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Yeonmi Park the Defector with a Great Story

Human rights activist Yeonmi Park has been speaking out against the atrocities in North Korea since 2014. She is one of the leading humans rights activist in the world. She has released a book on, titled In Order to Live a North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom. This book retells the Story of Yeonmi Park’s life before and after she left the dictator controlled state.
Yeonmi’s journey out of North Korea began in 2007. Her story was a compelling one that kept listeners on the edge of their seat. She told of the many hardships that she and her mother had endured along their journey to freedom. Park’s sister had disappeared right before their family’s journey was about to begin. This was only the beginning of their problems.

Park’s father sent her mother and her ahead of himself before joining his family at a later date. When he finally did catch up with his wife and Park; he died of untreated cancer. Park and her mother were now on their own. They had to outwit Chinese border patrols, human traffickers and scavengers who would have killed them if given a chance.

The two Park women managed to get to freedom though they both paid a heavy price. The ladies found sanctuary in South Korea and when they were there; Park discovered that her sister made it South Korea long before she arrived. Park’s story is claimed by the as a “great tale” because it has all of the elements that make a story good. More importantly it is based off of her real life experiences.

There are tens of thousands of North Korean defectors living all over the world. They too speak out against the horrible things that happen in North Korea. They also tell about the situations they had to experience when they defected from that country. Park’s story is one of many tales that helps to tell the world about the truth of North Korea and why people want to leave that nation if given a chance. More information about Park’s story is available at

What Sanjay Shah’s Had To Say To Upcoming Entrepreneurs And Investors During His Interview At Enterprise Radio

Early this month, Sanjay Shah the Autism Rocks and Solo Capital philanthropist and businessman was invited over for an exclusive interview with Entrepreneur Podcast Network’s top host Eric Dye at Enterprise Radio studios. In this interview, Sanjay Shah covered a lot of topics on entrepreneurship and his journey in business and philanthropy. Sanjay Shah started by talking about his journey in the business market. He recounts that he joined the business industry due to passion despite being a good medicine student. He said that he started by being an account, a profession that was key to his current business success. At this profession, he worked for Merrill Lynch and Stanley Morgan as an account, and he was able to learn ways to which big firms succeed in the market.

Sanjay Shah formed Solo Capital in 2009 and became and entrepreneur and investor. This Sanjay Shah firm has greatly grown in the market as the years pass. Sanjay Shah established Solo Capital as a top market firm offering a wide variety investment and financial services. This services included investment and financial consultancy, sports talent and asset management, and proprietary trading. This firm operates from London, its headquarters and Dubai its logistical offices. So far, this Sanjay Shah boutique investment and the financial firm have recorded lots achievements and success in the market. Sanjay Shah is also the founder and owner of an autism charity, Autism Rocks. This charity helps children with autism access professional therapy to help them grow normally.

In his interview with Eric Dye, Sanjay Shah largely covered how aspiring investors and entrepreneurs could access good business advice. He said that the success of business starts with its inception, and good advice plays a major role in this success. He insisted on the importance of entrepreneurs and investors having good information on the sectors they want to engage in. Sanjay Shah said the good information will help an investor understand the challenges in the market and prepare for them. Sanjay Shah also said that its good for any upcoming investors and entrepreneurs to have good mentors to help them as they launch into the business market. He said that business mentors serve as good sources of motivation and inspiration which play a major role in success.

Brian Bonar’s Bellamy Is Booming!

Bellamy is a chic bistro featuring a seasonal menu of Californian-French fare. Located near The Ranch at Brandy Canyon, the modern restaurant offers upscale dining in a relaxed family atmosphere. This hidden gem can be found in Escondido, Californina. Bellamy is home to a team of world famous chefs and an impeccable service staff, thanks to its owner Brian Bonar.

French Master Chef Patrick Ponsaty, the star of Bellamy’s distinguished staff, has been gained noticed from San Diego’s prominent magazine Modern Luxury. According to the article, Ponsaty’s a collaborator on all aspects of Bellamy’s, The Brandy Ranch and even a downtown pizza venture.

Corporate Chef Patrick Ponstay works closely with Executive Chef Jonathan Freyberg and an accomplished crew to created and prepare exquisite dishes. Kevin Ashe, Bellamy’s head bartender serves a variety of elegant wines and cocktails.

Derry Van Nortwick, the restaurant’s general manager, even offers a special Mother’s Day menu. Bellamy offers catering services for many different types of formal events, including birthdays and weddings. Recently, owner Brian Bonar’s stepdaughter Gianina Pickens has taken over the daily responsibilities of Bellamy.

Brian Bonar travelled from Scotland to San Diego, he also has an extensive business leadership background. In addition to his upscale restaurant, Bonar owns The Ranch at Brandy Canyon, the Southern Californina ranch is available for wedding ceremonies and special events. In 2001, the Brandy Canyon Ranch underwent a multimillion dollar restoration.

