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Business Flourishes With Dedication And Responsibility

Helping to change the shape of industry in Brazil, Eucatex is one company that is also hard at work to change the shape of the future. While most companies care about profit margins and growth above all, that is not the case with Eucatex.

Flavio Maluf is the president of the company and is carrying on business in his fathers example with environmentally friendly practices, respecting and valuing employees and giving back to the community around which Eucatex is built. His father began the company with a single plant and knew that in order to make it last that it must treat the community well, and respect the environment.  Flavio makes the point on Facebook all the time that the environment is something we have to take care of.

Today Eucatex is a worldwide leader in manufactured wood panels and products with a successful line of paints and varnishes while maintaining strong community ties and ecologically friendly production that even the Forest Stewardship Council, FSC, has deemed to be environmentally safe. As a combination of giving back to the community as well as keeping the planet green, an Environmental Education Program has been in place for over ten years with over 22 thousand visitors to educate people and protect the environment. As an initiative to create less greenhouse gases Eucatex relies on alternative fuel sources for its power needs, staying away from fossil fuels, and has a partnership with APAE to recycle as much waste and byproduct as possible. These practices are voluntary and ahead of their peers.

As a businessman with a degree in engineering, Flavio Maluf has lead Eucatex to growing into the giant it is today as well as helped incorporate modern technology in ways that make the company both reliable and responsible. It is companies with dedicated presidents like Maluf that are setting the stage for a change in social awareness and environmental friendliness within large corporations.  Flavio’s official website has more, also with a selection of press that he’s done, including talking about education.

Premium Dog Food Brands Are A Huge Part Of The Pet Food Landscape

The sales of gourmet pet foods are up. In particular, premium dog foods have risen out from a small corner of the pet food industry and are posting sales figures that are nothing short of stunning. In about five years, sales have increased by well over 40%. Overall annual sale are now in the $10+ billion-per-year range. Facebook published a very detailed look at the industry. Those interested in learning more about these new pet food brands should check the article out. Beneful is a brand name that is produced by the pet food giant Purina. Beneful is a perfect example of a gourmet brand as the Beneful name indicates some truly special blends are being incorporated into the various meals. A wet food dubbed “Savory Rice & Lamb Stew” definitely stands out from bland offerings by generic competitors. Beneful’s dry and wet food selections are not intended to be different for the sake of being different. The goal behind the product is to present healthier food selections for dogs. Peas, carrots, tomatoes, corn, rice, pasta, and spinach are loaded with vitamins and antioxidants. Their inclusion in a diet does help a dog eat a bit better. The article notes innovative recipes combined with a solid quality control process enacted during manufacturing has contributed to the grand sales figures. The overall annual sales of pet foods is roughly $23.7 billion. Premium brands are closing in on 50% of that number. Also factoring into the huge success is the decision of retail store giants to jump on the gourmet pet food bandwagon. Retail stores draw in customers who enjoy “one-stop shopping” and wish to purchase everything from clothes to home improvement items to consumer electronics to food. And yes, “food” also includes pet food. Those who may never have heard of premium brand dog foods before discover and purchase them for the first time after seeing the choices at a major retailer. Owners pleased with how their dogs react to the premium brands are sure to become repeat buyers. Sales figures indicate repeat buyers exist in abundance.

Real Estate Visionary

When you think of high end real estate you think of one man, Greg Hague. Greg Hague has been selling real estate since the age of 18. This led him to being an attorney, a law professor, an author, a multiple time entrepreneur, and a business partner with Harvey Mackay. Greg had a vision that set him apart from all other realtors, he was not content with the status quo, and has been on a mission ever since to change that.

Recently Greg Hague was featured in a Forbes article titled, “How Entrepreneur Greg Hague Hopes To Change The Way America Sells Homes.” In this article Greg describes his method of selling real estate and his disdain for the traditional way of selling. As he says, the traditional home selling process is “hope marketing.” “Agents put a sign in the yard, place the home in MLS, run a few ads, hold open houses and hope that a buyer comes along.”

“The basic process for selling homes hasn’t changed in 75 years,” he observes. “It’s ridiculous that Amazon/Apple level sale strategies aren’t used to sell real estate.” “Apple’s process for launching a $500 iPhone is more sophisticated than the real estate industry’s process for putting a $500,000 home on the market.” Greg has a definite philosophy for selling homes and greatly admires Apples way of doing things.

The rest of the article goes in to detail of Greg Hague’s newest venture Real Estate Mavericks, which is a real estate coaching company. Greg will teach other realtors how to use his philosophy to sell houses. He describes his method as a 22-Step Home Launch Formula and 29-Day Fast Sale Plan. These programs start by building excitement and demand, then list to a select number of buyers before the home goes on the market. They are designed to generate a rush of buyers immediately after a home is listed to create a “buy now, don’t lose it” mindset that can motivate buyers to act quickly and at a higher price.

If you go to you will be able to see Greg’s strategy for selling homes. You can take a course that teaches you the 29 day fast sale formula that was explained in the above Forbes magazine article.

This course is so exclusive they only take 100 realtors a month nationwide and they teach you a new, better way of selling homes. The website also lists live events where you can go see Greg in person and coaching YouTube videos. Greg Hague really is a real estate visionary who is on a mission to change the real estate market forever.

