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The Future of Internet Identity

There is no question that individuals now have two identities. One of those occurs online and is need of just as much protection as the one we live out day to day. This means more than credit card numbers, billing accounts, and taxes. Things take place online that directly effect our reputation. These things are often out of our own control. In a case in which your online identity has been compromised, one might feel helpless to change or fix anything.

There are a few things that can be done to help negate some of the negative content about a person online. Getting a good idea of what’s online in the first step. This is most effectively done when logged out of your browser. Google personalized search results. This is handy in most cases, but not for seeing what everybody else is seeing objectively on Google.

You can always delete your personal account and delete unflattering things on accounts you have the ability to log into. Another strategy is to saturate the web with both new and positive content. Attempt to get traffic to this new content if you can. There are also Data Brokers that create accounts or profiles based on information already on the web. Opt out of these via their forms. These options are normally available right there on the site.

Status Labs is an innovative public relations firm that specializes in managing online reputations for you. They also provide useful services such as search engine optimization,social media marketing, and content marketing. The Swiss army knife of an individual or company’s online presence is making waves in the internet and technology community.

Darius Fisher is the founder and president of this revolutionary and successful company. He is a successful investor and entrepreneur that has excelled in many fields. After graduating from Vanderbilt University with a BS in Economics, Fisher went on to make in difference in the world using his education and experience in economics and consulting.

Fisher works as a volunteer to provide his consultation services to Defy Ventures which is an online education program aimed at empowering those with criminal histories with the skills they need. Despite being more popularly known for being the founder and president of Status Labs, fisher is still dedicated to creating a better environment for those seeking a second chance both online and in real life.

Sam Tabar and Investing

Investing is one of the best ways to earn huge profits and achieve financial independence. Sam Tabar actively seeks out companies to invest in, and his portfolio history shows as much. He is very experienced in investing. He has also an impressive portfolio that shows a lot of wisdom and discernment when picking out the companies that are going to gain him a lot of profits in the long run. One of the reasons that he is so successful as an investor is that he takes the time to learn about a company. He does the necessary research in order to find out all of the important pieces of information about the company.

Among the factors that Sam Tabar looks at when it comes to investing in a business is the business model of each company that he considers, he’ll even follow them on Twitter to get a feel for how contactable and public a company might be. After all, he is investing. One of the main motives behind investing is to earn profits from his investments. While many people do make investments and buy stocks in companies, it is not as common for people to make profitable investments. Among the pitfalls of investors is that they can make rash decisions. This could result in them making investments in companies that fail them. Instead, it is better to look at various sources of information about the company that is up to date before making the investment.

Among the things to look at for a company is the type of products that they are offering, a tip Sam offers that has been picked up by news outlets before. This can be looked at through the website of the company. One thing to look at is the products that are in development. This could help the investor determine whether or not this product is worth making the investments in the company. Among the pieces of information that the investor could look at are the specs of the product. If the investor knows that the product is likely to make huge profits among the customers, then he can confidently make the investments in the company and make huge profits.

Sam Tabar would be more in favor of long-term investments as his Bloomberg profile suggests. However, for those who want to trade, there are strategies that one could take part in. For one thing, it is important for one to let go of a losing trade. It is not wise to hold on to the trade in the hopes that the trend will change and the value of the company will turn around and finally make for a profitable investment.

Sam Tabar’s extensive experience as a lawyer gives him a lot to talk about to his audience. He can provide sensible pieces of advice that is very simple to the listener. For those that are willing to invest in the market, Sam Tabar is someone to learn from. His advice is easy to understand.

Scott Lumley Brings In 600,000-square-feet More For Nashville

There has been a shortage of industrial space in the Nashville area that Panattoni Development Co. plans to remedy. And Scott Lumley’s Resolve Commercial LLC was on hand to help make it all happen. There has been a real lack of industrial and commercial business space improvements in the Nashville area since the recession of 2008, precipitated by the financial sector bailouts that year. Panattoni management saw the trend lines for business development leading to a spike in just a couple of years, and so gave the go ahead to begin development.

Panattoni’s development manager for the Southeast region if Jeff Konieczny, who says, “Given all of the redevelopment that’s going on, the city is losing some of its industrial base… The real benefit of this property is going to be its visibility and access to the highways.” He went on to explain the new industrial area will fulfill the needs of local businesses in a 3 – 4 mile circle around downtown Nashville, Tennessee.

