Sheldon Lavin Is Currently The CEO of OSI Group

OSI Group is a premier global food provider, operating as a food processing company. It offers a variety of meats, along with hot dogs and specialty sausage, pizza, baked snack processing, kettle products, sandwich and entree kits, and fried food products. The company partners with some of the World’s leading food service and retail food brands, providing a simple and convenient way to have a meal. The food that is provided by OSI has a lot of time and care put into it. There are food safety and assurance practices, innovative research design to bring any menu and meal to life and there is exceptional culinary skills and flavor knowledge being put to use.

Sheldon Lavin is currently the CEO of OSI Group, a man with much knowledge in the industry. Sheldon has been with the company before the name was OSI Group and it was still Otto and Sons. With Sheldon’s guidance, the company has grown from a domestic food processing company, to an international industry leader. The company has locations across 60 different countries. Sheldon has even been recognized for his contributions and was presented with a Global Visionary Award in 2016, by India’s Vision World Academy. He has not only helped the company grow, but has also made sure to take care of the employees. The company has received many environmental and sustainability awards. Sheldon has spent his life’s work with this company and has done so in a way he hopes generations of corporate leaders will continue to prioritize. He wants to inspire companies to grow in responsible ways that benefit the growth of global commerce and benefit opportunities for employees.

Sheldon Lavin is a man with cause. Since he has been able, he has donated to many charitable organizations. A few non profit organizations include the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Chicago land and Northwest Indiana and The Sheba Foundation. The Ronald McDonald House is an organization that helps families that has children with complex medical needs. The organization provides comfort and support for the families, as well as, compassion and community. The Sheba Foundation supports the Ethiopian Jewish community of Israel. The foundation supports and provides educational needs for children of the community. This includes educational seminars, children’s school scholarships, vocational training scholarships, home tutoring and much more.

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How Chris Burch Founded Burch Creative Capital

Chris Burch is known to be the chief executive officer and the owner of one Burch Creative Capital and has been known to be a famous investor, entrepreneur and a great businessman who have committed his time and skills for the success of his career. He has been in several investment industries for more than forty years. He has been on the front contributing to the growth and expansion of several brands across the industry and they include Voss Water, Poppin, Tory Burch, Jaw Bone, Faena Hotel+ Universe and so many others. He has been a member for many great ventures including Guggenheim Capital, Tory Burch and also The Continuum Group and all these have played great roles in his great career and have been able to be listed among the most stable billionaires in the country.  More of his diversified business investment on

According to, Chris Burch’s success began in the year 1976 when he was a small graduate and the famous school called Ithaca College. While at the campus, they invested $2,000 to establish Eagle Eye fashion business. Before that, he used to sell sweaters in college which enabled him to raise the amount within a short period of time. The business was able to expand to greater heights and thus was able to open a great brand known as Swire Group at a cost of $165 million. This was quite a good amount of his pending investment and was always committed to making things work in his career.

Chris Burch later ventured into technology and opened Internet Capital Group which made him grow to greater heights. He worked with passion to achieve in his career and always committed him to success. He has always worked with a desire to make profits and have committed his life and skills for the benefits of his career. In fact, he was always passionate about helping people achieve in life. He has been known for his desire to invest in international real estate and also domestic. Click on for an additional article.

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He has been able to purchase some of the biggest ventures across the world and have been able to achieve the big time. His career is always driven by passion and the desire to achieve. In fact, Chris has been on the front trying to help people make it in their career which was doing perfectly well in terms of progress. He has been able to launch several partnerships that have helped him make it in his career. These great people happen to be among the renowned brands who have made it in the industries.  For his latest and follow on investments, hit

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Building America With the American Institute of Architects

     The history of AIA borders a significant amount of time that positions it as a leading organization for architectural advocacies. Established in 1857, the American Institute of Architects has a team of professionals who continue to elevate the excellence and professionalism of architects, through immense contribution. AIA was formed by 13 professional architects. Since then, the institution has achieved tremendous success by advocating for better architectural workforce. AIA has over 80,000 members, a team that boasts of accessing high-quality resources to handle its projects.

Mechanism for service delivery

AIA applies the supremacy of design to transform the society. To better expand its input, the organization has always advocated for positive change through excellent service delivery. The company operates on the basis of viable ethics. This is often associated with delivering high performance standards at work. Until now, the organization has handled over 1,000 society-based projects. All the projects are inclined towards driving a positive change in the industry of building and design. Often, AIA has been linked to the recognition of high-performance architects, a quality that ranks it among the world’s highest calibers of performance.

