The Competent Cone

Geoffrey Cone is a very successful lawyer. After earning his bachelors degree in law, at the University of Otago, he continued his education and added a diploma in trust and tax law. Having earned such am extensive education, Geoff Cone put it to great use. His practice in law began as a partner in a well noted law firm. He practiced trust and tax advisory work and all types of business law. This helped him gain both extensive knowledge and legitimate experience in the law world. It also gave him a great array of types of law cases and wisdom of different court levels. After a few years of hard work and voluminous effort with this firm, Geoff Cone started his very own law practice. Cone Marshall Limited has since grown into a respectable law firm. CML, Cone Marshall Limited, concentrates on international trust and tax planning. Not only does Geoff Cone’s firm focus on this, but is the only firm in New Zealand to specialize in just this type of law practice.

With such an extensive education and knowledge of tax and trust law, it may be in ones best interest to take Geoff Cone’s opinions. Recently, Geoff Cone has shared his point of view on New Zealand and its foreign trusts. Geoff has openly communicated that New Zealand is not a “tax haven” and will not be considered one in the near future. Geoff suggests that in order for New Zealand to ever meet the qualifications of being a tax haven, there would have to be many changes in both laws and business. Laws involving information exchange between governments would have to become stronger and the banking industry would have to become moe secure and secretive. Although Geoff does not believe New Zealand is a tax haven, he does share that New Zealand is making progress in this area. The rules placed in this area and the way foreign trusts are handled make a great starting point. This gives New Zealand the ability to create and hold up tax exchange agreements with many other countries. So even if New Zealand is not a tax haven, it is making progress and is building a great reputation in this field of business.

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Kenneth Goodgame: Leading Retail Hardware & Tool Sales Into the Future

True Value earned $2.2 billion in hardware sales, thanks to their executive, Kenneth Goodgame. He organized 85 SKUs covering more than 320 million items that he helped make the leading hardware supplier’s sales into a gold mine. It is no wonder, then, that Kenneth Goodgame was hired on by Ace Hardware. And, Ace was not disappointed, as he dramatically increased their revenues by $3.2 billion. He initiated the ‘Craftsman Program’ while at Ace which shot up their profits from tool sales from $9 million annually, to $180 million.

Goodgame’s approach in business is a bit unique. He is an executive operations manager who professionally advises the big-box tools and hardware retail stores. With his expert guidance, many of these consumer hardware chains are now becoming the toast of the 21st century in the retail sector. He has a depth of business experience, coupled with a roving mind for details in a wide range of subjects, that he has blended with his knowledge of Internet E-commerce technologies. He has been an instrumental element of some of the biggest deals in modern business. Some of the deals he has managed have totaled in the many billions of dollars.

His first top-level executive experiences were at True Value Hardware’s corporate headquarters in Chicago. He worked his way up to become their Vice President. Goodgame has produced great results for many retail businesses over the years. Now all the big box chains are coming to call on Kenneth Goodgame. He has a process that is now well proved to always bring higher profits. He is also known as a very shrewd person to have to negotiate with. He not only pays attention to a business’ Bottom Line, he has also at times been very involved in strategies to help employee morale and in the process reduce job churn. Finally, Kenneth Goodgame has become adept at point out to client companies, the many revenue streams they have overlooked; blind spots in their profit picture.

John Goullet Has The Answers

A lot of people in the IT world are looking for true professionals and they are also looking for answers. These things can be hard to come by, no question, but there is a group of individuals that have the answers and they know what they to look for and they are the team at Diversant. In fact, they have a leadership and advisory board. A lot of times, people don’t understand the importance of leadership and exactly what it means to be a leader. It is a day in and day out job. It requires caring about people and showing them the ropes.

