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The Talk Fusion CONNECT Suite

Talk Fusion since its beginning in 2007 has expanded their product range and now feature several other video communication opportunities. They started out with video email as this was something that Bob Reina, Talk Fusion’s founder and CEO wanted to provide to the public. It had not need to be developed yet and so set out to design a software that made video embedding into emails simple and straight forward. Bob Reina has also made the platform direct selling allowing users to become business owners and benefit from the software’s referral and use.

Talk Fusion is one of the first all in one video communication solutions which use high definition video technology to help brands create an identity for themselves as well as helping both individuals and companies promoting their brand and products. Talk Fusion now features in over 140 countries globally offering their patent pending technology to the masses. Alone in Malaysia they have topped the leader board as one of the most used communication platforms. In Japan they are currently in 5th place and have the possibility to also make it to the top. Bob Reina has developed this unique opportunity with the idea of not only helping himself but rather to give other the opportunity to help themselves through this innovative technology.

Few companies have been able to combine ease of use with simplicity when it comes to video communication. Talk Fusion has done so and now offers a 30 day free access period to anyone who would like to test their platform. The provide an instant pay compensation plan and are one of the first companies to offer this unique opportunity.

Bob Reina is very passionate about giving back to the community and therefore supports a large variety of charity organizations for both humans and animals. They adhere to a code of ethics and provide for the highest business practices ensuring their customers are in good hands. Bob Reina believes with this success the company has gained in recent years also comes with an even greater responsibility to it’s loyal customers.

White Shark Media Provides SEO Tips


White Shark Media is a leading SEO, PPC, and SEM company that is sure to help a website generate more traffic from Google and other search engines to a website. The company was founded over five years ago with the intent to help small websites generate enough traffic to ensure they remain viable and keep high levels of unique visitors. White Shark Media is well regarded in the industry due to its efforts to continuously stay compliant with the demands and requirements of search engines, which allows their services to remain valuable despite any changes that take place.

Earlier this year, White Shark Media released a blog discussing the SEO industry and provided people with a number of different tips that could help them review that they are able to attract people to their website while still making it a quality site to visit. One of the main tips that the company provided is to not overly stuff keywords into the content and title. While this may help to receive more Google views, it is also likely to reduce the integrity of the site and will reduce the amount of repeat visitors.

Another tip was to turn your keywords into quality titles. The title of an article continues to be one of the most significant ways to attract the eye of a potential reader as well as the attention of search engines. Since it is so important, it is necessary to get your keyword into the title while also ensuring that the title is written logically and clearly.

Similar to writing a quality title, you also need to write quality content that includes your keywords but also ensures that they are in the content enough to continue to attract attention from search engines. The best way to do this is to group your keywords as much as possible. The original article written by White Shark Media complaints can be found here:, and will also provide more helpful tips.

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George Soros Offers Solutions to the Refugee Crisis

George Soros recently penned an article for MarketWatch regarding the responsibility he feels that the European Union (EU) should take for the common asylum problem. Although the asylum problem in Europe has received worldwide attention according to Bloomberg Business in light of the urgency of the crisis in Syria, Soros reminds us that there has been an issue with asylum-seekers throughout Europe before the Syrian crisis took center stage. While Soros has constructive criticism to offer to the EU in how it handled the asylum-seeker crisis, he is adamant that a collective international response, through the United Nations, is needed to share the burden of the refugee crisis and reinforce a common plan.
One of the suggestions Soros makes in sharing the burden of the refugee crisis is that member countries in the EU who accept refugees should receive adequate financial support from the EU based on the number of refugees accepted. The EU, according to Soros, should also be sending financial support to the countries from which asylum-seekers are fleeing to try to stabilize the problem for the region. Soros contends that the overall panic surrounding the refugee situation could be calmed with a collective response that assures asylum-seekers‘ safety and provides for an orderly distribution of refugees to countries who want to accept them and, also importantly, to countries where the asylum-seekers actually want to go.

George Soros is a famous businessman and philanthropist and is a dual citizen of both the U.S. and Hungary. Soros currently serves as president of the Soros Fund Management. After achieving incredible professional success in the financial industry and amassing an impressive amount of wealth, George Soros began to financially support various liberal political causes. He is widely recognized for his generous contributions to various political campaigns, and between 1979 and 2015, Soros donated over $11 billion to various philanthropic causes.