Leadership with Robert Ivy

As usual, the success of an organization is appended to its leadership. A successful organization is normally a mirror and reflection of who the leader is. At AIA, Robert Ivy has been a great leader who utilizes excellent managerial skills to advocate for constructive architectural policies. Robert promotes excellence in architecture. He utilizes his executive position to instigate transformative projects in the industry of architecture. Through him, AIA conducts competitions based on sharpening the competitive skills of professionals. AIA also works with architects to establish strong client-based relationships.

Awards for recognition

AIA offers various awards to the world’s best architects. Some of these awards include Collaborative Award and the Thomas Jefferson Award. Often, these awards are obtainable by recognition of excellence in the field of architecture. It all boils down to ensuring that the discipline with which this professionalism has been handled is recognized and rewarded.

The conclusion

AIA is known for providing its members with numerous professional, developmental opportunities. In addition to that are the contract documents that serve as models for high-quality designs in the construction industry. In chipping in to their profession and that of communities, members of AIA participate in various professional designs from urban development to professional academies. To strengthen the service-delivery interface, AIA utilizes intern development programs to aid upcoming professionals.

The Rocketship Education Platform Increases Graduation Rates

Rocketship Education is a public charter school system that is transforming education as we know it. It has become one of the charter schools in America that is producing graduates from low-income households that are excelling in classes and getting scholarships to colleges. These students are better prepared for a higher education or the workforce right out of school because of what they learn through Rocketship Education schools.

This is a california-based school system that has managed to spread to other states and help other students that are part of low-income households. More than 15,000 students have been able to benefit from this school system.

There is a great debate about charter schools, and Rocketship Education is in the mist of this great debate. The Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, is all for the charter school systems. She believes that it is one of those elements that will level the playing field in the school systems in general. Rocketship Education is proof of that statement. It definitely helps those children that would otherwise have no connection to a platform where they could receive a higher standard of education without actually going to private schools.

This is what Rocketship Education provides. It is that type of school system that gives students something that is similar to a private school education in a public school environment. This is the reason why Rocketship Education is within the top 10% of schools like this inside of the State of California. That definitely makes it a school that people are taking notice of. It is difficult to overlook what Rocketship Education is doing when people look at the progress that the students are making when it comes to academics. The graduation rate is higher, and the number of students that are considering a higher education is also higher with Rocketship Education.

Students that graduate from these charter schools have access to a wider range of information. They also have access to more possibilities when it comes to the way that they are taught by the teachers. This is what creates a much stronger graduation rate.

Chris Burch; a Real Serial Entrepreneur

Christopher Burch is a self-made investor who is recognized globally for his high entrepreneurial values. He is particularly associated with Burch Creative Capital, a venture where he serves as the founder and CEO. Burch Creative Capital has continued to employ strategies that help them maintain a high regard. The primary reason behind the venture’s success is Burch’ set of skills. Apart from being a talented authority, he is also a prominent leader in disruptive markets and discovery of market opportunities. Burch’s keen eye for details also impacts his ability to apply imagination and come up with strategies that impact lasting influence on consumer’s lives.  For his new and follow on investment, hit on

Understand How Chris Manages His Ever-growing Success

Mr. Burch boasts a successful journey of an investor and entrepreneur for over four decades. For more details about him, hop over to   You might be left wondering how he has remained relevant over the years yet a lot of changes have been occurring. Most importantly, Burch is dedicated to his passion, which is helping upcoming companies. The fact that he has been involved in helping over fifty startups rise is out of this world. Chris has a way of guiding startups on their way to success. He bears an instinctive understanding of consumer behavior, which is also guided by international experience. Chris Burch combines all his qualities to come up with something new every season, and that is how he sustains a long record of impactful innovations.   Know his latest innovative contribution on the market, check

Essential Tips for Success

You have a leaf to pick from Burch’s book as you grow your skills. He advises investors to keep in touch with their clients. When working on a client’s project, it is prudent to communicate throughout the process. In case you encounter challenges, you will quickly deliberate with them for a solution. While at it, you might also have to delegate duties as you dedicate quality time to research. Remember to remain within your limits so that you do not disappoint your customers. These are time-proven attributes that have helped Chris in his entrepreneurial journey. On the same note, he addresses the issue of having strong networks that you can count on in case you are presented with a task beyond your limit.  Read his views on business related matters, click on

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How Ted Bauman Became a Veteran Financial Journalist

     Ted Bauman is among the few people who have used their careers to change the lives of many societies. As a veteran journalist, Bauman has shown strong commitment in providing his readers with informative resources focused on giving them the power to lead an independent life that is devoid of undue interference from the government or big business establishments.

