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George Soros Proposes Political Risk Insurance for Ukraine

George Soros has been one of the most prominent international figures to stand behind the incredible democratic reforms being tested out in Ukraine right now. He sees the situation there as full of promise yet also demanding of immediate international attention. Even though Ukraine was able to secure an impressive victory in defending against Russian aggression just a few years ago, Soros says that the inspiring country still has a long way to go in terms of solidifying its new democratic reforms.

In terms of making sure that Ukraine is able to survive being the constant subject of lust from Vladimir Putin as well as able to make sure that its democratic institutions continue to be developed, Soros says the EU must make a move. In contrast to Putin, the EU appears to be willing to do very little in the way of Ukraine. For instance, Putin was willing to risk nuclear war in hopes of successfully invading Ukraine, while the EU mostly treats the situation in Ukraine as simply another global crisis that must be handled along with many others. The contrast in approach between Putin and the EU is cause for alarm for Soros because he thinks that the EU is vastly underestimating the threat to European security that is posed from Putin’s aggression toward Ukraine.

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George Soros | Open Society Foundations (OSF)

One of the first steps that the EU can take in enabling Ukraine to continue its reforms and show that it is indeed invested in protecting the future of Ukraine would be to implement some form of forgiveness for the $19 billion it has accumulated in foreign debt so far. In addition, Soros sees a continued role for sanctions against Russia to deter future aggressive behavior toward Ukraine. However, Soros reasons that the sanctions should eventually be phased out as a way of rewarding Russia for holding up its end of the deal. Once the threat from Russia has been more decisively neutralized and Ukraine is not bleeding out its national budget in debt repayment, Soros sees an even larger role for the leadership of the EU in Ukraine.

Aside from restructuring the debt repayment deal for more favorable terms for Ukraine, Soros advises that foreign investment is an absolute necessity in growing the economy of Ukraine. It is understandable that foreign private companies are not chomping at the bit right now to invest in Ukraine because of the inherent risks in its shaky political system. This is where political risk insurance could play a major role in encouraging foreign companies to treat Ukraine as a viable investment opportunity. The EU would spread the burden of accounting for payouts from the political risk insurance system among the states. This way, no one state would bear a disproportionate burdening in accounting for a payout if a catastrophic event were to occur in Ukraine.

Soros understands the interplay between international organizations offering immediate financial relief to Ukraine and the need for long term financial investment in Ukraine. According to him, the EU has the resources and credibility to make reform and stability possible for Ukraine.

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Jim Hunt Teaches Clients How To Gain From The Stock Market

Discovering the keys to wealth have never been easier with the benefits of VTA Publications. Founded by the famous investment professional Jim Hunt. There are a lot of people that want to live out their dreams, but don’t have the finances or the means to do so. That is why Hunt advised his clients to take their success in their own hands by starting their own business. During this financial uncertainty he understands the need to earn a living and live out your dreams that you worked so hard for on your nine to five.

VTA Publications has the keys to biblical wealth and they teach you how to earn money from a falling stock market. The fluctuations of the stock market can put more money in your pocket, help you save, plan for retirement, and even buy a new home. You can live the lifestyle that you’ve always dreamed up without the threat of going back to a mediocre lifestyle. The keys to wealth are laying right there at your fingertips. Learn how to make money from the proven financial strategies offered by VTA Publications and you can start a small business and live how you want.

VTA Publications offers tuition assistance to those who need it and you’re never alone with around the clock technical support. There are over 5,000+ money making solutions available through VTA Publications. You don’t have to think about how you’re going to come up with a starter business idea because their course has a variety of techniques that have proven to work. VTA Publications has excellent industry and customer reviews. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to strike it rich with proven techniques that are a fraction of the cost of their competitors. Take your life in your own hands by deciding that you’re going to invest in your small business through VTA Publications. Hunt is standing by to give you advice and encourage you to financial freedom every step of the way. Jim Hunt is proud to back the VTA Publications name and is inviting all serious business professionals to join today.

Talk Fusion is Innovative Video at its Best!


When Bob Reina started Talk Fusion, I think he had a pretty good idea it was going to be successful and become a real hit with people. However, I don’t think he could have even imagined it would reach the levels of popularity it has in such a short period of time. However, Bob Reina is the type of person that can sense what the public needs and he likes to give it to them. He is all about making people happy and most of all, making dreams come true. He feels it is what he was put on this earth for, and he is happy when his products can make life easier and more enjoyable.

Talk Fusion is known as the “All in One Video Marketing Solution.” Anything that is all in one is great for customers. It makes things easier. Let’s face it: life is hard enough as it is and sometimes we need things to be a little easier for us. The easier they are, the more successful we can become, as we don’t have any roadblocks in our way. We simply can push forward without any obstacles and without anything standing in our way. That is the best way to operate and the best way to achieve success.

