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The Leading Global Video Marketing Solution, Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion the leader in video marketing solution launched a 30 day Free Trial in more than 140 countries worldwide. The Free Trial projected to the prospective customers who are in the need of knowing the great Talk Fusion Video Marketing Solutions. It is a plan that has been in the making for over one year.


There is a website that has been put in a place to which the interested individuals, business, and charities may sign up. The website is and requires only a name and an email address to sign up. Credit card information is not required making the sign up very fast.


Once signed up, the Free Trial users’ access Video email, Video Newsletters, Live Meetings, Sign Up forms and the 2016 WebRTC Product of the Year Award winning Video Chat. This will enable the trial users to have a taste of Talk Fusion powerful marketing tools.


At the Free Trial access experience, the users will have to enjoy the comprehensive virtual library. The library entails product video tutorials, step by step guides and white papers containing good tips to boost businesses. From the library, it is where the trial users will get to have a better taste of the awesome Talk Fusion extreme success and prosperity.


Talk Fusion is an excellent global leader in video marketing solutions. Its business has been able to grow to extremely high levels. They have changed lives through their proprietary, patent-pending video technology.


Talk Fusion has been able to reach over 140 countries worldwide in nine languages. This has been possible through the use of independent associates located in these countries which take part in the person to person trading strategy.


The company came into existence in 2007 through Bob Reina, who is the Founder and the Chief Executive Officer of the same firm. The company has been able to introduce the first World’s Instant Pay Compensation Plan. Talk Fusion’s great ethical business practice has made it possible to have a membership in the Direct Selling Association.


The company has been able to give back to family, friends, communities and animal countries worldwide.

Get Rid of all those Costly Hair Care Product

A week-long testing trial for any conditioner or shampoo makes a good sample size, but one has to consider the environmental effects humidity versus dry desert air has on hairstyles. In an article found on they tested a 5-in-1 cleansing condition called Wen hair by Chaz( They tested the cleansing conditioner for 7 days with varying results each day. Wen by Chaz offers a variety of conditioners that may appeal to different individuals, but the one used in the test was the Sephora Fig version. Emily McClure, the tester used this version because of her thinner, finer hair.
As mentioned by Emily during her first day use, she said that her hair felt thicker during the shower cleansing of her hair. She noticed fewer hairs falling out, and a general feel of thick shinier hair. However, after waking up each day, Emily noticed her hair felt oily and greasy, especially around the roots. She recommended that when using Wen by Chaz Dean that if you skip a day that you may end up with oily hair a lot of the time. However, the product yielded desired results if used on a daily basis, thicker, fuller hair with a shinier mane.

Wen hair is a complex cleansing conditioner that has a 5-to-1 element replacing your shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave-in conditioner. Though a 16 oz. bottle may set you back about $32 retail, it can be found for less on the Ebay website. The purpose of Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioners is to reduce the amount of hair care products consumers use.

The end result however is to provide you with the style you want, with thick, smooth, shiny healthy hair that requires less upkeep than all your other products usually generate. Most users have reported positive results in using Wen by Chaz.

Lime Crime Helps Everyone Look Grand

Lime Crime has just exceeded two million Instagram followers, and it is the perfect company for making women look grand. There are a lot of women who want to make sure that they are wearing the best colors and styles, and they are going to have the best results when they are following Lime Crime. The company was started because there was a need for bright colors in cosmetics, and every woman who is trying to make herself look great needs to be sure that she has Lime Crime on the vanity.

The company releases a lot of pictures every year that are going to help women try new colors, and the pictures on Instagram are an inspiration for all the women who are following them. The company is being revolutionary in how it presents color to women, and it is trying to show women all the different ways that they will be able to use their colors.

There are so many women that need help with these things, and it is important that all these women are going to look at a picture that is going to help them get ready. The pictures from sites like Pinterest can be used as a guide for all women, and they are going to have a chance to keep wearing things they see in the pictures that make them feel their best.

Women can pick out something on Instagram from Lime Crime that is going to be fun for them to try, and a woman who wants to change to a completely new style is going to be able to get the color combinations she wants by looking at things on social media. Women are going to learn a lot about how to do their makeup, and these same women are going to feel like they have made the right decisions when selecting their colors. Selecting the right colors for all women is very important, and it is necessary for these women to remember that they will be able to change to any new color at any time. Lime Crime gives them the perfect selection to choose from. Engage with them online, follow the Instagram, but also check out Lime Crime on Facebook where there’s another large community of makeup lovers.

George Soros Focuses on China’s Impact During Market Chaos

Nearly eight years after stock markets across the world virtually collapsed in unison, billionaire financier George Soros remains concerned that the world could be looking at a nightmarish replay of those circumstances.

Back on January 7, Soros indicated the China’s continuing economic hiccups are the cornerstone of such thinking on his part. Citing the twin problems of currency devaluation and the struggle to uncover a new way to grow their massive economy on nybooks, Soros indicated that the country’s ability to adjust to such concerns will help determine if what he considers a crisis develops into a full-blown economic disaster as it did in 2008.

At the time Soros uttered those words, the calendar year had gotten off to such a volatile start that more than $2.5 trillion had been lost in just the first few days. Those losses continued for a while longer, but have since eased up.

Still, a litmus test for many tends to be the various volatility indexes across world economic markets. All of them were showing great concern, since higher levels of what’s known as the fear gauge make all investors uneasy. That sort of mentality then trickles down into the entire economy.