After all, Diversant is going to set people up with Fortune 500 companies. That is a lot of responsibility on their plate and a lot to handle. They need to make sure they are ready, willing, and able to handle it to the best of their abilities. One person on their board that can definitely help them out is Principal Executive John Goullet. He has an eye for talent and he certainly knows it when he sees it. That is why he is such an honored member of their staff. In the past, he ran Info Technologies, which had the tough task of finding solutions for Fortune 500 companies. However, John Goullet and his team were up for the challenge each and every time. They did not back down from it or hide from it.

Diversant and John Goullet love challenges of any kind. They see it as a chance to grow, get better, and learn. No matter how long someone has been doing this, there is always something more to learn and something more to obtain along the way. John Goullet has the answers because he is always searching for them and he is always asking questions. He knows that is best way to get to know to someone and find out if they are the right fit for a particular company. He really takes that time and gets to know them on a personal level to find out what they are all about at the end of the day.

With a 30 Day Free Trial, The Time Is Now To Use Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is having a banner year in 2016 and for good reason: they are always working around the clock. While there are many great products out there, the products that stand the test of time and really stick out are the ones that know what they are doing and the ones that are looking at the little things. A lot of times, it is the fundamentals of the application. As they often say, people get what they emphasize. The IT team at Talk Fusion has made Talk Fusion be a product that runs smoothly and without any hitches getting in the way.

They know that people are depending on it, need it, and rely on it. Because of this, they want to make sure they are getting the most out of the video chats, video conferences, video emails, and video newsletters. They never want a customer to have to go without when using this product. Right now, they are offering thirty day free trials for new customers to try it out and see for themselves what it is all about and how it delivers each and every time. Those are also the reasons why it won its second award in 2016 from Technology Marketing Corporation. This award was for being the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award. That is heavy praise, but it has been earned by Talk Fusion. They never do things the easy way or cheat their customers.

They are prideful people and it shows in the product. As Bob talks about in the article,, this is just the start for Talk Fusion, which has been around since 2007. If this is only the start, it will be a lot of fun to see what Talk Fusion has up its sleeve for the rest of the year and for the future.

As long as Bob Reina is in charge and as long as they keep innovating, the future is incredibly bright for both Talk Fusion and its customers that use it to run their business and communicate with others to grow their business even further.

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The Philanthropist, James Dondero Supports NGO by Granting Them Financial Support for the NGO’s Campaign of Domestic Violence Prevention Service

The Family’s Place announced a great news for this week that their good deed and intention are supported by some of the richest and philanthropic man named James Dondero.

The focus of this NGO is to help the victim of the domestic violence to get the shelter when they are violated and harmed in the family. James Dondero granted this NGO financial support as much as $1 million to help the organization help more people experiencing violence in their family.

The fund to campaign for the $16.5 million is still far from the truth. The recent fund which are successfully raised is still $2.8 million. However, the financial support from James Dondero is a really something that there is still person like him who care about others.

JamesDondero is a successful businessman who also becomes a chairman for Cornerstone Healthcare Group Holding, a Director of Nexbank SSB, a chairman & president of the Highland Capital, chairman of the-board and CEO of HCM Acquisition Company, Director of MGM Holding Inc and several other companies.

As a businessman, he was well educated. He finished his study in University of Virginia in 1984 with the title of B.S. He is the best man who has been dealing with credit and finance since 1985 when he was working as a corporate-bond analyst.

The good action of James Dondero is driven by his anxiety over the threat surrounding the city he lives. Despite of the fact that James Dondero lives in a safety house, society and well-managed housing complex, it does not make him apathetic and close his eyes over the real condition of the city he lives where there are thousands of families outside of his safe house need shelter to take cover.

Looking at the fact that the Family’s Place has been doing voluntary works by helping the families which need place and help from the harmful and violence they have experienced, James Dondero regards that this NGO needs to be helped for the fact that the NGO is doing a humanitarian job.

The Family Place’s objective and goal to help the families experienced domestic violence has already been realized by building shelters and its’ supporting buildings like medical and dental clinic, emergency shelter bedrooms as well as call center to receive the SOS from families that need help.

