Breaking the Rules with Doe Deere

Doe Deere, the creator of Lime Crime, always make choices that reflect her personality and the things that she likes. She does not want people to dress in the way that fashion tells them to if it doesn’t feel right and she always makes sure that her outfits make her feel as confident as possible. The makeup line that she has created is dedicated to helping people feel better about themselves and about their fashion choices. She has always made sure that people are comfortable with the makeup she offers.

One of the things that Doe Deere thinks is completely ridiculous? Fashion rules. She wants people to know that fashion rules don’t always have to be followed and that they should choose options that feel right to them instead of options that look like they fit into a conformed idea of what someone should wear. Doe Deere has some favorite fashion rules to break.

What are you supposed to wear with high heels? Pantyhose or nothing, right? not according to Doe Deere. She thinks that anyone can wear anything with their high heels and often wears socks with her high heels. She doesn’t care how they look, even though they often look great because she is comfortable and warm with these socks. She thinks that socks are always a good idea because they will help you walk better in your heels and will add a surprising touch of fun to any outfit that you have on and any type of heels that you are wearing.

Unnaturally colored hair is a fun choice and one that Doe Deere takes advantage of on a regular basis. It is always a good idea to wear what you like without worrying about your hair color and Doe Deere knows that. While fashion tells her that she can only wear black or other neutral colors with her unnatural hair, she doesn’t care. She likes to wear fun colors and she does so no matter what color her hair is. The only rule that she follows when it comes to colors that she wears? She must absolutely love the color and the way that it makes her feel.

The same goes for patterns. While it has been a rule for many years, Doe Deere is working to nix this rule. She thinks that you should mix as many patterns as you want and wear any colors that you like with the patterns. This means that she can often be found wearing a cherub print skirt with a zebra shirt and heart socks. It’s easy for Doe Deere to feel comfortable in these outfits because she is confident in the clothing choices that she wants to wear.

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