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Finding Inmates Through Their Voice: Investigator 4.0

Investigator 4.0 by Securus Technologies makes it possible to identify a criminal by his voice. Voices have a quality to them which is as unique as a fingerprint. Just like there are no two fingerprints alike, there are no two voices alike. The differences can be hard to determine, however; and that’s where technology comes in. The right kind of computational software can analyze a voice for similarities and identify said voice being used in disparate locations. Even criminals that try to hide their voices can be foiled by a computer that is looking for characteristics which can’t be consciously downplayed or ignored.



Securus Technologies provides communications solutions for inmates of over 2,600 correctional facilities. In total, Securus caters to some 3,450 public safety institutions, correctional facilities, and law enforcement agencies. Additionally, they deal with 1.2 million inmates on a regular basis. Those inmates often communicate with individuals who are not incarcerated. Despite such a ubiquitous prison system, organized crime in America often deals with the incarcerated. Sometimes, for example, the leader of a criminal organization will be incarcerated and operations from that criminal enterprise don’t cease. Why? They are being conducted from the inside. This can be done through a variety of legal visitations and telephone conversations. With Investigator 4.0 by Securus subsidiary JLG Technologies, it’s easier than ever to identify who may be coming or going as a visitor at a prison. Their voice can be matched against other criminal voices whose phone calls have been recorded. This makes it easier to arrest criminals involved in hidden activity, and curb the tide of criminal behavior that is conducted from within a given facility.


Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Keep Your Lips Smooth With Evolution of Smooth

Evolution of Smooth provides its customers with organic, easy to use lip balm. The product can come in many different sizes, shapes and colors, but every product contains many different ingredients that can help you maintain very healthy lips. Some of these ingredients include Shea Butter and Vitamin E, both ingredients can create incredibly smooth lips. The lip balm is also hypoallergenic, and has been tested to ensure that they are suitable for every Walmart customer.

Not only do the ingredients look amazing, but the attractive design of the lip balm keeps it simple while still looking modern. They can be stored in most places and are very easy to take with you while you are on the go. The little compact spheres come in many different colors as well as flavors. Some of the flavors that the company boasts range from ‘passion fruit,’ to ‘sweet mint.’

Evolution of Smooth has many different product lines to choose from, going from ‘organic smooth spheres,’ to something a little more look changing like the ‘shimmer smooth spheres,’ eBay available product line. The product also comes in sticks instead of spheres, so anyone interested in buying one of their products have many different choices to choose from. This lip balm is definitely worth looking into if you are look for something that will keep your lips healthy and smooth. Visit their website:



Jose Manuel Gonzalez; Politics is Important

Jose Manuel Gonzalez, an agronomic entrepreneur, was the leader of FEDECAMARAS and is the current deputy of Guarico State National Assembly. He gives us two qualities in one person. Jose Manuel Gonzales has perfect experience from two complementary areas. He is an active business person borrowed into politics.

Agriculture, like three remaining sectors, is in a waiting situation. The country stopped producing 500,000 tons of rice. Only 300,000 tons of maize are produced annually. However, the country does not have enough foreign exchange for imports. This situation has condemned to a roller-coaster type of supply system where anyone guarantees nothing. We do not counter either with spare parts and supplies, the little that achieved is unsustainable.

Since the assembly tries to comprehend the situation in agriculture, it has failed to implement necessary policies to attain sustainability. It has always been an unsuccessful management. A closed-door state pointing its weaknesses and flaws, but turns a deaf ear to development. Jose have always urged that things will be better with proper understanding and cooperation among the citizens and government. They continue to loot public funds by overpricing imports. They have made it cheap to steal government money, overbilling citizens, and the remaining money goes to unsustainable imports. Such distortions are the culprits that smuggle bi-national business. If you remove these impurities from the government, Guarico State will be a better place to live.

Insecurity affects the outcome of production in any producing state. This factor is well understood in agriculture. The state of security in Giarico is poor. Numerous farmers are paying criminal gangs to have their products sold in the markets. There are more than 20 kidnappings every week. Carjacking has become rampant. There is no municipality in Guarico State where the situation is different. The general government is spending more money on imports that providing the farmers with a conducive environment to conduct productivity and business. The money paid to criminal gangs can be used in production. The situation will not grow any better even if the government increases on imports. The shortage of foreign exchange is a clear indication that the food situation may prevail longer than expected.

