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New Brunwick Devco Remains in Financial Trouble

It has been over a decade since the Middlesex County Improvement Authority received a $20 million loan for the construction of a hotel. That hotel, the Heldrich, was developed by the New Brunswick Development Corporation and opened in 2007 right when the Great Recession hit. As a result, the hotel has struggled to attract guests, and the MCIA and New Brunswick Devco have struggled to repay their loans. As reported in The Press of Atlantic City, MCIA could not pay the $1 million principal on that $20 million loan given to them by the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority Your text to link… . Over the past five years, the Middlesex County Improvement Authority has missed $7 million in payments. Meanwhile, New Brunswick Devco’s hotel is largely empty. In 2015, the Heldrich’s occupancy rate was 63.5 percent. Devco also had to use over $776,000 of its own money to help pay for basic operational costs, including the purchase of new mattresses and new carpeting.

The New Brunswick Devco is a non-profit company created during the 1970s. Its goal is to help with urban renewal in the city. Since its inception, DEVCO has overseen $1.6 billion worth of projects. These include the Gateway Transit Village, the Riverwatch Residential Community, and the Middlesex County Family Courthouse.



The Life and Career of David Osio

As the CEO and founder of Davos Financial Group, David Osio is responsible over the global and domestic strategy firm. In addition to this, Osio also oversees the operational matters, helps to ensure effective practices in management, and is part of the development of the the financial services firms portfolio. After he had established the first asset management company with the needs in the Latin American market, especially for Venezuela, Osio spent almost 20 years in transforming DFG into a global company that has offices within the major financial centers like New York, Geneva, Panama, Miami, and Lisbon. In his early career, from 1989 to 1993, Osio served as the vice president of Banco Latino International, a commercial banking company in Miami. As the manager in departments for private and corporate banking, he has been
responsible for defining department strategies. While at Banco Latino International, Osio would reach increases for the bank’s international portfolio, this included counterbalancing of the relative instability for the Venezuela’s banking industry at that time. Before starting at Banco Latino International in 1989, David Osio graduated from Catholic University Andres Bello, located in Caracas, as a lawyer and graduated with honors. It was then that he would begin his career in Venezuela, working at Legal Desk MGO as the Director, his responsibilities in this position was to provide legal advice for multinational clients such as Consolidated and Ferro Bank. And almost a decade later, David Osio has completed his specialization at Higher Administration Studies,
an institute located in Caracas, completing this between 1996 and 1998. And as of 2010, he has gained advanced professional credentials, while at the New York Institute of Finance, where he is studying Management Investment Portfolios.

In February of 2016, falling oil prices had threatened the payment of an external debt in Venezuela. After a sharp drop for oil prices, there were some countries within Latin America that had managed better in comparison to others. In Mexico and Colombia, who are more free-market oriented areas, the collapse of oil prices did not
experience any large-scale crises, this being because of flexibility in their economic policies. For these countries, thanks to the floating currency market system, it allows an adjust to their economies before any external shocks that are currently affecting other parts of the world. However, in the countries like Venezuela, the
economic and political system does not allow for flexibility in adjusting, and the evaporation of revenue from oil industries has caused a liquidity crisis dollars, according to David Osio. Also, according to Osio, this results in creating a negative spiral that will directly affect the domestic production, and will put the economics
at risk in the future, and without an investment there is no guarantee of it.

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Magic Mike XXL and a Male Stripper’s Big Comeback

Magic Mike XXL is a comedic drama that was produced in the United States. The film was released in theaters in the beginning of July in 2015. It’s a sequel that follows Magic Mike, a 2012 box office hit. Stars of the film include Channing Tatum, Joe Manganiello, Kevin Nash, Jada Pinkett Smith, Elizabeth Banks and Matt Bomer. The movie’s director is Gregory Jacobs.

Magic Mike XXL revolves around Mike, a man who gave up a stripping career. Although Mike was a true success in the stripping business, he made the decision to exit it three years ago. In Magic Mike XXL, Mike and his buds decide to head to sunny Myrtle Beach to have a final hurrah. Crystal Hunt is the name of the actress who portrays “Lauren” in Magic Mike XXL. Lauren is one of the girls who has a dalliance with Tito, a character played by actor Adam Rodriguez.

Crystal Hunt was born in Clearwater, Florida on February 5th, 1985. She’s an American native. She appeared on the popular soap opera “Guiding Light” between the years of 2003 and 2006. Her role was that of Lizzie Spaulding, daughter of Beth Raines and Phillip Spaulding. Hunt after that appeared in yet another popular soap opera, One Live to Live. The actress was on the program from 2009 to 2010. Her character was called Stacy Morasco.