The fact that China is currently the world’s second largest economy (behind the United States), is a factor that automatically raises their stature in financial markets. That means that their massive population and the world that depends on their trading capabilities have to thrive in some fashion to prevent negative economic factors from reverberating around the globe.
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China’s main issue has been a slowing down of its manufacturing sector, which has resulted in the Communist Party government taking marginal steps to address the problem by trying to push a more service-based economy and greater consumption. Putting billions of dollars into this sector and also slashing interest rates were their responses, with Soros focusing more on the latter approach to make his point.

Soros believes with China still attempting to develop its entire massive country, the rural areas need positive interest rates to have the opportunity to reach their potential. This is also true of other countries that have teetering economies.

The comments by Soros about the dangers of not handling such matters hearken back to 2011, when he was part of a Washington-based panel that discussed the European economic crisis that was then enveloping that continent. More specifically, he spoke of Greece’s disastrous economy giving off the same warning signs that he saw three years earlier.

Of course, with 65 years of experience in the world of high finance, Soros’ words tend to draw much more attention than the pronouncements of others. That’s because he correctly predicted in 1992 that a devaluation of the pound was how the United Kingdom would react during another era of economic turmoil.

Such thinking helped him earn approximately $1 billion on his investment, which only added to his massive fortune, which is estimated by Bloomberg to be roughly $27.3 billion.

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Venezuela Time Changes in Hope to Save Power

In 2007, President Hugo Chávez changed Venezuela time to jump backward half an hour, so the kids can wake up for school in daylight. He died of cancer and Nicolás Maduro became his successor in 2013. According to The Guardian, in April, Maduro decided it was best to jump forward so people come home from work in daylight when usage peaks. The Guri reservoir according to Open Corporates provides two-thirds of Venezuela power is at a low point, because of severe drought. Leaving Venezuela to experience frequent water and power outages.

The time jump went into affect May 1st.
This measure was accompanied by other power-saving ideas from Jose Velasquez, such as three day weekends for public sector employees, rationing at malls, and encouraging women to use hair dryers less.
These decisions were mocked by some on social media and even comedians, like Jean Mary Curro.
Maduro blames El Niño, while critics claim the state is at fault for inadequate investment, preparation, and diversification of resources, to avoid over dependence on the Guri dam.

Skouts Conducts Super Survey This Month


Making A Wish For A Better World With Skout

Have you heard of Skout? The Skout application is a fun and innovative way that people are using to meet other people with similar interests. The users on Skout are there for a variety of reasons, so you could find a meaningful new friend to connect with on their application, or you could find that romantic someone that you have been searching for all of those years. Whatever you are looking for in a relationship, romantic or otherwise, you can find that on Skout. Skout is fun, and it is free to use. You can download the application of your smartphone for free, and you could have some new connections to talk with on your phone by tonight!

Skout is always doing exciting new things with their application in order to get people involved in events in the world. They have made surveys in the past for several different fun holidays that users may not have heard of without the help of Skout. The month of April contains one of the most fun holidays of all: National Superhero Day. In order to see how their users felt about superheros, Skout decided to make a survey for this holiday, and they thought of a great charity to get involved with in support of others.

The survey had all sorts of fun questions about superheros. Users had the chance to choose what super power they would have if they could have any super power. The majority of people (around 33 percent) chose to have immortality above all other powers. Coming in second on this survey questions was the power of flight at 29 percent. 22 percent of users surveyed chose super strength over all other powers. Lastly, 17 percent of users surveyed chose to have super speed over all other powers.

In order to get users involved in the community and giving back to others, Skout thought of a great way to use the application like a superhero would use it. They actually created a gift that users could purchase within the application that is of a superhero theme. Users could purchase this gift to give to another user, and the proceeds would go to benefit one wish from the Make A Wish Foundation in the Greater Bay Area. Here’s the link to the full article from PR Newswire about Skout.


Native Texas Doctor Nominated For Austin’s Woman Of The Year

World renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden has been nominated for this year’s Austin Woman Of The Year Award by the South Texas Chapter of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Both the male and female nominees compete in the honor of a child survivor of blood cancer and to raise the most fund for researching the disease. Dr. Walden is a well known doctor in her community as well as across the nation for her techniques and developments in aesthetic surgery. Between the dates of March 23rd and June 4th Walden will work to raise money to help find a cure for blood cancer. The winner will be selected by whoever gets the most votes on June 4th and will be presented with the award at the Grand Finale Gala.
Dr. Jennifer Walden is a Texas native who runs her private clinic in Westlake Hills with a satellite office in Marble Falls. She is best known for her perfected skills in plastic surgery and has had multiple research papers published in medical journals. Walden also co-authored and co-edited a best selling book about plastic surgery. She has appeared on multiple major networks like Fox News, ABC News, VH1, and MTV to give commentary on celebrity plastic surgery as well as discuss new innovative techniques being developed for out patient procedures. Last year Dr. Walden was named one of the “The Best Plastic Surgeons in America” by American Way.
Dr. Walden completed her undergraduate and medical schooling at the University of Texas where she graduated salutatorian of her class. She then continued her education through her internship and residency years in Texas before being offered a renowned fellowship position under the esteemed Dr. Sherrell Aston who is one of the top plastic surgeons in the country. She studied under Dr. Aston at Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat hospital and stayed with the hospital as an attending before opening up her private practice on the Upper East Side. Following the birth of her twins Dr. Walden packed up her practice and moved back home to Texas to raise her family.