The full 44 acre industrially zoned area on Brick Church Pike was purchased for $1.93 million USD. This will be called Skyline Distribution Park and it will be the first new Class A warehouse built within Davidson County for more than six years. Panattoni will begin construction within the month, dividing the 600K Sq. feet into 3 separate buildings. It is scheduled to be completed in the fall of 2016.

The actual performance of the construction project will be handled by Alston Construction, which is Panattoni’s contractor department. Associate broker Jimmy Armistead is handling the lengthy paperwork required for the project. The building space requirements by business has bumped up in market metrics in the last few months, so the projections for the new commercial center’s occupancy are quite glowing.

Scott Lumley has the expertise to purchase and remodel older business building and then update them to modern code and style. His company, Resolve Commercial LLC, is the original and overall most trusted wholesale B2B Internet-based directory. Resolve can address all kinds of products, such as clothing, fine jewelry, novelties, handbags, toys, electronics, and you name it, they can make it happen. Find more about Scott Lumley on his instagram account.

OrganoGold Creates Products With A Special Herb

OrganoGold is the kind of company that has always been trying to make a difference since it first began, and expanding into every part of the world is a big part of that plan. It was founded by a man who had a love for the herb that it is a big part of the company, and the company has done well through the passion that he has shown toward it.

Bernardo Chua, impassioned occasional blogger and well known CEO and entrepreneur, wanted to do great things for his company. He wanted it to see success immediately, so he made sure to put his all into it. He worked hard to create something great with it, and he has done well through that. He’s made himself into a success through the hard work he’s done in his career, and he can feel proud of himself for the company that he has started up.

Bernardo Chua is all about doing things right in his career, and when one is to take a look at the things he’s done with his company they will quickly see that, and how successful he’s been because of it. They’ll realize that he is a man who they should be looking up to, and they should gain a ton of inspiration from looking to him.

There are some companies that are determined to do things in a better way than others, and OrganoGold is one of those companies. It started off trying to do things right, and it is not about to stop doing that now. It’s a company that wants to leave people feeling good about the choices they are making for themselves, and everyone who wants to use products that are good for them are going to want to check out this brand. OrganoGold is putting some unique items out there, and those items, made with a special Chinese herb, are something that everyone should take the time to look into.

Brad Reifler Introduces Forefront Income Trust

Brad Reifler, of Forefront Capital, has developed a new product called Forefront Income Trust. It caters to non-credited investors about 99 percent of the populations that is overlooked. According to the SEC, a credited investor must be a corporation, a person with a net worth of over $1 million, or a person with a income that exceeds $200,000.

Reifler developed Forefront Income Trust to give an opportunity to the middle class to invest. This fund allows investors to invest $2,500 minimum and the fund can be added to or withdrawn every quarter. This is not controlled by the stock market and offers more risk and higher income potential. Reifler says the fund give an 8% return and more liquidity with money.

One of the key factors that caused him to create the fund was his father-in-law. When he retired, he wanted Reifler to invest his savings. He found out how limited the options were for the middle class. He developed a fund that people like his father-in-law could invest in. He used a team of professionals to research the funds to come up with an innovative new product.

Brad Reifler is one of the top investment personalities in the United States, and one of the leading stops on Wikipedia in terms of financial experts. He started Forefront Investors. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Forefront Advisory and Forefront Capital Management. He received a degree from Bowdin College in economics and political science.

In 1982, he began a company called Reifler Trading Corporation. The firm managed millions of dollars in discretionary accounts. The company did institutional research, disseminating information, and global advisory and execution. It grew steadily and he acquired Pali Capital. His work with this company focused on the equity market. Reifler spent over 13 years working with Pali Capital grossing over $200 million dollars. The company had over 300 employees and offices in four countries.

Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos Is Leading Brazilian Development

The development of Brazil is the most important part of the anticipation of the Olympics, and the country is relying on companies like Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos and their website, to help build as much as possible before the world shows up for the Olympics. The World Cup drew millions of people to a few stadiums for some soccer matches, but the Olympics will draw the whole world. The world will be watching, and Brazil must look good in the process. This article explains how Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos is building a better Brazil that will look lovely on television when NBC opens the Olympics, especially where they’re currently working in the West Zone.

#1: Why Build New Structures?

Every country that hosts the Olympics is expected to build as many new structures as possible, and the structures are used for housing, events, retail and commercial purposes. Visitors will stay in new hotels, the athlete’s villages will be turned into housing for the city and the retail spaces will host the growing middle class in Brazil. Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos has built these structures for decades, but they called on now to make the country look brand new.