Hunt has been involved in show business for practically her entire life. She was in pageants when she was just two years in age. She also had many commercial appearances from an early age. She was in a commercial with famed pop music act *NSYNC, for example. The goal of this commercial was to spread drug awareness and to discourage people from use. She also had a part in a television commercial that centered around the Walt Disney Company’s anniversary festivities. Movies have also been an extremely important part of Hunt’s career thus far. Hunt was in a 2005 movie that was called “The Derby Stallion.” She was also in a 2007 movie called “Sydney White.” Sydney White was released by Universal Pictures.  Crystal is also a photographer, and maintains a popular Facebook profile for fans.

Don’t Let Negative Articles Strangle Your Business

Whether they are false claims or not makes no difference, suffering from negative feedback or some negative articles written about your company can be devastating. People today rely heavily on customer feedback and reviews and have no time nor the desire to validate their accuracy. As a result, being the recipient of bad articles can put a company at great risk.

Being the victim of negative articles being written about your business rarely offers much recourse unless the offense is egregious enough to warrant legal action. But rarely is the mere writing of negative articles elevated to that degree of slander. And if they were, lawsuits cost a great deal of time and money which could be just as devastating to a small web business.

Whether or not the negative attacks on your business warrants legal action does not change the fact that the damage from these bad articles needs to be reversed in order for customer inflow to be restored. The first step of course is to put an end to the negative article campaign against your business. If you are being slandered unjustly then this may take little more than a cease and desist order issued by an attorney. If on the other hand, the negative feedback is of your own doing, it’s time to clean things up in your own house. Once this step is accomplished, the arduous task of burying bad articles on the internet can begin.

Restoring your businesses reputation does not take a magic trick but it does require a great deal of time and dedication coupled with a skillset that aids in seeking out the negative sources so that they can be countered. This can be accomplished in-house if you have an individual dedicated to SEO and internet marketing however, they are going to get real busy working outside their primary duty.

Unless you are staffed to take on such an endeavor, bringing in a reputation management team such as Bury Bad Articles might yield greater and timelier results. They are relative newcomers to the game but have already proven their strength and proficiency in burying negative articles for their clients. And to back themselves up, their services are 100% guaranteed.

Whichever route you choose, it is imperative that your businesses good reputation be restored. Failing to do so will continue to impact sales and could eventually lead to its demise.

Stephen Murray: Longtime Investor And Former CEO of CCMP Capital

The former CEO of CCMP Capitol, Stephen Murray was a successful businessman who focused in private equity investing. Murray was raised in New York City, in a suburb located in Westchester County.

He also attended the Boston College where he graduated with a Bachelors Degree in economics in 1984. Afterwards he later decided to pursue a degree in Business Administration, in which he received his Masters Degree from Columbia Business School in 1989. During the same year that he graduated from Boston College, Murray received a position of Credit Analyst Trainee at Manufacturers Hanover Trust Corporation.

During Stephen’s time at Manufacturers Hanover Trust, he earned the the position of Vice President, in which he primarily focused middle-market lending. His career at Hanover Trust led him to a job at MH Equity Corporation, which was the combination of the leveraged finance unit and the private equity group of Manufacturers Hanover.

In 1991, MH Equity and Chemical Venture Partners conjoined after Manufacturers Hanover was bought out by Chemical Bank. Afterwards, in 1996, Chemical Bank became apart of Chase which led Chemical Venture Partners being named Chase Capital Partners.

Chase then acquired J.P. Morgan & Co. which then led to Chase Capital Partners becoming JP Morgan Partners. Here, he filled the role of head of buyout business. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital: Exclusive: CCMP Capital CEO Stephen Murray Leaves Firm and CCMP Capital Resumes Business After Death of Stephen Murray

Throughout all of these acquisitions, Murray stayed through all of it. This led to him becoming Co-Founder, when JP Morgan Partners spun out into CCMP Capital in 2006. The following year he then become the CEO of the company. His experience led him to become a private equity pioneer as he led CCMP 8 more years.

During his time as CEO, his company expanded with offices in all over the world in London, Tokyo, and Hong Kong. In his multiple decade long experience, Steven Murray has served on the board of board of numerous big name companies such as AMC Entertainment through CCMP’s investments.