The great thing about this product is that it can be had for just one low price. What you pay for it, you earn it back in more ways than one. It helps you stay connected and that is what the world is all about today: staying connected. Whether you want to stay in touch with loved ones, your business, or reconnect with an old friend, Talk Fusion allows you to do that. What is great about this product is that it is simplified for those that might not be as tech savvy. That is not a knock on them, but it is easy to use, fun, and there are a variety of templates to choose from when using this product.

No matter how you want to use Talk Fusion, there is a way for you to use it. There are really no limits with this product, which is why it is growing in popularity, each and every single day. There is no better time than now to sign up and purchase Talk Fusion, as you will find it rewards you in ways you never thought possible in your life.


Shaygan Kheradpir: New Coriant CEO


The chairperson of the board of committee members and the CEO of the Coriant Company is none other than the great Shaygan Kheradpir. This company has an excellent reputation as well as a market and also a proven supplier of the innovative networking solutions in more than one hundred countries in the entire world. This does not fail to include the not out of ten tier in the world of communications as a service provider in itself.

Shaygan is also a well-known figure in the world of governance as well as technology. He is also recognized for his outstanding skills in leadership as well as technology with a vast experience that spans over twenty-eight years. He also has experience in plenty about technology communication, as well as the industries of finance. Shaygan’s career began at the company by the name GTE incorporation that gave him the first opportunity, and he used it to show the world his extraordinary talents in leadership and technological innovations. He was then later on appointed as the Verizon EVP and also as the leader in information officer. At that very company, he also became the executive member of the board of directors. Still, at the Verizon company, he leads the team that was set aside to manage the developmental and innovations that would make the business come out shining. He drove the systems at the Verizon company to a more innovated system and more efficient than ever before. He was also forefront at pioneering innovative products like the FiOS, which is one of the largest infrastructure program in the entire United States of America with more than twenty billion dollars in investment.

Shaygan, later on, went to work with Barclays Bank. This is also the platform where he also held leadership roles in his career. He helped the company in creating a transformation program in mobile banking that saw the company’s growth more than double with the conversion program in more than fifty countries in the world with more than one hundred and fifty employees. This went down to history as the turn round of the transformation history of the bank into modernization in the 21st century. He, therefore, became the Jupiter Networks CEO and helped the company in developing an integrated plan in networking and marketing before he joined variant, Shaygan worked as an operating partner for the Marlin equities focusing on technology and telecom services.

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Apps That Drive Business

Helping investors quickly figure out what kind of profit they might make when sampling from a mix of commercial real estate opportunities is something that any good firm should make as easy as possible. Investors are only looking to for returns on property, unlike the single family home buyer who is normally making an emotional decision. Davos Real Estate Group, headquartered in Miami, Florida, announced they have developed an app called the “Davos CAP Calculator.” The calculator is designed to help clients determine their estimated rate-of-return on investments-of-interest.

The real estate portion of this company is part of a larger holding, called Davos Financial Group. This group has had great success around the world, and has been a true standout relative to investments made in the Latin American markets over the past 20 years. David Osio said the development of this app was an important step for this real estate group to make in an attempt to make investing as easy as possible for those clients in the United States. The whole point of this app is to offer financial guidance in an easy-to-use, interactive, and always-available option.

Another benefit built into this app is a mortgage calculator. In this way clients can fully considered all aspects of an investment, including projections by the bank, how the length of the mortgage will impact the costs, and what the prevailing interest rates could be, depending on when the mortgage might be assumed. This app might not have been completed at a better time, as Davos Real Estate Group has been aggressively pursuing growth options in Europe, with a focus on Spain. This app will eventually work to support clients and agents across the entire group.

It is no wonder David Osio, CEO of Davos Financial Group, has a focus on Latin America. He was educated in Latin America and Venezuela. Initially starting out as the President of a coffee export company, some 12 years after successfully driving that venture, he would start his own financial group. His overall goal with his financial group is to create tailored experiences for clients in each market, fully aware that markets do vary. His firm becomes a student of the local economies where they are considering opening up offices, learning all they can so that they can eventually match the needs of people in the area, as opposed to trying to offer something outside of what they are looking for.

This smart approach to business has helped David Osio watch his financial group thrive, and they are on the precipice of celebrating a quarter century in business. His offices are also concerned about social and corporate responsibility, supporting those in need and fostering an atmosphere of cultural growth in the communities where he has a presence.