The rustic resort offers a variety of activities and unforgetable amenities, from trail rides to a General store. In 2013, Brian Bonar was featured in a San Diego Magazine article discussing his plans for Bellamy and The Ranch at Brandy Canyon. PR News Wire has it that Brian Bonar has certainly changed these two establishements, they’re success is clearly showing. They have both received rave reviews from both critics and patrons alike.

Martin Lustgarten Investment Banking Is About Art And Experience

Investment banking is an art that is very detrimental to the success of the financial arena. In this case, investment bankers are an important part and major players of the economy. They are able to do the stock valuation in companies and help companies in raising more capital for their expenditures. Movement of money and goods in an economy is a big part played by investors in the banking industry. At times, they act as intermediaries in large sales in addition to being the main determinants of whether a certain important sale deal should take place. However, investment banking requires long time experience for a person to become well acquitted with the strategies in banking.

Martin Lustgarten, a famous investment banker, knows all the tricks to succeeding in the investment banking industry. He has over time succeeded in many banking sectors not only in his home country but other foreign countries like France. In addition, he has initiated companies that provide import services for goods. Martins’ expertise in investment banking did not come that easy; he has perfected his art in investment banking by being open to the external world and conducting research. From his perfection of the skill, Lustgarten has opened his own investment banking firm known as Lustgarten Martin. He is a predictor of how firms perform mostly in South Asia and North America.

Apparently Martin has over 50 bank accounts in America and outside which he uses to conduct his business. Also, he loves vintage trading, and he collects valuable vintage accessories and in return sells. This he has identified as his hobby in addition to his love for spending time with his family. In general Martin’s wealth has been from his deep knowledge about the external market and his ability to interact well with other countries. His firm’s major in investments that are very risky; this in return earns him a fortune. However, Martin believes in conducting strong analytical research about the market before embarking on any investment. Currently, he and his family reside in South Florida. A successful investment banker could certainly follow his art in investment banking. It, however, will take them long to learn the art in investment banking fully. Lustgarten also has a Soundcloud account where you can keep up with all of his musical tastes.

Sam Tabar’s Legal Prowess Propelling His Career to Greater Heights

Finance and law go hand in hand. For a company to be successful financially, it has to take care of its legal requirements and ensure all its transactions are done within the confines of the law. No one understands this better than Sam Tabar. With an education and work background both in the legal and finance sector, Sam understands the complex issues that govern the two and the relationship between the two sectors.

FullCycle Energy Fund is the most recent to demonstrate their confidence in Mr. Tabar’s expertise. The company recently named Sam as their Chief Operating Officer. He will be in charge of the company’s management strategy. Sam was enthusiastic about the appointment, expressing his desire to help the company meet its goal of shifting from high cost, polluting fuels to cheaper and environmentally friendly fuels.

One of Sam’s strengths is his background in the legal and finance sectors. Not only is he a prominent lawyer, but a successful capital strategist as well. The young Tabar attended Oxford University where he graduated with honors. He later joined Columbia Law School where he undertook his studies in law.

Tabar’s legal career began during his college years. He worked as an Associate Editor of the Columbia Business Law Review. His professional career would later start at the prestigious Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP law firm in the year 2001. While at Skadden, Sam took a keen interest in matters related to finance. His main work involved counselling clients on investment management agreements, handling employment issues, regulatory and compliance issues, formation, and structure of hedge funds, among other financial matters. His keen interest in financial matters would later see him exit the legal fraternity to go work in the financial sector.

After a successful career in finance between 2004 and 2013, Sam made a comeback into the field of law. He went into Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP as a Senior Associate, tasked with handling finance-related legal matters. The New York-based attorney is good at what he does, based on the success of the cases he has handled and his finance career.

Besides being a lawyer, Sam is also an investor. He invests in businesses he deems worth as well as seeking to steer others to success. He is also a philanthropic man. His latest cause towards women in Africa under THINX is a testimony to his compassionate heart. The initiative seeks to provide women in Africa with re-usable sanitary pads.  This also inspired him to start his own GoFundMe campaign to continue making a difference.

Goodbye Only Means Hello!

For lovers of all things fashion, we are faced with the occurrence of our favorite fashion trends exiting the spotlight and becoming a thing of the past. If we are lucky, a few of the past favorites make an epic come back like mom jeans, overalls, and the latest choker trend. A whisper of a fading fashion trend has been present in the fashion industry of late, and let me just say that we can all only hope it to be a rumor. According to the whispers, the classic square toe ankle boot style will soon be a trend in the past. It is rare that the fashion industry will take such an epic trend from us, and not replace it with something that makes us so excited we almost forget about our fashion trend loss. Staying true to form, pointed-toe ankle boots are making a debut on the most famous celebrities and models this season. From Kendall Jenner to Balla Hadid, the new pointed- toe ankle boots are shaping up to be a fabulous stand-in for our favorite old faithful square-toe ankle boot. WhoWhatWear recently posted an article about the new emerging trend, and the article contains styles and brands even the most serious square-toe ankle boot lover will fall in love with!

