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Investing Your Time and Funds Into Investment Banking Firms

For those who are interested in investing their money into some type of fund, it is always a good idea to be working with an investment banker. Investment bankers are the professionals who know the fine details when it comes to opening any one of these types of accounts. Whether it is a small investment that promises long-term yields or a big investment that is a bit risky and tricky but can make the person a lot of money in a short amount of time, it is always best to be working with a banker who can help you to set up these accounts.

One banker who can help with this process is known as Martin Lustgarten. Martin Lustgarten is one of the top investment bankers in the country and has helped hundreds of people set up some of the most successful investment accounts that are around. His expertise in this field has allowed him to become the success that he is today and one of the most sought-after professionals in the investment field out there. This is why a lot of people turn to Martin Lustgarten when they would like to begin investing their money into some type of firm, fund or account.

When you have the experience and skills of Martin Lustgarten, you can feel confident that your investments will be secured and safe. There is nothing more devastating than trying to invest on your own and losing all of your money that has been put into that fund. By having an investment banker by your side, you can avoid the problems that often come with investing. They can tell you when an investment is bad or when an investment may lose you all of the money you have put into it. Martin Lustgarten is one of those professionals who many have turned to in the past and have had great success with getting this type of help. He can aid you in your investment needs as well and this is why he is a prime choice for those who are brand new to the investment world themselves.

Shining Stars Among Texas Doctors

Finding the right plastic surgeon can be incredibly difficult. Every procedure requires expertise, precision and the care of a doctor with impeccable references and a portfolio of exquisite work. One of these exceptional doctors is Jennifer Walden. Her expertise lies in various face and body surgeries, including labiaplasty.

Doctor Jennifer Walden has been featured in the media and on television shows as a renowned surgeon. As a leader in her industry she trained with the most exceptional cosmetic surgeons in New York City. She had established a successful practice in New York before coming back to her hometown. She opened up a location in Austin, Texas. She boasts an impeccable portfolio. Dr. Walden is one of the only women to date, to have served on the board of Directors for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. She is an award-winning surgeon with published works as an author. However, all of her success is balanced by parenting her wonderful children, partaking with her siblings who are also very successful in their own industries and continuing to connect with her patients.

Austin is a location filled with successful surgeons that rival Jennifer’s expertise. This includes the infamous Dr. Rohrich. He is best known for his focus on elegance and refining one’s features versus creating drastic changes. Dr. Fred Wilder is another surgeon with a following. He has been hailed as one of the best doctors in America and as Austin Monthly’s Best Plastic Surgeon. He has had his practice since 1986. Last but not least, Austin also has Doctor Ashley Gordon. She was the first board-certified female plastic surgeon. She is also fellowship trained in aesthetic surgery. She is known for being attuned to emotional issues that come with a change in appearance after surgery. She is also board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Each surgeon varies in style but choosing one that understands one’s needs and whose goal is to enhance rather than change the patients appearance, can be found in the city of Austin. Austin rivals any other major city with their share of impeccable plastic surgeons.

Dr. Sergio Cortes Update: Brazil Fierce Fight Against Zika Virus Continues!

As nations continue the global fight against the life-threatening zika virus, medical professionals and disease prevention experts stress the need for information sharing. A leading Brazilian physician and crusader educating society about zika virus, Dr. Sergio Cortes shared some invaluable facts to help citizens prevent infection. In a recent web journal released via the official Sergio Cortes website, he revealed that the virus has been around for about 40 years. Unfortunately, this wasn’t public knowledge until the recent outbreak across Latin America. African regions such as Tanzania, Sierra Leone, and Uganda were among the countries to witness the first wave. Dr. Sergio Cortes also recounted on an endemic that affected certain Asian countries, Thailand and India included.
Last year, Latin American provinces Columbia, Mexico, Brazil and 6 others reported zika virus cases that triggered a global panic. Public health agencies, including WHO (World Health Organization), launched disease prevention relief efforts to educate society. Dr. Sergio Cortes shared reassuring comments that the symptoms of zika virus are indeed treatable with the correct interventions. What doctors recently learned after conducting extensive studies on zika virus symptoms is that it mutates similar to Guillain-Barré syndrome. Dr. Sergio Cortes further added that it’s responsible for the rapid development of microcephaly in infected patients. Guillain-Barré syndrome is a health condition the WTO (World Tourism Organization) and practicing physicians best describe as an autoimmune neurological disease.