Forbes billionaire George Soros‘ early personal life provides valuable insight into why human rights causes for asylum seekers are near and dear to Soros’ heart. Soros was born in 1930 in Budapest and experienced first hand the consequences of Nazi occupation of Hungary during World War II. Soros escaped to England, where he studied exonomics. After graduating from the London School of Economics, Soros traveled to the U.S. to get his career off the ground. After achieving great professional success, Soros authored over a dozen books on his perspective on various historical events and economic philosophy. As an avid student of history, politics and economics, Soros is poised to speak quite articulately about the immediate need to address the current refugee crisis in Europe on an international scale. What is truly enlightened about Soros’ perspective on how the world should come together to address the refugee influx, is that Soros is not willing to sacrifice protections of basic human rights and international security to protect a nation’s bottom line in trying to avoid having to contribute to a solution to the worldwide refugee crisis.

Fabletics Goes Fabulous Once More


In the October of 2013, Fabletics materializes out of the joint venture of Ressler, Goldenberg and the splendid Kate Hudson, who together realized the painful limitations in the active wear market for women. Going in a slightly different direction than most of its contemporaries, Fabletics grew faster than anyone would have expected, reaching France, UK and Germany in the middle of 2014. In September of the same year, the company was welcomed by Canada with open arms and in 2015, Australia perked up its fashion as well.
Since its advent, the company has enjoyed the spotlight of the fashion industry, which became brighter, if it could, with the recent S/S’16 launch. Featured and sold via The Clothes Maiden, the line of gym wear has introduced quite a ripple in the female department. Hudson was quick to grab the problems of such gears: they are dull coloured and always a little less modest than one would like them to. Bringing her own creativity into action, she has caused Fabletics to spin a collection that sports bright colours, beautiful prints and does not reveal the female body as much as the others. The S/S’16 line presents a perfect combination of comfort and fashion and with Kate Hudson’s nod of approval, a huge market as well.
This, however, is not even the best part. While most of the designer clothes would very well cramp your wallets and crush your savings, Fabletics has broken the steel-like monotony of high prices and introduced its clothes at staggeringly low prices. The first purchases are discounted for all customers, with some prices dropping down to a meager $25, adorned with the facility of free shipping. This is topped up by the VIP membership gold mine where a product costing $100 cuts its price by an unbelievable 50% and shipping is deemed free for a lifetime. As though this was not enough, the membership does not come flanked by unannounced terms and conditions, is receptive to cancellation any time the customer wants to and makes sure the customers receive the latest and the best picks right into their inboxes. A volunteer’s detail of the pleasant VIP experience is given.
In 2015, Fabletics also began its own men’s line. At this rate, Fabletics has set the highest possible standards for itself and so far, has not disappointed its customers in meeting them.

Embrace Your Inner Unicorn with Lime Crime Cosmetics

Doe Deere, the CEO and Founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics, wants to celebrate the unicorn hiding in us all. Known primarily for its bright, colorful lipsticks, Lime Crime Cosmetics encourages people to embrace their own personal style, no matter how quirky it may seem. In fact, Deere started her company because she could not find the makeup bright enough to complement the clothing she was designing and selling on Ebay, and now Lime Crime is available on Amazon, and major dealers like Urban Outfitters.

Today, Deere continues to push the envelope, creating a rainbow-hued style all her own. She believes that we all have an inner unicorn, the term she coined to describe the ladies and gents that celebrate their own, unique styles and talents. Lime Crime Cosmetics began with a simple idea, let people be themselves and embrace individuality. She launched in 2009 with her signature Unicorn Lipsticks in radical colors like Mint To Be (mint green) and New Yolk City (banana yellow).

Her fans and customers continue to be Deere’s largest source of inspiration as she continues to create her brightly hued products. After the success of her initial launch, Deere continued to create and market new products inspired by you. Today, Lime Crime unicorns will find a full line of colorful, creative cosmetics. Some popular items include Velvetines, a liquid to matte lip product unlike any other on the market, the Venus II eyeshadow bundle, and Perlees, a matte lipstick with a fun, metallic finish.

Lime Crime remains committed to helping its customers create bold, unique looks inspired by their everyday lives. There is not right or wrong way to to wear your Lime Crime. Play, create, and discover a makeup trend that makes you feel beautiful. To further cement its commitment to helping everyone find their inner Unicorn, all Lime Crime products are made using vegan and cruelty-free ingredients. While Lime Crime has been cruelty-free since its inception, the company reformulated its products in 2012 to serve its vegan customer base. Now everyone can wear Lime Crime products with confidence.  Check Lime Crime out on Facebook for up to date news.