Stephen Murray was also a man with a big heart, he donated to multiple organizations and charities such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation. After leading CCMP, which was among the most sizable private equity companies in the world, he left the company due to health reasons.

Soon after, he passed away on March 12th 2015, at the age of 52. He passed after many years of work, leaving behind his wife and 4 children.

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The Review At Shows How Good Wen By Chaz Is

Wen hair by Chaz [see,] is so popular that people are seeing marketing for it all over sephora, but they might not have tried it on their own. They need to see that it can give them the results that they want, and the only way to learn is to try the shampoo. Watching the review is very helpful for people who want to make sure that their hair will not shed, and it can actually help someone grow their hair thicker.
The review of Wen Hair shampoo is pretty enlightening because it shows how easy it is to use, and it shows that someone who has bought the shampoo can make it last for a long time. People do not have to spend their time wondering how they will keep their hair from falling out because now shedding has been handled. The chemical makeup of the shampoo is such that people will not see their hair falling out, and it will help them keep their hair growing thick. That is important because people who have thin hair have to deal with the hair falling into the bottom of the shower. It is easier to deal with healthier hair, and that is what is guaranteed with help from Wen by Chaz Dean shampoo and conditioner.

The overall review is good news for people who are in need of help with their thin hair. Thin hair can be a scourge on someone who has been fighting it for so long, but now it can be stopped by using this one shampoo. Anyone who wants to give this kind of shampoo a chance should make sure that they have the shampoo in their shower, and they can do the same test that was done by the people at Bustle with this very nice picture article.

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Carol Dweck and ClassDojo Team Up to Bring a Growth Mindset into Schools

Carol Dweck, Stanford psychology professor, discovered through years of research that teaching about growth mindset results in increased motivation and productivity. A fixed mindset is when people believe their intelligence is a fixed trait. As a result, they do not spent time and effort working to improve their intelligence. Instead, they tend to simply wait for rewards to come. When people believe their abilities can be increased by working hard and believing in themselves, they develop resilience through hard work, and end up with great accomplishments. Dweck calls this having a growth mindset.

The idea for the ClassDojo videos grew out of teacher feedback about difficulty in explaining the growth mindset to their students. The friendly monsters in the ClassDojo universe explain this to students in ways they can understand, leading to student empowerment and connections between teachers, students, and parents.
Ed-tech company ClassDojo has produced a series of animated videos with Stanford’s Project for Education Research That Scales (PERTS) that features the ClassDojo monsters already known to many students. ClassDojo and PERTS plan to survey teachers and students before and after using the videos to determine how well the videos work. ClassDojo already has a prominent position in many schools. KQED, Inc. reports that, “ClassDojo is now being used by teachers in half of all U.S schools, as well as by teachers in 180 other countries.” To see the first five videos and read more about the project, see:

ClassDojo is focusing its position in the classroom to become a “closed circuit communication tool – basically a window into the classroom for parents,” with teachers’ approval. ClassDojo has recently raised $21 million to develop an app that will allow teachers to communicate frequently about student activities and development at school. The app can be used throughout the day to send photos and videos to parents to show off their child’s latest school activities, and can be used at home to improve parent-child communication about school. Parents could sign field trip forms and pay fees through the app. ClassDojo’s founders see this as a ground-up change and believe the focus on communication between the classroom and home will improve parent, teacher, and student collaboration. They see this communication platform becoming a social network or messaging platform similar to Facebook and Snapchat, to be used in creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools.


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Volunteer Editors Save The Day At Wikipedia



Even a civilized organization like Wikipedia ( on occasion might seem to be crawling with obstruction and disagreement, according to one of the organization’s volunteer editors. In an e-mail, he reported to the site’s producer several attempts to write articles for Wikipedia page for company and he has been faced with not only rejection but three-letter name-calling and eventual blocking from the site. Other contributors, coming to his defense, say they have felt similar resistance, even abuse, from fellow-users on this and other similar sites.

The almost-universal openness of these programs can leave any web-site post open to contradiction and disagreement from almost any direction. In the above case, the editor in question so strongly disagreed with the validity of a piece of supporting evidence that, in defending his viewpoint, he was blocked from the site.

As reported by Tech.Mic.(Mic Network Inc.), the intensity of the incident brought out a host of other Wikimedia members who say they have also felt somewhat bullied by fellow contributors when they try to make a Wikipedia page, even though the site is much smaller than the huge social media networks where some users still feel the bulk of online harassment. Observers have suggested that, without in-person interaction, users of any of these sites may find it difficult to discover what common ground they share.