In Brazil, health professionals, Dr. Sergio Cortes are strengthening zika virus prevention initiatives to control the outbreak. Human transmission isn’t viable, so it’s noncontagious. The parasitic Aedes aegypti mosquito is the carrier of the virus and an infected vector will transmit if it bites a victim. This species of mosquito has caused a series of viral outbreaks ranging from dengue to chikungunya, which manifest similar symptoms to rapidly spreading zika virus. While the symptoms of all three are somewhat similar, Dr. Sergio Cortes shares the distinctions in a Dino article here. Another troubling reality is that the infected won’t always exhibit signs of contagion early. Of all patients, pregnant women are at the greatest risk should she become infected. Dr. Sergio Cortes has shared some eye-opening facts on sergiocortesoficial about zika virus symptoms, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

Now a leading Brazilian, Dr. Sergio Corte uses his website as a platform to share up-to-minute health news. Before joining the medical community, he served the Rio de Janeiro secretariat. He’s also a former US Tennis Open champion who represented Chile in 1993. Today, the public remembers him for having a spitting resemblance to pop-music sensation Michael Jackson. According to his official Wikipedia page, he’d shattered the 31 Magnus Larsson world record during the Florida-staged Lipton Championships. In history, this marked the most successful time in his athletic career. Most recently, he joined an ongoing study focused on cancer and exercise. A journal entry on his official blog discusses this intervention in-depth among other fascinating medical studies. Connect with Dr. Sergio Cortes on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter for the latest world health news.

George Soros Cautions against Chinese Impending Crisis.

With china’s currency Yuan devaluing, there are fears on global markets following suit. Billionaire George Soros warned investors on Bloomberg to take caution while investing. He said this in an economic forum which was held in Sri Lanka on Thursday. This comes as global currency and equities are already showing signs of an impending crisis. This year alone global equities lost close to 2.5 trillion. Soros warns that China has a huge adjustment problem. This is seen as Chinese struggle to find a new growth model with their economy shifting towards consumer and services one from manufacturing and an investment one.

Looking at financial markets George Soros warns of major similarities to 2008 crisis. This isn’t the first time that he warns of a crisis similar to that of 2008. This warning cannot be ignored or taken lightly more so as it comes from a man whose hedge-fund firm has managed to make an average of 20 percent each year from the year 1969 to 2011. He is also well known for his skills in investment like back in 1992 when he made a 1 billion after betting that U.K. will be forced to lower the value of the pound. According to Bloomberg Billionaires Index, George Soros has a net worth of 27.3 billion. For more information on Soros take concerning China’s economy click here.
He was born in 1930 in Budapest, Hungary and later fled to England following a communist regime in his mother country. He’s an alumnus of London School of Economics and later after graduating he moved to U.S. to start his career in New York. He founded an International Investment Fund, which helped him accumulate his wealth.
He’s also a philanthropic giver which led him to start an Open Society Foundation in 1979. The aim of the foundation is to fight for human rights for all, have a transparent system of governance and a society where the truth is not monopolized by individuals. Soros started out by helping black African Students in South Africa attend Cape Town University during apartheid era by offering them scholarships. He also facilitated students from Eastern Europe to study abroad.
Today Open Society operates in more than 100 countries and as of 2011 it had an annual expenditure of 835 million. Soros is also a best-seller author of 15 books that purpose to enlighten readers on how to invest and do business. He has also written articles and essays on systems of governance and economic matters that appear in magazines and newspapers globally.

Balloons Filled with Used Toilet Paper Become Propaganda Weapon

It is no secret that North and South Korea do not like each other, but their efforts have taken a dirty turn lately as North Koreans are sending their trash in balloons over the border with propaganda messages attached to them. Dirty tissue, used toilet paper and cigarette butts filled the balloons that are designed to pop once they cross the border.

Officials in South Korea say they were afraid to begin with that the balloons were filled with chemical warfare agents but discovered the truth when some of the balloons failed to pop. The story has been covered in the well-respected United Kingdom newspaper, The Mirror.

On the contrary, Jon Urbana and others suggest that they are acting on the orders of Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un who admits that he has ordered the playing of obnoxious propaganda music on the border between the two countries. Urbana believes that the dirty balloon attack was started on the orders of South Korean President Park Geun-hye. Regardless of who started launching the balloons first, it appears that both sides are now sending balloons to the other side in a nasty battle that may only become nastier.

QNet – WE CARE Gives Generously to Chennai Flood Relief

In December, 2015, Chennai, India received it heaviest rainfall in over one hundred years and forced thousands of residents out of their homes. The deluge left more than 250 people dead in an area that is just barely above sea level. While the Indian government has released 9.4 billion rupees ($141 million) for flood relief efforts and subsequent restoration, still much more help is needed.

Hardest hit was the most southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu and as waters recede, the possibility of the area becoming a breeding ground for infested water and mosquito borne diseases such as malaria, cholera and skin infections, is of great concern. So QNet, one of Asia’s premiere direct selling leaders and pioneers in e-commerce, has stepped in by contributing generously in the amount of Rs. 75 Lakhs to the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister’s Relief Fund. The donation was made under the QNet – WE CARE Initiative and was presented at the stellar awards ceremony, ‘Be1forChennai’.