The shelter the Family Place’s intend to build shall be able to accommodate more than 2,000 victims. The Shelter would also welcome the abused or violated animals as well as the trauma center for the victims of bullying at school and the trauma center also become the place to educate the children of the negative effect of bullying and the importance of compassion to each other.


James Dondero


Emily McClure Puts Wen by Chaz to the Test

Wen, is a hair care cleansing system developed by Chaz Dean, a renown stylist. Many celebrities have touted the brand as a sensation. It’s a conditioning shampoo that works thoroughly cleansing hair from root to end and it doesn’t have to lather. That’s how powerful and effective this brand is. It comes in a pump and looks a lot like a light foam. The appearance doesn’t do it justice. It also comes in some beautiful natural fragrances that are also functional. In this case, the Fig formula was the choice of the day for Emily to review.

Emily McClure is a professional hairstylist. She’s also a blogger and did a review post on WEN hair cleansing system for Bustle Magazine. Here was her process and results. First, it’s important to note that she has fine hair with a tendency to an oily scalp. She also uses a lot of hair styling product so that her curls stay up and happy.

She began the process by reading the instructions. At first, she thought it a bit much to use 13 or so pumps for shoulder-length hair. But, she followed faithfully. She immediately noticed one that that made her very happy. The amount of breakage was significantly lower. She could see that there were far less broken hairs in the tub.

Then the clean she felt, despite the lack of lather was amazing. As the days went by she noticed that her curls were not as perky for as long as normal. But, this was the adjustment period for her hair and the fact that her styling product, possibly for the first-time-ever was stripped clean from the hair so thoroughly that this was the cause. There was no residue, just virgin hair.

The bottom line is that it’s definitely worth the wait. Wen is Sephora available and can also be purchased online via

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Understanding the Ancient Wisdom of Kabbalah

The concept of Kabbalah has been hidden for millenniums and as a result, it has been clouded in confusion, misrepresentation, and myth. It has been considered a secret teaching which tries to hide something from the people learning it. Kabbalah is the teaching of the secret. This means that kabbalists teach students to open up in order to realize the secret.
Life is filled with mysteries like: What is life? What is existence? What is love? How do they exist? What is the soul, the inner person? These mysteries are experienced every time and the more you gaze upon their depths, the complex their understanding becomes. Kabbalah plunges into these secrets of life and unveils their depths into the open. It offers parable, metaphor and understanding to the mysteries of life. It encourages and guides us to use the Kabbalah principles and wisdom for healing and growth in our daily lives.

The essence of the Kabbalah wisdom is that there is an inner, comprehensive force or “the Creator” that controls everything in real life. All the world’s forces come from this force. Some of these forces are common to us while others of a higher level remain mysterious to us. The best way to understand the Kabbalah wisdom is to learn it. So where can you learn authentic Kabbalah?

The Kabbalah Centre is an international non-profit organization that provides courses on the Kabbalistic teachings and Zohar. The Centre provides its students with wisdom and the tools that can help in improving their lives. Learning is done at their regional and city-based centers and online through lectures, books, downloads and prayer services.

The Kabbalah Centre’s technique of teaching is to orient students with methods that do not require a previous understanding of Jewish or Hebrew texts. The Centre views the religious and spiritual beliefs as merely specific branches of universal wisdom. As a result of this belief, The Kabbalah Centre presents itself as a supplement to religion as opposed to an alternative to it. One should be concerned with their relationship with the nature of God rather than God himself as he is beyond understanding.

Finding Inmates Through Their Voice: Investigator 4.0

Investigator 4.0 by Securus Technologies makes it possible to identify a criminal by his voice. Voices have a quality to them which is as unique as a fingerprint. Just like there are no two fingerprints alike, there are no two voices alike. The differences can be hard to determine, however; and that’s where technology comes in. The right kind of computational software can analyze a voice for similarities and identify said voice being used in disparate locations. Even criminals that try to hide their voices can be foiled by a computer that is looking for characteristics which can’t be consciously downplayed or ignored.


