationally recognized woman-owned business enterprise. During her early career, Borre worked as a recruiter. She dedicated her time in learning about technology and keeping track of the newest trends in the industry. She focused her businesses on recruiting employees on behalf of other corporations. She went on to win a large market share. Today, the company generates over $30 million in revenues annually.

The entrepreneur said that each of her days is unique. She spends most of her time connecting with clients and developing relationships that help her become her clients’ ideal partner. Borre’s day is fulfilled when she identifies and recruits a top talent for her client.

As the leader of Instant Alliance, Borre has limited freedom on pursuing any idea she wants, as the firm is privately held. However, when any employee at the business comes up with an idea, the company analyzes it before deciding to drop or pursue it. She notes that although some of the ideas have been successful, they have also experienced many failures. Rona encourages entrepreneurs to become persistent as one learns by failing.  For an interesting article, hit

Borre is a huge fan of big data and analytics. She posits that these unique elements are able to help businesses to operate more efficiently. Advancements in different fields have also helped entrepreneurs to make informed business decisions. Rona Borre posits that her success is attributed to her hunger for success. She notes that entrepreneurs can achieve much success by learning to look for new ways of improving their businesses. They should also learn from their mistakes.  Related articles to read on

Rona Borre is a Chicago-based business woman. The founder and leader of Instant Alliance sits on the boards of The Chicago Network, the Young Presidents Organization, and the Economic Club of Chicago. Notably, Rona has been featured on different leading media houses such as USA Today, CNBC, CNN, and Crain’s Chicago. Recently, Enterprising Women Magazine named her the Enterprising Woman of the Year. Rona holds a business degree from the University of Arizona.

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