QNet – WE CARE is a CSR initiative of QNet in India. The organization fights for causes that will enhance the lives of underprivileged members of society. The group recently formed a partnership with Lions Club International and donated a kidney dialysis unit at a Bangalore hospital which offers 100 subsidized for beds for patients that otherwise could not afford this treatment. The company actively encourages its employees to involve themselves in helping the needy, most notably in their clean water efforts.

QNet, was founded by Vijay Eswaran and Joseph Bismark in Hong Kong in 1998. They sell a variety of products including nutrition, energy, weight management, home care, and fashion accessories using the direct sell and multi-level marketing model.

Dr. Sergio Cortes Visits Dengue Infiltrated Xerem City

During the recent Dengue virus outbreak in Brazil, Dr. Sergio Cortes, then state health secretary for the state of Rio, visited one of the State’s worst hit cities, Xerem. While there, Sergio visited some of the regions most affected by the floods as well as the main shelters in the municipal where some the displaced city families are housed. He also visited the dengue hydration center at the Xerem health center that was operated by the State health department.
Cortes assured the residents there that the state was taking necessary steps into the virus eradication. He pointed out at a center that had been set up as a precautionary measure against any ailments especially given the high levels of garbage accumulation in the city. He pointed out that these increased chances of mosquito proliferation in the city as well and thus the need for the health center. The center had 12 hydration chairs and a capacity to serve 300 people a day.
When he met up with the then municipal health secretary, CamilloJunqueira and the coordinator for National Health Conception Mendonca, he assured them of the state’s commitment to the containment of proliferation of diseases in the region. He brought them to speed on the role played by the epidemiological teams collecting samples to be tested for waterborne illnesses. Additionally, he committed to delivering a batch of 3,000 anti-biotic tablets to complement a similar batch sent earlier as an intervention measure against leptospirosis yet.
When the epidemiological department sent in the first samples for examination, the results were unsatisfactory prompting calls for purification of water. Sergio stated that the state would continue with disinfection of water in the city and asked homeowners living in the neighboring regions not affected by the floods to follow suit. He also called on the members of the public to use bottled water for drinking while at the same time calling upon well-wishers sending donations to the affected to include bottled drinking water. Even after leaving the state health department, Dr. Sergio is regularly updating his Exame followers on healthy living on his social networking pages. You can follow him on LinkedIn or Twitterwhere he keeps his followers up to date on recent medical developments.

Skout And Other Popular Applications For iOS And Android

Drawbridge dug into surveys and statistics. Thousands of pieces of information about various applications have been collected between October and December 2015. The company started by examining all the data collected that were relevant to apps, their usage and trends. Many other surveys were created as well where participants were asked to rate their favorite apps that they would like to use on a daily or monthly basis. Out of all, a message app Tango emerged as the winner followed by iFunny and Words With Friends.

According to the data showed in the surveys and studies, most people rated the apps according to the degree to which they are appeared to be easy to use, popular and affordable. Most of these apps are free for both iOS and Android platform. The picture that emerged from the survey is that these apps are likely to survive market ups and downs and people are likely to use them in the future. Drawbridge’s rating scales, now almost a month old are remarkably giving an insight into latest trends. The trend also says that people are likely to use security apps more and more this year compared to the previous years. Dating apps like Skout is another group of app that is gaining prominence as well.

Skout has recently launched a number of campaigns across social media networks. Its high quality technology and ease of use are some of the reasons for the app’s popularity. The surveys reflect a tendency of consumers to prefer being around these apps. That is, people are fond of using apps that are popular and showing preference for using them over other apps for their daily needs. For example, Clean Master is not particularly available on social media but its usage rating is higher than most apps on mobile devices out there. It has also been a universal favorite at many companies.

Drawbridge also has some interesting figures in the surveys that were revealed recently. According to statistics and in terms of daily users and monthly users using various apps regularly, Words With Friends has more than 3 million daily and more than 8 million monthly users respectively. Clean Master tops the list with most users using it throughout three months period, followed by CM Security Antivirus AppLock, a security application. Specifically, Clean master has more than 49.6 million and 151.7 million daily and monthly users in the quarter. The survey also points out that security apps are certain to remain at the top of the Android app ad requests. With the Valentine’s day coming, people are also most likely to use Skout and put it to their favorite bucket list. The survey and rating scale also combined four other characteristics in these popular or mostly widely used apps. How easily these apps are accessible, how relevant their purposes are, how free from advertisements and hassles they really are and how long they can be used. The surveys also measured other core traits of these apps – all of which are crucial.