#2: Where To Build

Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos is building in places where Brazil has been struggling. There are slums in Rio that must be updated before the Olympics, and the people living in these neighborhoods will get jobs and housing from the new developments. People who once lived on the edge of poverty will be able to live in new housing projects, get new jobs and join the new middle class in Brazil. Brazil is growing, but everyone in the country must be given a chance to grow, as well.

#3: How Long Will The Development Last?

The development projects led by Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos and other companies will last for several years after the Olympics. The economic windfall for the country will help downtrodden neighborhoods, and the windfall will pay for many new developments in the future. Continuing to build is the only way to keep the world coming bck to Brazil, and Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos will continue to build new office buildings, housing and retail spaces that are needed.

The growth of Brazil is easy to predict, but the country must continue to build for years to catch up with the rest of the world. People who are fighting against in Brazil will have new jobs and places to live, and companies like Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos will profit as Brazil grows.

Shaygan Kheradpir Is Putting His All Toward Coriant

Coriant is a technology company that has done some great things since starting up. It has been in business for over two years, and it sells hardware and software that has made many people pleased. The company knows how to do things right when it comes to all of that because of the great people who are working for it. The ones who are behind this company are doing all that they can to see it succeed, and they have put their knowledge of technology to use for it.

One of the people who works for this company is Shaygan Kheradpir. He is the CEO of the company, and he is a man who cares for it greatly. He wants to make it into a big success, and he has put his all toward it to make that happen. He is a smart man who has done great things in his career before this, and he is a man who had put his all into getting a good education. He knew that it was important that he be studying hard as he was going to school, and the things that he learned in college taught him a lot. He knows all that he does today because of the dedication that he showed to his classes while he was in college, and because of the open mind he had when learning.

Not too many people are as ambitious as Shaygan Kheradpir has been in regard to getting their degrees, and that may be part of the reason that Shaygan Kheradpir has done so well in his career. He has always been ambitious and dedicated to the things he wanted to get done, and he is even more so now that he is working toward something that he feels passionate about. He loves the company that he works as CEO of and all that he is doing for it. He wants to make it into something great, so he is putting his all toward it. Everything that he learned in school is going toward it, and he is making the company into something truly great because of that.

Youtube Famous

Getting famous on Youtube can be one of the coolest things anyone does in their entire life. You’ll get paid just to make videos that people want to watch and express your creativity through a surprisingly large medium. Stars such as Swoozie, Jenna Marbles, Wengie, and PewDiePie are all well known and make more than enough to live on to say the least.
Wengie or Wendy Huang is a Youtuber that got her fame from making makeup and beauty tutorial videos. Her view count on videos is nearly always over 65 thousand making her one of the biggest youtube stars there is just simply by her demonstrating how to apply makeup. Some of her other non makeup videos are about her life and how she grew up.
Wengie is from Australia and is still producing videos nearly every day. She has done collaborations with Michelle Phan, another big name youtuber who also does makeup tutorials. Wendy has even done some videos on how to properly diet and take care of your skin. She has covered tons of topics and continues to bring in more and more viewers as she creates videos.
Getting youtube famous like this isn’t easy though. Wengie and others have all had some hard challenges to get their fanbases and get the views they’ve managed. The biggest thing about becoming youtube famous is to create your own brand. You need something that sets you apart from other youtubers and nets you a particular fanbase. Pewdiepie, the most successful youtuber in the business, caters almost exclusively to a gamer crowd as opposed to Wengie who produces makeup tutorials and caters more towards women in that way, another major youtuber may produce videos exclusively talking about comics, while yet another makes videos of their cat consistently. Getting into Youtube video creation is really all about finding your niche. Of course you have to find an advertising route after that or simply hope you get really lucky and have your video blow up but by finding your target market 80% of your job will be complete.
Becoming Youtube famous isn’t for everyone, but it’s something that a certain group of people can do really well. Those that are good enough and can make consistent high viewer videos will produce tons of money and be very well known. It’s one of the most accessible ways to get famous without a doubt.

Jaime Garcia Dias And The Love Of Literature

For people who are truly creative, pursuing their work is as important as eating. It is a necessary part of their daily life and without it life seems rather meaningless. This is true of everyone who pursues a life as a literary writer, especially writers who continue to write and create at a highly passionate level. There’s no doubt that Brazilian author Jaime Garcia Dias is one of those creative spirits who simply can’t live without literature. His amazing creative output attests to that fact.