IAP Worldwide the Leader in Advanced Logistics Management

IAP Worldwide is recognized as a leader in global scale logistics management, facilities management, and advanced professional and technical services. The company has a wealth of experience spanning over 60 years providing a comprehensive range of services to international government agencies and organizations. They have continued to maintain international standards of excellence by providing services such as program management. The company works by leveraging and incorporating its effectiveness to provide safe leading edge and dependable solutions that are appropriate for the diverse needs of its customers. IAP Worldwide Services has worked in very complex and challenging situations in more than 100 locations that span across 27 countries.

The Mission of IAP Worldwide

The company has its bases in the in Washington, D.C. area, In Florida, in Maryland, in Oklahoma, in the United Kingdom, and in the Middle East. The company specializes in Aviation and engineering solutions as well as in expeditionary Infrastructure, in Global support services, in IT and Communication services, and in power solutions on LinkedIn. The company’s mission is to handle the most challenging obstacles through the use of authenticated technology, dexterity and inventiveness. The company uses unique skills to provide aviation support services, emergency response services, logistic and network and communication effectual and prompt infrastructure services. These services include custom engineered services, health services and numerous types of emergency services on

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The Leadership of IAP Worldwide

Douglas Kitani is the Chief Executive Officer of IAP Worldwide and is in charge of the strategic direction of the company. The former US army pilot’s wealth of experience has been valuable in leading IAP. Terry DeRosa is the Executive Vice President of IAP and is responsible for financial projections, risk, growth and development, and analysis. Terry is also very experienced the area of finances and is also in charge of accounting, pricing and financial planning. These two leaders are responsible for ensuring that IAP provides better, faster, and more innovative approaches to logistical services by IAP.

Background of IAP Worldwide

The company was previously known as Pan Am World Services and was responsible for building and operating America’s first space launch complex. For 45 years, the company was responsible for the provision of full facilities maintenance support including airport master planning and the construction and management of engineering services. The company was acquired by Johnson Controls Worldwide Services INC. and became a global leader in the operations, maintenance and management of military bases as well as commercial facilities. IAP was later founded and specialized in logistics and procurement. IAP later acquired Johnson Controls Worldwide Services INC. and became known as IAP Worldwide Services with three main areas of business in global operations and logistics, base operations support services, and professional and technical services. The company has continued to be a leading light in these three areas also acquiring 3G Systems, A United Kingdom engineering company.

Richard Blair in Investment Advisory

Investment advisory services are done by registered investment advisers. The main role of these advisers is to advise investors who wish to invest in bonds, stocks, and any other securities of their interests. According to the definitions given in the investment advisers association’s website, there are advisory services offered by individuals, whiles others are offered by registered companies. They both offer professional advice on investment to their clients on issues of investing in securities. The clients authorize their advisers to make any investment decision on their behalf, including when to make an investment, and on which type of securities. This discretional authority must be in line with the guidelines and objectives of the client.

The advisory service providers employ the use of various strategies and styles such as value and growth. Some of the service providers concentrate on equity, which mainly investments on stocks. Others specialize in fixed income (bonds). Other investment advisory companies administer portfolios that comprise of hard cash, bonds, and stocks investments. Most of them prefer to tailor investment plans according to the desires of their clients. Experienced investors may sometimes prefer to have many investment advisers in order to diversify their portfolios through the various investments strategies used by the different advisers. Investment advisers are regulated by investment advisers’ act of 1940.

Richard Blair
Mr. Blair is the owner of wealth solution, which is registered as an investment advisory firm, based in Austin Texas. According to their website, the main reason why Blair started wealth solution was to offer advisory services that would make positive and vital differences for the humanity. He came from a background of teachers where he observed how information empowers people. His grand mum, mother, and spouse were all teachers and he could see how people are enlightened after learning about a concept. He took advantage of this background combined with his knowledge in finance and started the company to help people plan their investment and finances efficiently.

After the college, he worked in the financial services industry for eleven years, before starting his own in 1994. He has specialized in the retirement planning and has helped his clients to plan for and live well after retirement. His strategies have helped many avoid pitfalls that many people find themselves in for their failure to plan, or for choosing a wrong advisory firm. Blair believes everyone deserves to retire successfully, hence the need for early planning.

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