Thor Halvorssen Discusses Democratic Socialism and Bernie Sanders

Fox News Business, Trish Regan introduced Thor Halvorssen, the President and Founder of the Human Rights Foundation to talk about the similarities and differences between the democratic socialist agenda of the U.S. Senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and socialist authoritarianism in Venezuela. Trish Regan began the interview that Presidential candidate, Senator Sanders would like America to be a socialist country and even liberals are opposed to his agenda. She further stated that most Americans do not know what Socialism is all about.

She asked Halvorssen why socialism was a violation of human rights. He had a perfect answer and educated the viewers that the problem is when socialism is done under an authoritarian government or someone using socialism as a mask, takes control of the government, claim they are going to help the people, and ultimately end up looting the country.

Halvorssen begins by discussing what is socialism and defining the various definitions describing the academic socialism which is almost identical with communism, and the differences are Sweden and Denmark who have socialist governments and Venezuela with a social authoritarian government.

Then Thor Halvorssen revealed shockingly, he has given the maximum possible donation to the campaign of socialist Democrat Bernie Sanders for the 2016 President election. He then further elaborated that Hillary Clinton had received donations in millions from countries who unfortunately violate human rights, like Saudi Arabia, Oman Bahrain, Qatar and Algeria. Before the interview ended, Halvorssen blasted Trump for embracing President, Vladimir Putin, who governs his country as a dictator-like President. Halvorssen concluded that he would rather have a democratic socialist than a dictator supporter in the White House.

Thor Halvorssen’s family has been in the news facing problems caused by the family’s opposition to the socialist government in South America. Halvorssen explained that his own father despite the fact he had diplomatic status was held as a political prisoner and sadly saw his mother shot in a political rally. Halvorssen is actively fighting the problems political beliefs have caused his family and for his cousin who is held as a political prisoner in a Venezuelan jail.

The Fox network expected Halvorssen to bash Bernie Sanders, instead, what they got was a little education of what Democratic socialism is and a surprise announcement of his endorsement for Sanders.

How Has Kyle Bass Deteriorated His Career Past The Point Of No Return?

Kyle Bass was once the most promising investor on Wall Street, and he made many decisions that were truly ahead of his time. He predicted the loss of value in the American mortgage market, and he chose to sell on mortgage investment at just the right time. Kyle became a rich man because of his wisdom, but he turned his fortune into an opportunity to appear on as many media outlets as possible. This article explains how Kyle Bass has deteriorated to a point that is likely not salvageable.

#1: Kyle’s Investment At Hayman Capital

Hayman Capital is the hedge fund Kyle founded to hold all his investment, and he ensured that his company was competitive early in the 2000s. He was a rising star in the investment community, and he became someone that other investors would turn to for advice. Hayman Capital is not performing today, and that is because Kyle has allowed the company to slip every year since 2008.

#2: Appearing On Media Outlets Is Not Healthy

Kyle makes so many appearances on TV and radio shows takes up too much of his time, and he does not spend enough of that time in his office. Kyle should be watching over the billions of dollars that were under management at Hayman Capital, but he neglected that duty over and over. Internet watchdogs have seen the value of Hayman Capital drop every year since 2008, and it is believed that the company will soon fall out because it can no longer sustain itself without better leadership.

#3: Does Kyle Make Good Decisions Today?

Kyle makes decisions today that could be considered questionable, and industry analysts hardly every agree with what he says. Kyle predicted a steep decline in loan values in China, but analysts believed that the decline would be so small it would not even be felt. Kyle has said that the American economy will fall 10 or 20 percent in the new year, and he has said that he would invest in companies that are widely-regarded as bad investments.

#4: Why Is Kyle Called A Desperate Gambler?

Kyle has been called a desperate gambler because he seems like someone who got lucky once in 2008. His luck made him a rich man, but he is using his desperation to talk to people who know nothing about investing. Kyle is the sort of person who does not think of his listeners, and that makes for sad times among amateurs who follow his advise.