Ted Bauman is well vast in low-risk investment strategies, privacy, international migration and asset protection. Since 2013, Mr. Bauman has spent his prime career time in Banyan Hill Publishing where he has perfectly executed his mandate as editor of The Bauman Letter, Plan B Club and Alpha Stock Alert. Ted also doubles up as a writer for The Sovereign Investor Daily and FREE daily newsletter.

Both The Bauman Letter and The Alpha Stock Alert provide advice on financial issues. The Bauman Letter specifically is tailored for readers who are in dire need of actionable ways to build wealth, achieve freedom from public attention and ultimately live their desired level of lifestyle. The Alpha Stock has won the hearts of many readers who are in constant search of means to grow and protect their wealth.

Ted’s experience in financial issues that enable him to supply readers with valuable advice on their financial concerns has been built over years that he spent in various high-profile organizations. Though Mr. Bauman’s was born Washington, D.C., he found himself spending over two decades in South Africa, a location that played a pivotal role in shaping his career. Before starting to work in South Africa, Ted advanced his education at the University of Cape Town where he completed his postgraduate education in Economics and History. He later went to occupy high-ranking positions in nonprofit organizations in the African nation. Serving as a fund managers gave Ted prerequisite skills, which enabled him to found Slum Dwellers Internationals, a nonprofit that has given over 14 million people across the world access to proper housing at affordable rates. Bauman also worked as a consultant tasked with research and report writing on urban planning, housing and finance issues. In this capacity, Ted got a chance to work with notable clients among them, the United Nations, Government of South Africa, and the World Bank.

Today, Ted Bauman lives in Atlanta, GA. Besides writing for various media houses, Ted’s work has also been featured on several platforms across the globe, which include the Journal of Small Enterprise Development, Cape Argus and the Guardian among others.

Chris Burch, a Famous Hotelier

Chris Burch is a very innovative man with great expertise when it comes to hotels, better living and also great resorts across the globe. He has been trusted because of great vast real estate experience and exposure. He happens to be the owner and the co-founder of some of the worlds most famous and top-rated hotels in the world. He happens to be a philanthropist, entrepreneur and also the current chief executive officer of one of the leading companies known as Burch Creative Capital.

Burch has got over 40 years experience in the career and has participated towards the success of over 5o great companies across the globe. He has achieved all this because of his vast experience, awesome investment skills and also great understanding and well-researched consumer behavior. He has a vast field of exposure and experience, and they include technology, apparel, financial services and also great hospitality skills.  Check on for a proof of his investment skills expertise.

Chris Burch has an experience in his great business endeavors or rather achievements. They include Poppin, Ellen DeGeneres, Coccoon9 and also a co-founder of a great fashion outlet called Tory Burch. They have partnered with his wife for the success and market of that great furniture store. He also had another fashion store while still in college that he had co-founded together with his brother. He also possesses great marketing skills and also a great branding personality which have been able to design customer’s favorite. He has been able to open one of the most exotic resorts in South East Asia at a place called Nihi.  Read his views on business related matters, click on

Chris Burch journey to success started way back while in college. He attended Ithaca College and was impatient to wait until he completes his school until he graduates. He has invested &2,000 together with his brother for the launching of a company called Eagle Eye Apparel which was an outlet company whereby they sold sweaters. The company grew very well and was able to expand within a very short period. They used to sell this sweater in campuses and were able to make fortunes from the company. In just a few years time, they had managed to sell goods worth $60 million.   Additional reading here.  He started developing his marketing tricks there that he has been using to date, and they have been able to raise him to the current stands of being a stable billionaire. He is still working for greater things and seems not to give up shortly. Related article on

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Regaining of Clients by AmEx: a case study of Christopher Burch

Christopher Burch is a serial entrepreneur, a corporate executive, and an avid investor. In 1972, he attended Tilton School and later Ithaca College. Burch has close to 40 years of experience as an investor and participated in launching and as an advisor to over 50 firms. Currently, Mr. Christopher Burch is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative capital. The company offers new opportunities for new markets, creativity, support and entrepreneurial worthiness.  For more of this, head over to

Since 1979, Mr. Burch has stayed patriot of American Express firm. He later switched to J.P Morgan & Co. and started using the Sapphire Reserve Card which was introduced to him by his employees. Christopher principal investments fall under hospitality, technology, and retail investments. He has led to the emergence of multiple brands in the US. In 2014, Burch was named in the Forbes List of the wealthiest Americans.  Click on for an additional article.