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Inspiration From Within

Dick DeVos is the son of Amway co-founder, Richard DeVos, Sr. In reading The Family That Gives Together, I have learned that the DeVos family is among some of the most generous contributors of the conservative movement. The DeVos’ join the likes of the Kochs as well as the Bradleys. Whether it be the Heritage Foundation, Freedom Works Foundation or the Orlando Magic, I am fairly certain that one or more members of the DeVos family has contributed to their successes. The above mentioned are a small sampling of organizations who have seen benefits which were the result of the millions of dollars from the DeVos family.
While this articles focus is on the DeVos family as a whole, I would like to share some thoughts I have regarding Dick DeVos. The more I read the more interested I became. The welcome message on the website is not only inspiring, I find it to be relevant to the times we are living in.

Be bold. Take the first step today.Smile. Be humble.
Work hard. Volunteer. Tutor. The important thing is
to make a difference and follow through your commitments.
– Dick DeVos

I would be very skeptical if asked to pick something Dick DeVos would be unsuccessful at. It seems to me that since he was a young boy his path to success was already set into motion. After graduating from public school in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Dick went on to receive his bachelor’s degree in business administration. His many accomplishments began working in the family business, the Amway Corporation. While he held a variety of positions, he eventually became one of Amway Vice Presidents.
After some years at Amway, Dick DeVos decided to try his hand at President and CEO of a National Basketball organization. There were some who doubted whether someone with his business sense could actually achieve success as head of the Orlando Magic.This venture turned out to be yet another successful accomplishment.Dick DeVos also had a desire to run for governor of Michigan in 2006. While in the end he was defeated by the Democratic Incumbent, Jennifer Granholm, he spent more than $30 million of his own money throughout his campaign.
Dick and Betsy, married 35 years,have 7 children and 5 grandchildren. Dick is the President of the Dick and Betsy DeVoe foundation which has donated thousands of dollars to various causes, including educational, artistic and religious among others.With a license to pilot both helicopters and jet aircraft’s, Dick is a two time National Champion Sailor.
I stated earlier that I found the quote on his homepage of the website inspirational.I think you will agree that in this case, the inspiration comes from within Dick DeVos himself.

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The Pursuits of Michael Zomber

Michael Zomber is truly a unique person. His everyday hobbies to career are fascinating. He is known as a highly respected gun collector and historian and he is also a talented storyteller. His writing includes many screenplays and novels like Sweet Betsy That’s Me: A Child of the Civil War, Shogun Iemitsu, and a non-fiction work, Jesus and the Samurai,Park Avenue, and A Son of Kentucky. All these can be found and purchased on Amazon. He also has a critically acclaimed documentary film Soul of the Samurai The he produced by their proprietary company, Renascent Films LLC.

Zomber’s uniqueness and talents do not end with his writing. He has been collecting antique armor that Resulted in a spot as a guest historian on the History Channel’s Tales of the Gun series.

Zombers is also an internationally recognized authority on Japanese samurai swords. He is so dedicated to his hobbies and career that he does not let any trials that life threw at him to get in the way of his passions.

According to Facebook, Michael Zomber currently lives with his wife and two children. He is both an educated and talented man that holds a bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Psychology and a master’s degree in English Literature.

George Soros Beckham: From Open Societies to European Union Brexit

George Soros Beckham, Soros Fund Management LLC was born in Budapest in the year 1930. If you have heard of him, it is probably from his financial works. He graduated from the London School of Economics. This probably proves his interest and passion for economics. George is known to be the world’s leading currency speculator. On top of this, he is a celebrated author, having written a total of fourteen books on various issues in the world including philanthropy, economy and politics.

Soros lived in the USA after fleeing Hungary, back when it was dominated by communists. After graduating there, George Soros opened up his own international investment fund business. He run this business for some years, until he felt that he had acquired enough money to explore some of his other passions.

So in the year 1979, he decided to start his philanthropy. In this year alone, he helped some South African students access funds and go back to school. That was back when apartheid reigned in South Africa. In the following year, he tried to eliminate communism by providing copier machines in the Eastern block to copy messages that would support cultural exchange between them and the west.

His philanthropy of an open society has seen some serious changes in communities. This has all been possible through the Open Society, which is a network encompassing different partners and projects in over 100 countries in the world.

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George Soros | Open Society Foundations (OSF)

He attributes his boldness and controversy to his financial status. He says that his financial position has rendered him free to say what pleases and address what he thinks need to be addressed and other people are afraid to address it. Through his courage to speak out, he has seen societies and even lives of other people in different regions of the world transform.

George Soros shares some of his ideals through books. He has written over 10 books now and is known as one of the best- selling authors in the world. The Tragedy of the European Nations, being one of his latest releases. In this book, written in the year 2014, he talks of his predicament on Britain leaving the European Union. And, it is not surprising that his predicament is almost coming to pass.

His works added to the fact that he is one of the most influential individuals in the world is likely to have a great influence on how Britain Citizens vote. He has earned a large following, who trust his decisions. Therefore during the vote for whether Britain should leave or remain in the EU, he is bound to influence a large amount of voters to follow suit.

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