Securus Technologies provides communications solutions for inmates of over 2,600 correctional facilities. In total, Securus caters to some 3,450 public safety institutions, correctional facilities, and law enforcement agencies. Additionally, they deal with 1.2 million inmates on a regular basis. Those inmates often communicate with individuals who are not incarcerated. Despite such a ubiquitous prison system, organized crime in America often deals with the incarcerated. Sometimes, for example, the leader of a criminal organization will be incarcerated and operations from that criminal enterprise don’t cease. Why? They are being conducted from the inside. This can be done through a variety of legal visitations and telephone conversations. With Investigator 4.0 by Securus subsidiary JLG Technologies, it’s easier than ever to identify who may be coming or going as a visitor at a prison. Their voice can be matched against other criminal voices whose phone calls have been recorded. This makes it easier to arrest criminals involved in hidden activity, and curb the tide of criminal behavior that is conducted from within a given facility.


Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Keep Your Lips Smooth With Evolution of Smooth

Evolution of Smooth provides its customers with organic, easy to use lip balm. The product can come in many different sizes, shapes and colors, but every product contains many different ingredients that can help you maintain very healthy lips. Some of these ingredients include Shea Butter and Vitamin E, both ingredients can create incredibly smooth lips. The lip balm is also hypoallergenic, and has been tested to ensure that they are suitable for every Walmart customer.

Not only do the ingredients look amazing, but the attractive design of the lip balm keeps it simple while still looking modern. They can be stored in most places and are very easy to take with you while you are on the go. The little compact spheres come in many different colors as well as flavors. Some of the flavors that the company boasts range from ‘passion fruit,’ to ‘sweet mint.’

Evolution of Smooth has many different product lines to choose from, going from ‘organic smooth spheres,’ to something a little more look changing like the ‘shimmer smooth spheres,’ eBay available product line. The product also comes in sticks instead of spheres, so anyone interested in buying one of their products have many different choices to choose from. This lip balm is definitely worth looking into if you are look for something that will keep your lips healthy and smooth. Visit their website:



Jose Manuel Gonzalez; Politics is Important

Jose Manuel Gonzalez, an agronomic entrepreneur, was the leader of FEDECAMARAS and is the current deputy of Guarico State National Assembly. He gives us two qualities in one person. Jose Manuel Gonzales has perfect experience from two complementary areas. He is an active business person borrowed into politics.

Agriculture, like three remaining sectors, is in a waiting situation. The country stopped producing 500,000 tons of rice. Only 300,000 tons of maize are produced annually. However, the country does not have enough foreign exchange for imports. This situation has condemned to a roller-coaster type of supply system where anyone guarantees nothing. We do not counter either with spare parts and supplies, the little that achieved is unsustainable.

Since the assembly tries to comprehend the situation in agriculture, it has failed to implement necessary policies to attain sustainability. It has always been an unsuccessful management. A closed-door state pointing its weaknesses and flaws, but turns a deaf ear to development. Jose have always urged that things will be better with proper understanding and cooperation among the citizens and government. They continue to loot public funds by overpricing imports. They have made it cheap to steal government money, overbilling citizens, and the remaining money goes to unsustainable imports. Such distortions are the culprits that smuggle bi-national business. If you remove these impurities from the government, Guarico State will be a better place to live.

Insecurity affects the outcome of production in any producing state. This factor is well understood in agriculture. The state of security in Giarico is poor. Numerous farmers are paying criminal gangs to have their products sold in the markets. There are more than 20 kidnappings every week. Carjacking has become rampant. There is no municipality in Guarico State where the situation is different. The general government is spending more money on imports that providing the farmers with a conducive environment to conduct productivity and business. The money paid to criminal gangs can be used in production. The situation will not grow any better even if the government increases on imports. The shortage of foreign exchange is a clear indication that the food situation may prevail longer than expected.