Another factor in bullying is a dwindling staff of volunteer editors that serve and support Wikipedia’s 80,000-strong cadre of contributors, according to a NY Times op-ed piece by a Wikipedia member. This editor suggests clashes such as this one between Wikipedia editors may be partially to blame. Wikipedia reminds users that in case of conflict they can alert the site’s Support and Safety team at “[email protected]

Contributors work on a variety of different projects within the foundation, each of which has its own system of oversight. Furthermore, she said she welcomes conversations about how Wikimedia can better serve its volunteers who wish to make Wikipedia page. “We encourage impassioned debate about what the Wikipedia community should look like in the future, I don’t think this is what this story is.”

“Through its very existence, Wikipedia is a positive medium that gives the user a means to create a Web page for himself or herself…” this member-editor reminds us. “…without the headaches inherent in the details a full Web page requires. Through Get Your Wiki ( a user can bypass those problems while giving himself or his business the benefits and opportunities that one can only get from an effective online presence created by professional Wikipedia publishers.”

Shared Office Space Now Made Affordable and Accessible

With the increasing cost of personal office space on the rise throughout much of the Western world, it is no wonder that many people have been seeking after a cheaper alternative to increase their productivity. Many people today work independently, but they do not necessarily want to be alone. Humans crave and need interaction. We want to bounce ideas off one another. Watching others around us be successful motivates us to work harder as well. Enter the concept of co-working.

While co-working is just beginning to catch on throughout much of America and Europe, its roots can be traced back centuries. Consider, for example, the Renaissance era workshops of 15th century Italy. It was here that master artists devoted much of their time teaching new artists in a community like atmosphere. They displayed new techniques to other interested artists, and they exchanged ideas designed to help and support one another in their art related endeavors. They valued creativity and innovation back then, just like companies such as Google and Apple do today.

Self-made entrepreneurs do not always have the luxury of being able to engage other like-minded individuals in conversation designed to spark those creative juices. Co working makes this possible. Not only does it reduce expenses associated with a traditional office by cutting out many of the unnecessary costs, but it also provides many of the logistics that freelancers and consultants need today. This phenomenon is sweeping all across America, from San Francisco to New York and all points in between.

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Workville in New York City demonstrates why this concept works so well. Most people know that office space in New York City is extremely expensive and out of the range of people individual business people. At the same time, the Metropolitan area is home to thousands of small business minded individuals working hard to reshape that creative landscape of the region and beyond. Workville has been able to accommodate them in a state of the art facility right on one of the most sought after streets in the city, on Broadway.

For a nominal monthly fee, freelancers and consultants alike can have a professional presence in New York City. There is ample space to spread out and work, and the collaboration that takes place on a daily basis is priceless. In addition, there are state of the art conference rooms where client meetings can take place, enhancing the reputation of small businesses throughout the city.

Darius Fisher Fixes His Own Company’s Reputation

Status Labs has gained an enormous amount of positive attention over the past four years. President and co-founder Darius Fisher is proud of all the positive times he and his staff have experienced at the company. In an article Fisher wrote for the Huffington Post, Fisher revealed the company had to deal with its own crisis situation once. The experience was not exactly pleasant.

No one can control what an employee does on his or her free time. This is not only true for entry level employees, but also executives. When an executive for Status Labs did something that brought dire media attention on the company, a lot of trouble ensued. Status Labs’ own reputation was, as the saying goes, mud. News reports in the local media dragged the company’s name into the controversy.

The executive was removed. This, alone, was not enough to mitigate the situation. Employees were very nervous about the way events occurred and some quit. Fisher quickly responded by improving conditions for employees. Not that things were every unpleasant, but Fisher went the extra mile to make working at the company quite fun and enjoyable. He also boosted internal communications to ease personnel concerns.

The company is also very careful about who it hires. Being additionally cautious about who works with and for the company. Doing so absolutely helps reduce the chances of employee/executive problems becoming the company’s.

The company is succeeding immensely these days thanks to the hard work of Darius Fisher. Darius Fisher knows a lot about digital marketing, public relations, and advertising. Fisher worked as a copywriter and a political consultant, two fields that gave him great insight into effective reputation management.

Fisher has been honored by third-party entities for his work. He was added to PR Week’s Innovation 50 list of top new digital marketers. He was also asked to speak at Impact15 in Las Vegas, a prestigious event for the digital marketing industry. Fisher would not receive these honors if he was not exceptionally talented and successful. Nor would he be the subject of various interviews with respected publications, news services, and websites.

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