Balloons Filled with Used Toilet Paper Become Propaganda Weapon

It is no secret that North and South Korea do not like each other, but their efforts have taken a dirty turn lately as North Koreans are sending their trash in balloons over the border with propaganda messages attached to them. Dirty tissue, used toilet paper and cigarette butts filled the balloons that are designed to pop once they cross the border.

Officials in South Korea say they were afraid to begin with that the balloons were filled with chemical warfare agents but discovered the truth when some of the balloons failed to pop. The story has been covered in the well-respected United Kingdom newspaper, The Mirror.

On the contrary, Jon Urbana and others suggest that they are acting on the orders of Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un who admits that he has ordered the playing of obnoxious propaganda music on the border between the two countries. Urbana believes that the dirty balloon attack was started on the orders of South Korean President Park Geun-hye. Regardless of who started launching the balloons first, it appears that both sides are now sending balloons to the other side in a nasty battle that may only become nastier.