An Amazing Literary Output

At the age of 45, Dias has already produced over 20 works of literary fiction, all of them he’s talked about on his blog. He was recently recognized as a major literary artist when he was awarded the ABC Award of Brazil Prize for Literature. This is a huge honor and one that Dias is rightly grateful for. It is also very inspiring to have the recognition and is sure to spur him on to creating even more works of literature.

An Upbringing in Rio de Janeiro

Dias comes by his love of writing honestly, and even his ability as a painter, as he grew up in a literary household in Rio de Janeiro. His father was a writer and his mother was a notable architect. They both encouraged him to pursue his education and to work as a writer. He followed their teachings and along with becoming a writer he also became an educator.

Early Work as A Teacher

Dias pursued a career as a teacher at the Carioca Academy in Brazil and worked there for five years. The school is a prep school and is geared towards young students who want to pursue a literary life. Obviously, Dias is a perfect fit for the school and today he serves as the president of the Academy.

Early Inspirations from Amado

On Facebook Dias talks about being an avid reader and he counts among his inspirations the great Brazilian writer Jorge Amado. Amado enjoyed a long career until his death in 2001, and his whimsical style remains popular to this day. Dias loves all of Amado’s work but he mentions “Captains of the Sands” and “Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands” as his all time favorites. The story of Dona Flor involves a woman who is still in love with and involved with the ghost of her dead husband. She carries on this “affair” even while involved with a living man. The story was made into a film in the 1970s that captured great acclaim worldwide, so it’s no mystery why the story continues to inspire Dias.

It’s no surprise that Dias found a kindred spirit in Amado. Like Amado, Dias is passionate about writing on his Twitter, and intends to keep producing great works for years to come.

The Groundbreaking Life Of One Life To Live

As easy as they are to dismiss as serious drama, as easy as it is to mock the plots and sometimes the acting, daytime dramas hold an important place in the history of entertainment. With their convoluted plots and dysfunctional family dynamics, some historians claim that these afternoon television staples actually have their roots in ancient Greek theater. And indeed, for audiences of both at their worst, these dramas provide an hour of escape. At their best, the plots sneak in some social relevance and commentary with the entertainment.

One such daytime drama was the revolutionary One Life To Life. Created in 1968 for the ABC network by acclaimed producer Agnes Nixon, the drama’s intention from its inception was to tell groundbreaking stories under the guise of a “soap opera”. Set in the fictional Pennsylvania town of Llanview, the drama created soap opera firsts simply by populating Llanview with characters of different ethnic, religious, and racial backgrounds, all of whom were prominently featured. Under Nixon’s guidance, One Life To Live told stories of class struggles and interreligious marriages. A controversial story early in the show told the story of a light skinned young black woman posing as white, and having an affair with a black man. Another “taboo” story dealt with a doctor’s addiction to prescription drugs. And one of the show’s most controversial (and popular) stories had a housewife turned prostitute seemingly commit murder and make a BFF out of her “lovable” pimp. But probably the show’s most popular and long running story dealt with the trials and travails of heroine Victoria Lord and her multiple personalities.

The show won many Daytime Emmy Awards for ABC during its 43 year run, and its famous acting alumni include Tommy Lee Jones and Judith Light. But trying to appeal to a changing viewership in the aftermath of General Hospital’s “Luke and Laura” phenomenon, stories grew increasingly sillier, and ratings began to decline. In 2011, ABC decided to pull the drama from its daytime lineup. The network agreed to participate in a partnership with a online producer, and for a brief period, One Life To Life had a new life to live on the internet. But production problems, delays, and lawsuits finally shuttered the show in 2013.

Before the show’s decline and cancellation however, its writers created several new characters that attracted talented young actors like Crystal Hunt. A former child actress who garnered two Daytime Emmy nominations playing a teenaged character on CBS drama The Guiding Light, Hunt “moved” to Llanview in 2009, playing scheming stripper Stacy Morasco. Intent on stealing her sister’s true love among other soap opera shenanigans, Stacy pretended to be a bone marrow donor, and lied about the paternity of her child. Hunt left the show in 2010, with writers killing off the Stacy character in an accident. Not reformed by death, the character made several guest appearances as a ghost in 2011 and 2012. shows that in addition to her work on daytime dramas, Hunt has appeared in a series of movies, including The Derby Stallion, Sydney White, and most recently, Magic Mike XXL. She also recently co-produced the horror film Talbot County. Currently, Hunt is appearing on the reality show Queens Of Drama which features her and other daytime alumni creating and starring in the pilot for a new drama. The show airs on Amazon Video, and she’s featured it herself many times in her Vimeo videos.