Recap of Forbes article:

Nobilis Health Caring About the Patient and Profitability

I grew up in Pennsylvania at a time when there were, only, two hospitals serving the health needs of the local population. Your religious preference or lack there of determined which hospital you would be rushed to in an emergency or which hospital would be the family’s choice for elective surgery. It was a simpler time. In the decades since that time the medical world has exponentially improved. There are new, more effective drugs and anesthetics. Medical treatments and procedures have been revolutionized. But at the same time there has been a return to folk medicines of the past, toward herbal medicine and toward holistic medical practices. What was considered modern medicine when I was a boy in Pennsylvania would, now, be considered cruel and primitive. Nowadays stockhouse reported the level of medical professionalism and competence is taken for granted amid the confusion of health insurance rules, regulations and standard practices. Currently there is as effort to continue the modernization of hospitals only on a much smaller scale and to promote and to advance the best medical procedures available to the public. The physical size of large hospitals is being changed for the better. Its size is reduced in an effort to optimize efficiency and to bring the idea of the doctor oriented facility to the public. Large, impersonal hospitals are being downsized in order to more efficiently meet the requirements of a population needing medical help. Large medical hospital complexes will continue to have their place, but smaller facilities seem to be representing the new wave of efficiency and patient convenience. Many for profit companies are, now, seeing the viability of building and running facilities connecting doctors, medical staff and procedures with the population at large. Nobilis Health is one such business, owning and in charge of managing the facilities for providing health care. Their orientation is one of providing low cost, minimally invasive procedures, performed on an out-patient basis without the costly and time consuming hospital stays required at many larger hospital institutions. Nobilis Health owns and manages seven surgical facilities in Dallas and Houston, Texas and Scottsdale, Arizona. They are in the process of expanding into other facilities in Arizona, Oregon, Michigan, Minnesota, Tennessee and New Jersey. There is a sense held by many of us that medicine will continue to improve until we reach a time in the future when a pill will be available to cure any and all physical ailments. As a boy I felt that way. Others see medicine only providing superficial help to a people who have fallen off the path to a healthful existence, never to be able to find that once healthful path again. There is a simple question to ask ourselves, to be used to determine which of these two opinions holds true. Ask yourself, how is my health today, the health of my family, the health of friends. Then think back to an earlier time in your life when you were in the hospital and ask yourself the same questions about personal health, the health of your family and friends back then. Examine and determine which time was healthier not just for you but for your family. The results may be startling.

Real Estate Market Analysis

We all know Town Residential from its fame and popularity in New York’s luxurious real estate industry. This past year saw Town Residential record one if the biggest sales in luxurious real estate industry. It is one of the few companies that can boast of having good market returns and an increased asset base in the year 2015.

Recently Town Residential realized their market analysis for the last quarter of 2015. One thing was evident, the continuous steady rise in real estate prices by very big margins. Manhattan was one of the places that were worst hit by this rise.

The average real estate sales prices recorded a 5.2% increase; that is$1,976,660. The normal median real estate sales price grew by 16% from 2014 to hit $1,150,000. The price per square foot of space increases by 6.2% from 2014 which was $1,365. The average price per square foot of space rose by 8.4% from the third quarter that was $1,505.

An estimated 20% increase was witnessed in median sales price of condos found in Manhattan. A total of $1,736,250 was gained in the fourth quarter of 2015. Median price per square foot rose to $1,606; this is an 11% increase from the previous year and 7.6% higher than the increase witnessed in the third quarter of 2015.

A Manhattan co-op was averagely priced at $1,272,902 in the fourth quarter, the prices were $1,217,017 in the third quarter of 2015; this is a rise of 4.6%. A year-over-year basis analysis shows an average rise 6.4% in prices of a co-op. The average price per square foot was $1,087; this is an increase of 6.3% from the previous year and higher than the third quarter prices of $1,066.

From this analysis, you will notice a rise in all aspects of real estate prices by averagely 5% each year. This means after 20 years, or even less the prices will have doubled the current prices. This means if you live for 70 years you will witness a triple doubling of real estate prices.

Coriant and It’s New CEO Shaygan Kheradpir

Shaygan Kheradpir is an established pioneer and business pioneer who has more than 28 years of managerial expertise in finance, technology, and telecom services. Kheradpir began his livelihood at GTE Corporation, soon after he was delegated Verizon’s Executive Vice President & CIO and a part of the executive leadership group. This team was responsible for systems modifications, proficiency, and spearheading inventiveness of products including FIOS at Verizon. After his departure from Verizon, Kheradpir joined Barclay bank. While employed at Barclay, he served as Chief Operations and Technology Officer, and was also a member of the decision-making team. While at Barclay, Kheradpir was key in the development of the TRANSFORM business plan where the bank made an important shift in the banking industry for the 21st century in 50 countries for over 150 thousand employees.

Directly after Barclay, Kheradpir became the Chief Executive Officer of Juniper Networks. While there he was responsible for creating an Integrated Operating Plan for Juniper and concentrated on imposing critical growth of the markets of Cloud Builder & High IQ Networking. Before taking on his new position at Coriant, Kheradpir was an Operating Partner at Marlin Equity Partners, where he concentrated on necessary telecom and technology investments. He is a Cornell University educated executive with three degrees: PH.D, Master’s, and Bachelor’s all in engineering.

Kheradpir joined Coriant as their Chief Executive Officer. Coriant is a leading supplier in innovative networking results for top network operators in over 100 countries which was launched in March 2013. The company sells hardware and software for optical communication for the Backbone Network as it relates to data, voice,and mobile networks. Coriant has a German history. It emerged from a German company named Siemens in the Transmission Technology department. Coriant provides service to 9 out of the Top 10 Tier 1 providers of network technology. Coriant’s success is due to nothing less than providing top notch quality and customer service to all of their customers.

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