One of the AmEx major problems recently appointed Chairman and CEO Stephen Squeri is restoring the previous clients such as Mr. Burch as one of their clients again. Mr. Squeri will serve as the replacement of Chief Kenneth Chenault. He is expected to reduce the issues facing the card company n the recent years.

However, AmEx is currently addressing with its rivals like the banks and nimble fintech firms. It is still unclear how the credit card firm will handle any disturbance as the mobile strategies are emerging. Mr. Chenault recently at a luncheon spoke about the competitors they are facing from a historical point of view. Also, he stated that the company was under fire. AmEx through its card network ensures supplying of credit cards to the clients with the expectation that of being settled by the end of every month. Consequently, the card extends credits to both individuals and firms.

AmEx has tried in fighting off competitors on occasion which has raised concern to various investors. Mr. Squeri has prioritized restoring the AmEx brand name. The restoration will target millennials and their parents and offered the best services. Mr. Chenault gave more insight on the Sapphire card, terming AmEx as centering on innovation.  For insights and views of Burch on business related matters, check on

Mr. Chenault resorted to credit creation to help the AmEx recover from the economic depression and increase its returns. It was to be done by encouraging customers to use the card to pay vendors to bring more income to the company. The firm’s drive towards credit creation has aided the increase in the gains.  A note-worthy article worth reading, check this.

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Securus Technologies Aiming to Build Better and Safer Communities

Securus Technologies is considered as one of the leaders in the inmate communication sector. The modern and advanced inmate communication services offered by Securus Technologies have made the company one of the pioneers in the industry. The company doesn’t only provide inmate communication services but also offers investigative solutions and services for the law enforcement agencies. It has helped in maintaining law and order inside the correctional facilities and also put an end to the movement of contraband in and out of prisons.


Securus Technologies believe that technology has a significant role to play in the correctional world going forward. It is why the company has invested over $600 million in its research and development initiatives. Securus Technologies aims to develop new products and services for not only inmate communications but also for investigative purposes that would help the law enforcement agencies.


More than one million inmates depend upon the prison communication services offered by Securus Technologies. One of the latest inmate communication services launched by Securus Technologies is video visitation that would allow the inmate and the family member or the friends to talk to each other while also see each other through the video interface. It would lessen the burden on the family members who had to travel all the way to the prison earlier to meet and see their loved one in jail.


Securus Technologies maintains transparency with its target audience in this age of social media and recently released a media release on the internet, where it showcased the appreciative comments it received from the law enforcement officers. The law enforcement officers believe that the investigative services offered by Securus Technologies help them serve better and more efficiently. The products and services of Securus Technologies are aimed at building better and more safer communities.



The American Institute of Architects’ 21st Century Focus

     The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is tackling the issues facing us in the 21st century under the forward-thinking leadership of CEO Robert Ivy, who also holds the title of executive vice president. Since 2011, Ivy has promoted the role of architects in advancing sustainability practices. With buildings being major carbon polluters, architects have an opportunity to mitigate climate change with renewable energy integration and tools provided by the AIA. Architect, the AIA’s journal publishes news, award winners and building projects submitted by members.

The professional, membership-based organization is open to architects, including recent graduates, architecture faculty and professionals in closely related fields. Membership benefits include networking opportunities, online courses, business boosting tools and more. Member groups provide architects connections with individuals who share an interest in hazard mitigation, global practices and civic leadership. When architects look for the latest trends, in order to keep their business current, they turn to the AIA and the organization’s quarterly Home Design Trends Survey. In 2017, outdoor living rooms are what interest consumers most, followed by mud rooms and home offices.

Ivy, who has extensive design and construction experience, wants 21st century architects to think beyond buildings and spaces to public health and safety. People spend the majority of their time indoors; architects can design clean air, healthier buildings. For safety, they can design hurricane and tornado-proof buildings that can mitigate the effects of natural disasters.

In 2010, Ivy earned the title Master Architect, given by an architectural fraternity, because he understood the value of design and he tries to pass his knowledge on to the generation of architect. In 1993, the AIA bestowed the honor of naming Ivy to the AIA College of Fellows.

In his current position, Ivy manages the more than 200 employees at AIA’s national office in Washington, DC, directing the organization’s focus and enhancing the public’s knowledge of architects and how they can help with environmental issues. With more than 90,000 members, the AIA is the premier professional organization for architects and allied professionals with members in the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, Japan, and Hong Kong.