Ladies, Laughs, and Life Advice from Naruto

Naruto has become an icon anime in the American market. From the catch phrase ‘Believe it!’ to the crush-worthy ladies Sakura and Hinata, that turn this almost into a yuri anime list.  This action adventure fantasy series will keep you coming back for more.

While the storyline focuses predominately on Naruto, who strives to become the Hokage for his village with many prejudices and setbacks, it also follows the lives of both Sakura and Hinata.

Chances are you’ve seen these iconic female characters even if you’ve never watched an episode of Naruto in your life.

Sakura, who is known for her distinctive pink hair and well-intentioned yet annoying personality, is a fan favorite among men and women alike. The creator admitted that he never intended for her to be a heroine for the series, and wrote her specifically as ‘a girl who cannot understand men’. However, she meshed so well with other characters in the serious and so many fans could relate to her, that she ended up being one of the most iconic and recognizable characters from the Naruto series. She is Naruto’s crush for the longest, though she never really returns the feelings.

Hinata, a top anime character who has dark hair, nearly white eyes, and pale skin couldn’t be more different. She is shown to be a serene, thoughtful, kind, and shy girl who has responsibilities piled on her from an early age. Though she doesn’t like to fight, she grows to be a great ninja in her own right. She has great admiration for Naruto from the start, and eventually grows to love him.

These ladies are just two of the many reasons you should watch Naruto – especially now that the series is finally complete. You won’t be disappointed – Believe it!  It’s easily one of the best Netflix anime you can watch.