Women all over are searching for the perfect style of the coveted pointed-toe ankle bootie, and millions have had success with the online shopping experience know as JustFab on matrixpartners. JustFab is an online subscription retailer that provides women with the most up to date fashion trends, and a shopping experience that JustFab members continuously rave about! JustFab provides members with an experienced personal stylist on, ensuring that each member gets amazing service and the perfect personal selections. Ready to take a leap into the new trend of pointed-toe ankle boots? JustFab and their experienced team of personal stylists will help find the prefect style just for you!

Members of Justfab is located around the world and they are 35 million in numbers and still counting. It has fashion for women to children and they provide custom fashion shopping for all.

Yeonmi Park’s Autobiography is a Story of Self-Truth

“They (biographies) made me think I could make it when nobody else believed in me, when even I didn’t believe in myself.”

Yeonmi Park, In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom

Yeonmi Park defected from North Korea alongside her mother when she was thirteen years old. Her mother was driven not to raise her daughters in a society where censorships and public executions were woven into the daily culture. The unknown beyond the Chinese border represented freedom and possibility of a life directed by destiny instead of a regime.

The unknown Park and her mother first encountered were Chinese human traffickers who sold them into sex slavery. Eventually separated, they both lived as forced brides within a prostitution ring. Upon their escape, they were reunited and resumed their journey to South Korea across the Gobi desert.

In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom is Park’s autobiography and tells her story. The Reason’s blog interviews Yeonmi Park in reaction to her skeptics. Claims against her outside of the North Korean governments are based on details that do not up add up to a viewer. One skeptic points out how her English writing is too fluent for a non-English speaker. The possibility that Park inquired and received help to translate her letter never arises. The skepticism often comes from those personally familiar with the country. Their stories share a trait with Park’s. The trait that they are both personal experiences of a country with the limitation of itself.

The publication of her autobiography garnered a lot of attention, which led to many interviews with human rights groups and journalists. If a story is not retold precisely each time, does it make it any less true? Does it diminish Park’s truth? Recalling childhood memories and using them as an infrastructure the mechanics of a society is an obstacle for anyone. Let alone conveying them through multiple languages and lenses.

Limiting free speech and the right to tell one’s story is precisely what Park is speaking against. Yeonmi Park was inspired as a child to believe in herself and the ability to pursue freedom from others’ stories. And no matter her distractors’ opinions of her personal truths, her story will continue to inspire others to demand their own freedom.


Breaking the Rules with Doe Deere

Doe Deere, the creator of Lime Crime, always make choices that reflect her personality and the things that she likes. She does not want people to dress in the way that fashion tells them to if it doesn’t feel right and she always makes sure that her outfits make her feel as confident as possible. The makeup line that she has created is dedicated to helping people feel better about themselves and about their fashion choices. She has always made sure that people are comfortable with the makeup she offers.

One of the things that Doe Deere thinks is completely ridiculous? Fashion rules. She wants people to know that fashion rules don’t always have to be followed and that they should choose options that feel right to them instead of options that look like they fit into a conformed idea of what someone should wear. Doe Deere has some favorite fashion rules to break.

What are you supposed to wear with high heels? Pantyhose or nothing, right? not according to Doe Deere. She thinks that anyone can wear anything with their high heels and often wears socks with her high heels. She doesn’t care how they look, even though they often look great because she is comfortable and warm with these socks. She thinks that socks are always a good idea because they will help you walk better in your heels and will add a surprising touch of fun to any outfit that you have on and any type of heels that you are wearing.

Unnaturally colored hair is a fun choice and one that Doe Deere takes advantage of on a regular basis. It is always a good idea to wear what you like without worrying about your hair color and Doe Deere knows that. While fashion tells her that she can only wear black or other neutral colors with her unnatural hair, she doesn’t care. She likes to wear fun colors and she does so no matter what color her hair is. The only rule that she follows when it comes to colors that she wears? She must absolutely love the color and the way that it makes her feel.

The same goes for patterns. While it has been a rule for many years, Doe Deere is working to nix this rule. She thinks that you should mix as many patterns as you want and wear any colors that you like with the patterns. This means that she can often be found wearing a cherub print skirt with a zebra shirt and heart socks. It’s easy for Doe Deere to feel comfortable in these outfits because she is confident in the clothing choices that she wants to wear.

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