The career of Kyle Bass should be one that is massively-promising, but it has only proven to be a disappointment. Seeking media attention, making poor investment and avoiding responsibility are the not the traits of a proper hedge fund manager. Full story available on

Companies Boast Success Through CEO

A company is only as successful as the person at the top. If the person at the top is unable to prove successful on their own or they do not possess the mindset to do this on their own, the rest of the company is going to struggle. That is exactly why tracking down the very best CEO for a company just starting out is vital. without this capability, a company will struggle and they will find it more difficult than ever before to actually be able to make it in the world of commerce. That is why Coriant, when it went independent following the acquisition of Nokia Siemens, needed to find someone with not only experience running a company, but experience working within the growing world of networking and fiber optics. This is where Shaygan Kheradpir came in. With his rather impressive background, Coriant found it impossible to pass him up and to go with someone else.

So what made Shaygan the perfect fit for Coriant? When looking at his background, it seems as if his entire previous career has set him up for this particular position. He graduated with a Ph.D. in electrical engineering. This already shows he is smart and well educated in the particular topic. He went on to work for a company that, following a merger would become the global giant Verizon. While with Verizon, he helped created not only the company’s DVR system, but also the company’s fiber optics network known as FiOS. This runs right along the same line as what Coriant sells and manufacturers, so it is an especially attractive position and bit of background that really helped set him above the other possible candidates.

Of course, his experience did not stop there. Shaygan also worked on the board of directors for Barclays, the international financial giant. With this company, he had the ability to learn finances while also interjecting his knowledge on tech. From there he became the CEO for Juniper Group. This kind of experience made him the perfect individual to come in and become the head of the new company.

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Expanded Product Options for Dog Food Buyers


Customers who are looking for dog foods are suddenly beginning to realize the wealth of options that are available for them to consider and are many times feeling overwhelmed with the variety of different options that are in the market. This article will help you to differentiate the different options that may be showing up on your local pet store’s shelves so that you can decide the right choice for your dog.

The major benefit that is cited for choosing among the various dog foods out there is the health benefits that they will convey on your dog. While discussing the health benefits associated with a specific blend is a blanket statement that can’t possible apply to every dog and breed, you will start to realize that dog food makers know and understand this and are offering unique blends for different dogs that fit into their age and size profile. A perfect example of this is Beneful’s new premium dog food blend for older dogs. This new blend by Beneful uses medium chain triglycerides that are derived from coconut based products and are known to go easier on the digestive track of older dogs. Other unique puppy blends are also available and can convey their own benefits to the dogs.

Beneful has Increased quality ingredients including organic dog food options and preservative free dog foods are also entering the market place and these blends are designed to offer fresher and more wholesome food for your dog. Many dog food makers are offering expanded options for dog foods into these spaces. Examples are Purina Beneful which has acquired a large organic dog food maker and other brands that are doing the same. Freshpet is nw offering an fully preservative free dog food to the extent that it requires to be in the refrigerator to avoid being spoiled.

These options will lead to increased storage costs and raise the cost of the dog food, but many customers are finding that organic and preservative foods such as the ones that Beneful are offering are worth the added cost that is associated with premium dog foods. While some of these food are more expensive they are providing dog owners with happier and healthier dogs, which is worth the added cost.



Empowering the Youth as an Environmental Conservation Measure

Jon Urbana is a philanthropic individual who began a campaign on the GoFundMe website. The total amount to be collected from the operation is $1,750. The money is meant to finance an organization dear to Jon Urbana’s heart known as Earth Force. This institution targets the youth because of their affinity for knowledge. They are expected to improve the quality of their surroundings using the knowledge acquired.

The GoFundMe website comprises of an appealing user interface. Those who want to donate are required to create an account. People require an Internet connection and a computer to access this service. They are consequently required to select their most preferred method of transaction.

Jon Urbana is an inhabitant of Denver and has also participated in other philanthropic activities. He founded a lacrosse summer camp with an objective of nurturing sporting skills of the youth. Urbana organizes his lacrosse camp so that it takes place every summer season. This individual grew up in Colorado and learned about nature conservation at a tender age.

Environmental education is a very essential tool used to change individual attitudes towards Mother Nature. Youngsters are selected for this operation because of their age. Furthermore, most humans have the ability to grasp knowledge when they are still young. Earth force seeks to be the leading environmental organization in the world. Urbana also hopes to empower the future generation with an overall aim of conserving nature.

Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force, A New Fundraiser from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Human activities degrade the environment in various ways. It is therefore important to conserve nature because it accommodates living things and provides resources that are needed for survival. Conservation measures such as creating environmental awareness are therefore essential. Numerous campaigns have also been evolved to address this issue. Most of them have been successful because of the financial support that they have received.

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